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Return to Divine Alignment By Melanie Beckler

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    June 8, 2018 1:29 AM PDT


    divine alignment

    Return to Divine Alignment By Melanie Beckler


    Archangel Haniel connects to support you in realigning your energy with the love, insight, wisdom, and healing power of the Divine.

    By realigning with Divine love, you really can tap into your power in the present moment to create significant and lasting changes of healing, illumination, renewal, inspiration, and manifestation in your life.

    The timing for this is perfect, and the positive change you call forth and experience in your personal life now will truly overflow and benefit all.

    As you listen you will be lovingly and gently guided to expand your conscious perspective to tune into the full light of the Divine Spiritual Being that you authentically are.

    It's so powerful... So definitely check it out!

    ... And then be sure to comment and let me know if you too enjoy it!

    With love, light and gratitude,



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    Transform Your Relationships By Shelly Dressel


    We as humanity are moving through the ascension process.  For years we have spoken about Ascension Symptoms and all the varies experiences that people are having; for example digestive or respiratory upset, heart palpitations and emotional swings. Now since 2016 we have moved into transforming our physical bodies.  This is the tissue’s, the DNA in the blood, the bones and all aspects our physical self.  The reason for this is that the crystalline energies are becoming a part of everything and it therefore is transforming the carbonite body into the crystalline.  


    During this channel, as a means of opening up to the crystalline vibration, the Goddess worked with us to transform our relationships.  This was an opportunity through Soul Communication to hear from the other person what they thought but also to express yourself about a situation.  This is a very powerful means of communication!  The Goddess started with clearing issues with those who have crossed over.  From there we cleared with friend’s and families.  I found as I watched people that many brought groups in to clear.  


    Once we cleared the communication, we were able to receive a huge flow of crystalline energies.  In the end, relationships were cleared from current day and even back through past life experiences.  

    This will assist you with clearing the past and move forward~~~




    Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole


    I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you, you the person that you are in this lifetime; you person you are as a culmination of the many, many lifetimes you’ve had both upon the earth and out within the universe.


    There is a deep transformation that’s been moving through the consciousness of humanity to allow a higher vibration to come in.


    During this time there is the opening of the heart. You will see reactions to this in Gaia. As the heart of Gaia opens up people become aware of earth; how to nurture the earth, how to support the earth. As the heart center opens up you feel it within humanity, for other humanity, for animals, for the earth.


    As I speak of this I of course hear those that are saying that there’s always the violence that is taking place. I wish to remind you that when there is violence upon the earth, remember it is a reflection of that that is clearing out, that is being removed, that is ascending beyond.


    Remember that you have a perfect opportunity in which to transform the vibration of any situation by tapping into the higher potential of what that outcome can be. For those of you who are involved in the midst of some of the violence, know that you are not alone, that you are fully supported and that we both within the universe and those upon the earth are there in support and love for you.


    The transformation taking place has shifted from the majority in the third dimension to the majority in the fourth and fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is completely within the heart center. Many of you are able to move into that space and stay there for periods of time and then you might feel yourself pulling back once again.


    Recognize that you feel better when you vibrate in alignment with the fifth dimension or the high fourth and therefore allow your focus to be upon whatever it is that feels good to you and that will shift you into the space that you seek to have.


    Take a deep breath in, breathing once more all the way through your energy bodies and all the way down into the earth. As you breathe into the earth allow your focus to shift so that you may move into that which anchors you on to the earth. The deeper you’re anchored the greater your potential to transform into the higher vibrations.


    Allow your consciousness to move upward. You let it move from your physical body. It just naturally transitions into the space of your higher self.


    As you align within your higher self you have the ability to look around and in this lighter finer vibration, you may see your life differently. Sometimes you have things that you are working with and if they clutter the space ~whew~ clear it out so that your higher self works with you all the time.


    You allow your focus and your consciousness to move even further. It streams upward until it links within the space of your divinity. Open up so that you may feel your divinity in this now moment. Open up, you may see it as a silhouette of a human; you may sense simply the pure energy that is you.


    Howsoever you perceive this space understand that it is always you as your source, you as the reflection of God, you as the multidimensional person that you are.


    I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as our energies merge we transition into the space of the All That Is.


    Look around at what this is. There is so much that happens within this space that you may sometimes have perceptions of other times in which we get together here. Trust or understand that this is where you come whenever you seek to create your life upon the earth. Frequently people will be in a space either like this one or a different vibration. That is a place where they transition through their unconscious awareness as their I AM Presence or their God source; they may flow in and out of the All That Is as they seek these energies.


    I invite you to create a space in which you invite to join you, people, perhaps we will begin with those who have transitioned. So if there is anyone who has transitioned that you feel you have unfinished business, invite them to come and be in this space with you at this time. We reach out and ask them permission through their soul or their divine essence to align with us and work with us.


    One of the reasons I wish to have this experience is that as you do continue this deep intense transformation, relationships from the past may continuously come around again and again keeping you in a cycle that no longer works for you.


    Okay, so let us do this, as if you have a semicircle or a circle if you so choose you can invite anyone that is still living upon the earth or has transitioned that you feel unresolved business, and perhaps it’s between them in addition to you and this is why I saw some of you were creating groups rather than one on one conversation.


    As you create this meeting with them, start with taking stock within yourself, what would you like to say to them, that you perhaps have not have an opportunity to say in the past?


    Within this space you may consciously convey what you seek to say, however there is a lot more of the subtle energies that are also at work within this space. Therefore ask to know either conscious or unconscious anything that you need to say to them and then allow them to respond back to you.


    Frequently people will get caught up in a pattern and they don’t hear what the other has to say. So let’s clear it out ~ whew~ and come back again into this space, where you can once more have a conversation take place.


    If you are complete with those individuals then you can have a sense of releasing them and this time as you release them as if through your thoughts, your beliefs and your emotions also go inside of you; if there are any hooks, any old imprints, let that come up also; just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear it out so that as you release this individual, it releases both of you. They are no longer hooked in to you and you are no longer hooked into them.


    I can see in many of you, your energies transition as you take in more light vibration. Let us do this again. You clear out those who you were talking with, now let’s do it again. Is there anybody either alive or transitioned that you feel is either holding you back or your relationship to them is holding you back? Some of these relationships you may choose never to let go, perhaps a family member; however you need not stay in that energy alignment that holds you back. You can still be family members without that hold or the jabs.


    As you invite in this next group of people or individual, speak from your heart not from your mind whatever it is you wish to say to them.


    Sometimes it will surprise you what comes through.  I invite you to receive with an open heart, whatever message they will be giving to you.


    If it’s something that supports you then you can take it in. If its information that is necessary for you to have and yet it’s not supported then you can acknowledge it and immediately let it go.


    Within the vibration of the All That Is, you are connecting at that high level of consciousness. Allow that to work for you. Allow that to help you.


    Feel what that is.


    You may do this as many times as you choose. When you feel ready to do so, I now invite you to look at yourself. Look at yourself five years ago, 20 years ago, 50 years ago. See the person that you were, understand how it’s created the person that you are in this now moment. That you may respect and honor and love yourself for what that is.



    If there is a time in your life that you need to forgive or release or clear this is an opportunity to do it. Just feel the unconditional love and support that flows within you from your divinity and then ~whew~ clear out anything at all that you are over with, that you are done with.


    As you clear these energies of this lifetime feel how you then Empower yourself through the love, the compassion and the acceptance of this now moment.  It’s almost as if it’s a wave that moves through you want all the levels of your consciousness, manifesting through all the levels of your being. 


    You may see those parts of yourself either transition completely apart or they form that which is a stronger you.


    Let us look at your past lives, as if you open the doorway through your divinity and ask to know, “is there another lifetime that is holding you back in this now moment”.  It may be that things immediately come to mind, it may be as if it’s just an empty space, all is well.  If there is anything at all, conscious or unconscious, from your past lives that continues to hold you back or have an impact upon you now bring up whatever that may be ~whew~ and clear it out.


    As you do so, you might see waves of transition moving through your divinity as you look at it as if through that door.  You may do that several times, you may do it the once.


    I then invite you to you to allow your focus to come back into the now moment here within the All That Is.  For some of you let’s just clear it out, as if there is a wave of energy ~whew~ send it through.  And then again as it goes ~whew~


    Here is the opportunity for you to say:

    “I choose life”,
    “I choose love”,
    “I choose balance”,
    “I choose to be open to my divinity allowing it to fully support me in everything that I do.”


    As I say this I see the energies just wash over each one of you.  This is the unconditional love this is the unconditional love and acceptance.  This is seeing you and accepting you no matter what. 


    And you open up the doorway to the new Omniverse take a moment as you find this new balance, and as you allow the energy to just wash over you, feel the crystalline vibration of the Lightbody move through each one of you.


    There is the Lightbody that you are aware of in the earth plane existence.  The crystalline Lightbody is specific to the high vibrational elements.  It has a crystalline foundation, which allows you to move more freely through the dimensions and into higher light experiences. 


    Feel the love, know that this is you.  Accept all of what it is.  All of what this is.  As you look around you may feel, like this iridescent, sparkling vibration or energy.  People sense it differently.  When you ask to be in the alignment or to receive this vibration it is there for you.


    Take a deep breath in and let it wash through you, let it wash through all the levels of your consciousness.  Let it move through you from your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions specifically through your physical reality, changing cell, to cell, to cell as your organs change, as your bones change, as your skin changes.  You are moving into that higher vibration.


    I invite everyone to gather together as a group.  Isn’t it interesting how all of you can be out here in the all that is and it is as if you are completely alone working with your Angels, your guides and yet when I ask you to come together as a group you suddenly recognize that all there are other people around you.  That is part of the uniqueness of the All That Is. 


    As everyone gathers we look for that hologram of the earth, it begins to rise within this group.  As it does so, have a sense of opening to see exactly how even the hologram itself has changed over the years.  Look at how this higher infusion of the crystalline vibration changes even the hologram.  It illuminates the pathways; it strengthens all that is within. 


    As it becomes infused, it’s as if everyone lets it go. It’s as if  it moves down from the space of the All That  Is it moves down, there is a pathway that moves out into the Omniverse and the other pathway moves down into the earth.  As this hologram is moving through the layers of the earth, it clears the collective consciousness moving down into the center of the earth.  As it does so, it blends with the crystals, the rocks, the magma, and then it expands outward.


    That space in which you merged with the earth allows for your own piece of that hologram to come up within you.  The remainder that comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, clearing out that which is of the collective consciousness, but also just clearing out the old energy, the old relationships the old ways in which people engaged in relationships clear it out ~whew~  It then allows for the integration of more and more of that crystalline vibration.


    Let your focus begin to stream back down into you in your human reality from the all that is, you flow through your divinity once more.  Take a moment and realize how you may be much more conscious of what is present within your divinity because not only did you clear past lives, you have also opened up your flow of movement & your divine energy.


    The greater your alignment with your divinity the more support you have in your everyday reality.  This in turn, strengthens you, helps to balance you, and helps you to have that heart centered life that you are seeking.


    You then bring all of your focus in all of your consciousness back into this now moment.  As you begin to become conscious once more take a moment and allow yourself to reach out to some of those relationships that you clear it out in the All That Is.  As you reach out to them, in your fully conscious space right here, recognize that the work is done, that you can let that old energy go ~whew~ and if for some reason there is a part of you that wants to bring it back, then let that come up within you;  love, nurture and ask why.  Why do we want to go back into that old ideal?  Why do we want to go back?  Is it just a pattern that we are used to?  If so ~whew~ clear it out.


    Sometimes you might feel vulnerable as you step into a new pathway.  Again, feel the love, feel the support of your divine or your divinity so that as you go on this new pathway you can do so with confidence. 


    Breathe in the love the balance of your divinity, breathe out here.  Breathe in crystalline vibration, breathe out resistance.  Breathe it. Breathe in a wide open alignment to your divinity, breathe out anything that may hold you back.


    You are amazing!  You can accomplish anything that you seek to do I know it!  I see that for you and I support you as do your Angels and your guides.  As long as you need us to, until you feel comfortable taking those steps and embracing the potential for who you are.


    Beloved family, as you move through your days upon the earth especially during this time of integration of the crystalline light and vibration, be gentle with yourself, be loving with yourself, be compassionate;  recognizing that physically these transitions are just that transitions and transformations. 


    Allow the flow of divine crystalline energy & light to continually move through you and in you with your every breath,  and let it flow and become embodied in your bones, your bloodstream, your organs, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and your whole being.  As we consciously integrate this crystalline vibration recognize that your light is also transforming and your vibrations and light quotient are increasing.


    Open to the love, open to the flow, and open to the balance!



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    Beloved masters, for a moment, imagine that you are fully aware of your origins and that you can tap into your personal cosmic history files any time you wish. Imagine that you have the ability to communicate with those around you without words, mind to mind. Imagine that you have the natural ability to see everyone’s auric field, and therefore, you can read or understand a person’s state of Being at any given moment. Imagine that you can envision clearly that which you wish to manifest, and it takes only a little time and effort for your visions to become reality. Imagine that you have the ability to communicate and interact with the archangels and the vast angelic realm, as well as the ascended masters and the great Beings of Light. All of these attributes and abilities are a part of your natural state of Being in the higher realms, and you are now in the process of regaining these God-given talents, as well as the ability to assist in the evolutionary process of humanity and the Earth.


    We have explained many times and in many ways how you separated your Divine Self into a masculine Spark of Essence with the characteristics and qualities of our Father God, and a feminine Spark of Essence with the virtues and attributes of our Mother God. Since that first separation, each Facet of your Self has refracted into a multitude of smaller Sparks of Divinity, and you have assumed a myriad of forms and innumerable missions throughout this universal experience. The next grand stage of universal expansion and the evolution of all sentient Beings are well under way, and each of you has an integral part to play as a StarSeed and a bearer of Divine Light.


    The ascension process requires a letting go of those things that have kept you in the stifling, restrictive reality of the Third and Fourth Dimensions. It entails returning to balance and harmony in all facets of your earthly Being, which will result in your memory banks being cleared of all the discordant energies/events of your rich and varied past. All that will remain is the wonder, joy and successful endeavors you have attained as a cocreator in the material realms. As you traverse the path of ascension, you are reclaiming the wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, and you have tapped into the rich storehouse of Creator Light called Adamantine Particles. You are beginning to demonstrate and use many latent abilities that have been kept in reserve until you were ready to reclaim them. 


    You were designed to be a transmitter of Light in a world of illusion and shadows. You are on Earth to become a master conveyer of energy. Your breath is the mechanism by which you draw forth the Primal Life Force Substance of Creation while you are functioning in a third- / fourth-dimensional environment. However, as you open and activate your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind, you have the ability to gain access to the Full Spectrum Light of this universe, and also the Divine alchemical properties of the Violet Flame will be available to you in full measure.


    The Law of the Circle insures that the vibrational patterns you send forth will be returned to you, along with an accumulated measure of similarly-qualified energy (or vibrations of the same frequency patterns). You are the center of an energy vortex that is made up of a circle/loop of vibrational patterns that you have projected from you via your Solar Power Center. Your solar plexus is aptly named; for just as the Earth receives cosmic energy from the Sun of your solar system, so do each of you radiate life force energy from your own Solar Power Center. For a moment, envision yourself as the central focus of your world. You are the power source and your thoughts, actions and intentions radiate forth from you in a loop of energy that connects with like energy. That energy magnifies and manifests in the world of cause and effect and then returns to you, reinforcing your picture of reality. Your body absorbs a portion of that energy, creating pain and suffering or joy and blessings, depending on the frequencies. The remainder flows out behind you, creating the other loop of your Infinity pattern, while the residual gradually flows into your personal wheel of creation. You are constantly adding to your personal prison of energy or your vehicle of Light and your personal reality on Earth.  Have we not told you that you came to Earth as cocreators with the God Force?


    Returning to balance and harmony is a prerequisite to staying centered within the Sacred Heart. In order to do so, you must constantly evaluate and upgrade your awareness of Self. Your emotions are affected by your beliefs, and your intentions are affected by your emotions. Listening to the nudgings of your Soul, the wisdom of your Sacred Mind, and the emotions of your Sacred Heart will help you to fine-tune your discernment abilities so that you can make the right decisions and always choose the highest path. Reverence for all things and God-inspired choices lead to Self-mastery.


    One of the most important things you can do to initiate the process of returning to balance and harmony within the reality you have created is to apply the Law of Forgiveness to all your miscreations and interactions with others. Doing so will immediately accelerate the process of returning to center, for it erases or breaks the energy cords you have attached to other people’s solar plexuses, and it will also shut off the radiations to and from any negative collective consciousness belief systems that you have taken as your own. You are taking back the vibrational patterns you have exchanged, added to or participated in, thereby allowing you to move into the state of grace process.  Be aware that as you do so, you will experience the transformational clearing process and all it entails; however, it will not be as traumatic or as drawn out as it would be if you had not willingly and whole-heartedly agreed to take the initiative. 


    The Law of Forgiveness includes aligning your will with the greater WILL of our Father /Mother God for the highest and best outcome for All. The Divine Plan for this universe is at a critical stage of the evolution process, and time is of the essence.  Becoming an active member of the Light Brigade and a new World Server will open a portal of new possibilities. Those of you who have diligently stayed the course will reap the rewards of Self-mastery and discipleship. As you move into the realm of Self-mastery, you automatically begin to view your life and the world from a higher vantage point and with much wiser insight. You begin to embrace your reality through a filter of Love/Light, and non-judgment and discernment become a natural part of your State of Being.


    A good affirmation to remember and use is: I EMBRACE THE WHOLENESS OF MY DIVINE REALITY.  There is power in humility. There is power in forgiveness. There is power in gratitude. Love is the power which contains all the virtues and qualities of God Consciousness.


    Many of you are aware that in the beginning stages of the initiation process there is a crisis as the battle for supremacy begins between the ego and the Soul. Each person must endeavor to clear his/her illusionary, distorted reality of the astral planes.


    The ego desire body is controlled by the energies and impulses of the three lower chakras, and these imbalanced inclinations must be brought under the control of the Soul-Self once more.


    This period is often called The Dark Night of the Soul or traversing the valley of shadows. When you are in the midst of the process, it is important that you understand you are not being punished.


    After you have successfully traversed the shadow lands and emerged triumphant, you will look back in retrospect, and you will realize that you were given a great opportunity. 


    A spiritual aspirant is a consciously aware human Being who is seeking en-Lighten-ment and Self-mastery. In the beginning stages, he/she is still somewhat “self-focused” – often prone to temper and irritability, and may experience bouts of self-doubt and depression. A spiritual aspirant should endeavor to develop sensitivity and a loving, understanding nature. The aspirant’s life purpose will gradually move away from personal ambition and love of power into a desire to be of service to humanity.  A desire to serve others is a Soul instinct.


    An aspirant gradually begins to let go of the “It is all about me,” and the “I, me, my” concept, as the external focus slowly begins to fade. There is a gradual turning inward, and the major focal point becomes the Solar Power Center, which comprises the solar plexus, heart, thymus and throat.  As this area is bathed in the higher frequencies of Light, the Three-Fold Flame in the chest area begins to blaze forth once more in preparation for the opening of the portal to the Sacred Heart.


    Allow us to give you a few more important key points to assist you in integrating the wisdom necessary to become a full-fledged spiritual aspirant on the path of en-Lighten-ment:


    **  The Emotional Body is a reflector. It responds to external stimulation, such as other people,

    events, emotional attachments and addictions.     


    ** Tread the path of life gently and reverently. Speak softly with discernment. See that your actions reflect the purity of your God Self and leave footprints of Light for others to follow.


    ** There is an ebb and flow to the cycles of the Soul, just as there is throughout the Cosmos. 


    ** The Soul draws forth the Essence of life from its I AM Presence in preparation for a new life cycle of experience.  At the end of that cycle, the life Essence is slowly withdrawn and the physical death process results; however, the real You in Spirit form remains, for you are immortal.


    ** The Soul’s impulses and influence are much stronger in a Being who has stepped onto the path of awareness than in an unawakened person who is still caught up in the illusion of a Third- / Fourth-Dimensional existence. 


    ** You must strive to maintain an ever-expanding state of Soul-consciousness in order to progress on the upward spiral of ascension. It is time for those who will be among the new World Servers to become aware of each other. 


    ** Criticism is a faculty of the ego and the lower mind. Criticizing or finding fault with yourself or others is detrimental to the extreme. You add energy to that which you focus your attention on; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you look for the good in everyone and everything.


    ** Constructive criticism is sometimes necessary. However, it should only be used to assist someone to correct harmful behavior, take the right action, or find the appropriate direction.


    ** YOU CAN ONLY FAIL IF YOU QUIT TRYING. You may lose time; however, you should gain some knowledge with each failure. Growth and wisdom come from learning what not to do, and in perfecting the skills that will help you become proficient in your chosen field of endeavor.


    ** Lower vibrational energy creates discordant frequencies within your Soul Song. The vibrations of discord cause discomfort within the area where it originated or where it is focused within the physical vessel. If the negative energy patterns are strong enough, they can create disease and will eventually contaminate the entire body.


    ** You must tame and gain control of your emotional body via your Higher Self, guides and angelic helpers in order to become receptive to the refined frequencies of Cosmic truth. You must clear the mind of distorted, negative, defeating thoughts. Only a clear vessel can receive and transmit the wisdom teachings of the cosmic libraries of God-consciousness.


    ** A spiritual seeker refuses to pay attention to public opinion, judgment or failure. Aspirants are recognized by their vibrational frequencies or Light quotient, not by their knowledge or their deeds.


    Remember, beloveds, THE CLARION CALL FROM YOUR SOUL SELF WILL CONTINUE TO ECHO UNTIL YOU HEED THE CALL.  Many of you have begun or are ready to begin your true mission, whatever that may be, but never forget that the ultimate goal is to be a conveyor of Creator Love/Light. We are aware that the future is uncertain and everyone is experiencing pain and discomfort in varying degrees. We ask you to focus on the miracles and progress you are making and not allow the fear of the masses to infect your mind as you move through and beyond all the massive changes that are taking place in your world. Know that, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony and attunement with their God Self. 


    Dear ones, when you feel alone or are in doubt or despair, come into your Pyramid of Light and we will give you courage, uplift and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your heart center and we will be there, waiting to fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God. I AM your constant companion.  I AM Archangel Michael.   ​​​​​​​


    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from:
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