Extraterrestrials On Earth
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Earth is not alone in the cosmos when it comes to intelligent life from beyond this world. this group is designed to show you how this is being played out and how ancient and or post modern technology has influenced us to where we are today as a planetary species on Earth awakening to a cosmic reality.
Vimanas Real and Ancient Flying Machines
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In order to better understand who we are, it helps to hear about our history and where we've been. Vimanas ,ancient air ships are a great subject to learn about.They are a part of forbidden history.- not commonly taught in western schools,and contrary to popular beliefs . Information is available on them from the Vedas-- Veda means knowledge, In the east Tibet and India ,they are commonly accepted, and thanks to the information available on the internet , open minded people can have access to them.Many people are aware that modern science is constantly updating - like a bad app that the writer just can't get correct we must reevaluate the ancient writings and artifacts and evidence and revise our thinking to get closer to the realities. This page will review pictures and artifacts and anomalies which is a favorite subject of mine. Part of the real forbidden history of the universe which can widen our perspectives. There is fighting on earth and in space there is also fighting. The universe is populated by two types of beings -- called asuras the demoniac and the holy pure godly -devas. This, by the arrangement of the creator , allows beings to evolve to higher levels of awareness and dimensions.