What is Swara yoga? This is a meditation method. It is a way to slow down and gain access to the two sides of the human brain.Within ourselves are two halves a male and female half. In order to understand ourselves and experience Love we have separated ourselves. It is internal. Also the universe it self being our teacher and cosmic mirror Has divided itself into two. Light and darkness - goodness and evil - samsara and nirvana - ignorance and wisdom - life and death.. The indivisible aspect of duality to experience existence itself. Two side one coin. In order to have one -there must be an understanding of the other. What is the pathway to truth and understanding? What did the Buddha mean when he declared - take the middle way? There are two winding paths -- called the sun and the moon. These paths are controlled by the right and left nostrils of the nose. Every healthy person naturally switches from one side to another on a regular basis.This this creates the variety and constantly changing moods and various experiences of life. This switching plays amidst the various elements of the universe- 5 gross situated in the 5 lower chakras. From earth to water fire air and akasha ( ether ) .Beyond that is Mahat or maha tatwa the great truth behind everything. This rests in the sixth chakra- the third eye which opens the doorway to a higher sphere of will intelligence and action. Beyond the third eye which allows one to penetrate the universe without limits one cannot talk about. You must find your own way and go there. These things are called secret because there is no words to express them-- it is the unwritten kaballa because you have to figure your own journey. Swara Yoga can bring you to the doorway to the unknown-- but to enter you must step on your own.
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