Alternative Reincarnation
4 members Spiritual
A group for those who have reincarnated in a manner different from the traditional way (via physical rebirth). *Replacement Reincarnation *Reincarnation through NDE/Near Death Experience *Reincarnation through OBE/Out of Body Experience  *Walk-in (conscious, unconscious) *Other ways?
The Healing Center
38 members Spiritual
What is healing ? It doesn't mean you wont die. It implies you can attain peace and self understanding through heartfelt communication and love. In this group the members try to attain communication through understanding. The problems in our world are based on lack of understanding others and ourselves. By sharing healing methods and caring about others peace can be attained.
Dream Yoga
30 members Spiritual
Everyone spends about a third of their life in the dream state. This group will explore what is the dream state , how we can obtain lucidity, and our various experiences and meanings to this important aspect of our consciousness.
31 members Spiritual
Devas are etheric intelligences beyond the physical planeof consciousness. There are millions of them ! This group will discuss a way to approach them through mantra and yantra and use tools called Tantra. We will identify some of the more popular ones.They are found in all belief systems and reside on the Devachanic Plane - The Superphysical