Bhakti Yoga
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Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and love.It is an accelerated process which brings one very quickly to cosmic consciousness. Through a practise of concentration and service to one's highest aspiration one becomes merged in a new dimension filled with purpose. One experiences a taste of a kind of bliss which is sweeter than the sweetest honey.This bliss is the grace that makes existence worthwhile and exciting.
Yantras-Sacred Geometry Divine
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Abstract esoteric energies of thoughts and form beyond words, yantras are mathematical and geometric. They are encased by 4 gates called bhupur 10 directions with a central point called bindoo,lotus petal vibrations represented by different sounds, the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.There are also various colors signifying various energetic vibrations. the flower of life is one such Mandala. Such Yantras allow the seeker to make contact beyond the physical plane with advanced higher-dimensional entities.