Spiritual Awakening is a multidimensional access communication network focusing on 3 main principles.

1. Growth. At the core of what we do, is at the self identity level. We want to help you discover who you are, and promote conscious awareness of spiritual activity if we can. That means, embodying the change we wish to see in the world. For this to work, harmony by soul group helps to establish a path forward.

2. Connection. Once contact has been made with your soul memories, or a psychic form, astral form or passionate you has materialized, you need not be alone. Although we admire solitary focus, connectivity is key to enlightenment.

3. Action. Yes, we promote activism, defined as the end result of our achievements to date. This will continuously reshape itself as a goal around our own lives as we do our best to master the experience we share with others.

As incarnate human beings, we have an advantage. Communication is one of them, but so is understanding. These abilities go hand in hand with one another, providing a baseline for growth, connection and action once established and maintained by a common principle. Be it guidance, love or focus, vision is key to making anything materialize and manifest in 3d, the current plain of physicality. To make the most of your presence in 3d, you have to observe the environment you create in order to understand how its creation influences you.

This understanding can be defined as a tool, which, when used in moments of change, as a leader, follower or fixed position in life, you become the circle of electromagnetic attraction on the soul level. You are what you define yourself to be in 3d, so if you care for an experience rather than a goal, it shall shape itself into your reality. Whether you are aware of your reality in part or in whole, Spiritual Awakening community consists of people who regulate their own in turn. As such, the process of enlightenment for you will not be the same as another. However the information received during a revilation is in fact, the process itself refined to make the most in terms of growth, connection and action happen in your life.

The terms which govern this life cycle are based on sustainability of what you desire most. Let your goal define your potential future, but your environment become your present. What you were to lead or what you did to follow others to get to where you are now, is the history that shapes what you are able to put into practice. Not necessarily, what you are able to focus on, which is part of the key process of self realization, the inner vision of self or spiritual Awakening. To attain this level of awareness, you need to focus on the you that is a fixed point of growth and your defining character qualities you notice about yourself. They in essence, define your role in materializing the change that you desire most to complete the environment you have transitioned to, including this online space. So to get the most out of your experience, it is recommended to follow the path that leads your focus to your soul through the chakras envisioned through meditation and conscious identity.

As per our official terms of service, those who have a soul focus to disrupt, harm or destroy the spiritual awakening goal in all members will have their accounts terminated without notice due to that persons involvement in the purposeful and misguided attempt to control the will of another being. This process is what we refer to as capital punishment and is in accordance with the terms of the golden rule. Do onto others what you will, have done on to you what you desire.

This does not mean we cannot allow those who are not spiritually awakened to enter our community. Just that those who would defy the right to self reflect on the identity you are proud of on the soul level deserve the largest exit point we have available, as they have been apart of the system of oppressers limiting this planet's personal and collective development on the cosmic level for far too long. We are the ones who become free to right of invocation, and declare prisoner those whose existence is to entrap by right of evocation through invasive means. We do not permit the use of antiforce as our own would be compromised in accordance with the cosmic law of attraction.

In essence, you are what you invest in. We encourage you to enjoy the being that you are. That is your soul right.