Hi everyone. this is admin here with a question for you. Based on long term stability, we're looking at options, and we think, you should ultimately help decide the future of the site. After reviewing the following platforms, we find them the best candidates in general for an online forum or social network. We want to know what do you like the look of?

I'm basing our future site off of the platform demo of your choice, so see below for test versions and admin info.

1. Social Engine. Social Engine Admin Demo No special username or password needed.

2. PHPFox. PHPFox Admin Demo No special username or password needed.

3. Dolphin. Boonex Dolphin Pro Admin Demo Username admin password dolphin resets every 30 minutes on the hour.

Other scripts are possible and could be in the works, but do not provide nearly as much customization. One such script we're looking at is one called IPBoard, which currently does not have a demo. If you are familiar with premium forum software, you'll recognize the name.

Why are we looking at social networks over forums? While a forum gives you much more control of what a user is able to use as far as features are concerned, we think that in 2020, the ability to play media on the same site you can utilize the forum feature to enter basic text negates the need to be a web Nazi.

In exchange for social freedom, comes great responsibility, so this means more hands on administration tasks, instead of automatic custom plugins which rarely gets updated. In turn, this allows for greater server security, in exchange for a more free platform to play on and meet others.

At this time, we're not necessarily running a dating service, although the platforms we have chosen all provide mobile apps. Which you will get more out of as opposed to sites where a web browser is required to do many functions. We will not be getting rid of a web interface.

I believe, in my opinion, it is time to say goodbye to the 1990's web in favor of something modern, updated, streamlined and customizable as a powerful replacement for a classic online space. Social networks can be configured to be more than just a Facebook clone, and so we intend to make this a very real possibility.

Ultimately, it is the community that should decide what you like best. so answer this poll and leave a comment on what you like the look of long term, and what you're able to play with on demand.

What do you want to see in your online home to discuss subjects both somewhat obscure and revolutionary? What will you need to communicate based on content you already wish to share? And will it be easy to navigate in general without much prodding from the community for new members to get involved, safely, securely and independently?

These are the questions and others like it that we're looking for in terms of feedback in the replies section of this discussion and or other posts like it if you feel so inclined to make one.

Thank you for participating.

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Just to give you an update, we've made things a lot cleaner on this platform so far. It may look quite different from the demo as we intend to professionalize things. Hope you like what you see.

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