I Will To Be ..... ? By Steven Hutchinson

What I was divinely guided to share with you very much focuses on using your breathing together with the prayer affirmations to help you experience more fully Your Divine Self with your Soul & The Creator, for the more you consciously experience & embody  the Love & Light of your Soul & The Creator that you breathe in with your every breath - the more these Divine Vibrations will uplift you & naturally reach out to others through you to help manifest Peace on Earth & the New Golden Age !

So you can use this as a guided meditation, calling upon your Divine Self & the Heavenly Host to lead you in the meditation, and consciously breathing in the Divine Energy that's in each affirmation.

So when you are divinely led to do so - you may also want to pause for a few moments with some of the affirmations and be fully conscious and centered in your higher heart chakra in the moment, breathing in the Divine Energy in what you are reading & being open to receive any Divine Guidance that comes to you.

And remember - what you consciously think & affirm every day is what you become and experience in your life....and the Divine Light & Love that you embody reflects and helps awaken the Divine Light & Love in every human being - helping uplift us all !

I Will To Be ..... ?

I Am My Divine Self continually merged  with ascended masters 'The Mahatma'  & Master Djwhal Khul in constant synthesis with the Mahatma Light that continually streams & spirals back & forth thru my Golden Mahatma Cord from the heart chakra of God and throughout My Whole Being to the heart chakra of Gaia ... bringing thru all of the Divine Energies that are enabling Gaia & myself to heal & release everything needed for our ascension, &  manifest Father/Mother/God's Pure Divine Will. 

I Will to always follow Father/Mother/God's guidance ! I manifest God's Will in all of my speech and actions !  I WILL TO BE ALL THAT I AM & embody my Soul & Soul Group. I Will to continually experience the Creativity & Joy of the Creator with my every breath.

I embody God's Love & Light with my every breath. I Am The Creator, & The Creator's Joy & Creativity clearly & fully expresses thru my service work & writings & healings and in all aspects of my life.  . 

I Will to Be an Infinite Being of God embodied in this incarnation! I WILL TO BE GOD FREE!  In the name of my I Am Presence, and by the Power of Hercules, I WILL TO MANIFEST & EMBODY EVERYTHING I HAVE AFFIRMED...AND I WILL TO BE An Embodied Ascendant Master in Service to Mankind & co-create w/ God the Divine Plan for myself & Gaia & mankind.  I Will to experience the ever unfolding consciousness of Supreme Enlightenment with my every breath. Thank You God! And So It All Manifests with my every breath!

And what do all of you beautiful people 'Will To Be'.....? Remember, what you focus on with faith & passion, feeling as if it has already manifested, is what you will experience in your life.

Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all of you,


Video: "Fully Embody The Divine Energies Of Your Soul & The Creator In Your Life Now ! By Steven Hutchinson" - https://youtu.be/3AtaXA7v9e8


What do you like and dislike about your body, your emotions, thoughts, life circumstances, and friends? Is there anything you would change?

Whatever you don’t like tells you something about energy in your field. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have noticed it. The energy would have just passed through unnoticed. Instead it hit some stuck energy, reinforced it, and you noticed it.

You put it there for a reason, but do you still need it? If not, declare that you’re a master in your own house and banish it like this, saying; I am a master of divine expression. I acknowledge that I feel ………………………and that it no longer serves my path to Light. By the force of Grace, I release the energy of …………………………..back to the universe for the greatest good, to be transmuted into the highest form of Light.

Systematically dump all the old baggage you’ve collected over the years. You don’t need it where you’re going, and it will slow you down.

We’ve already dealt with shame, but another particularly heavy set of baggage is blame. It’s old energy and you can clear it as follows. One at a time, visualize everyone with whom you’ve ever had significant dealings in your life; parents, mate, children, boss, landlord, and so on (calling up a vision of them puts you in touch with their spirit selves). Tell them (Internally or out loud, if you like) that you forgive them for any harm that you ever felt that they did to you (it doesn’t matter if they don’t think that they hurt you – It’s what you think that’s trapped in your field). Tell them that you understand that it was all done by prior agreement, even if you didn’t know that at the time. Thank them you for fulfilling their end of agreement, and tell them that you love them. (This process alone could take several hours).

Wish you a blessed week ahead with lots of love & light my blessed hearts. Tercy

Video: "Tune Into & Embody The Flames Of Love, Light, & Power Of Your Soul With Melanie Beckler" - https://youtu.be/6WhU35XWFDM

Love, Forgive, & Be Free & Joyful By Lea Chapin

Holy Family Message By Mother Mary

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Christ. I come to you at this most auspicious time, for my beloved Mary is here as well. We say to you, Dear One, that this is a very important time now to begin to heal the heart and to begin to release the heart wounds that each of you are suffering. It is simply time to let go of all that no longer serves you, and begin to step into your brilliance and begin to step into the diamond light frequency of who you truly are.

And so,  I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace and the presence of love... and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of joy as you open your heart to this vibrational frequency of love and forgiveness.

And so, may I step into your frequency, and if you so allow, allow me to take your hand and begin to take you upon a journey. Allow yourself to be released from all disharmonic frequencies and  to move forward with me into what we call the life of joy, bliss, peace, and tranquility. And so, Dearest Ones, allow yourself to move and breathe and to feel the essence of your beautiful spirit in its blissful state, in its tranquil state, in a state of relaxation, and in a state of peace and joy. And so now, Dearest Ones, breathe in the vibrational state of peace, and feel the love.

As I come to each of you, I step forward and begin to open your heart chakra even further, and so allow your heart to center into this moment of truth, as you feel the love, you feel the peace, you feel the tranquility, and you feel the joy.

Take another deep breath, Dearest Ones, and begin to breathe in this essence, deep, deep within your consciousness, within your subconscious, and into all aspects of your being, for this frequency is now beginning to heal and clear all frequencies that are not in alignment to the vibrational frequency of the truth and of who you are as the powerful spirit that you are, as the powerful light that you are, as the powerful being of love that you are.

And so, take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine, unconditional love and Holy Grace. Breathe it into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. Allowing your heart to open to Divine Grace. Allow your heart to open to Divine Grace, feeling the energy, feeling the peace, feeling the tranquility upon your soul, allowing your heart to open to Divine Grace.

Now, Dearest Ones, as I step into your energy field, allow me to begin to clear away the pieces and the particles and the frequencies where you have held bitterness and anger and unforgiveness, first towards yourself, and then towards another. It is time, Dearest Children, that you begin to forgive yourself, and to release all energies that are not serving for your highest good. Begin to breathe, Dearest Children, in the frequency of forgiveness. Forgiveness holds a powerful vibration, and so please call it in, and begin to allow the miracles to take place as you forgive yourself and forgive all those who have trespassed against you. Forgive, let go, let God, and hold this powerful frequency and vibration within your heart, and begin to feel peace.

Let it go, let it go, let it go. Allow your heart to open as your beautiful heart chakra begins to expand, allowing yourself to feel this energy of love, as you begin to bring this unconditional frequency of love and forgiveness into your being, as if the vibration is standing before you and has a life of its own. Love and forgiveness, bringing the two together, for as you hold this frequency of love and forgiveness within your consciousness, within your vibrational frequency, within your essence, it begins to take a life of its own, and begins to permeate into your consciousness and into every cell and every fiber and every pore of your being. And so, begin to breathe into this frequency of peace and tranquility, love, and joy, feeling the peace, the tranquility, the love, and the joy enters deep within your soul and permeates your whole being.

And so, feel the love, feel the love, feel the love, for the love will heal all.  And allow your heart to open to the energy and the essence of tranquility, surrendering, letting go, surrendering, and letting go, surrendering, and letting go.  Take a deep, inhaling breath and breathe in the vibration of this powerful frequency of love And be at peace. Surrender, surrender and allow, and release and let go. Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, allow your heart to open to this frequency of peace, simply surrender as you breathe in these divine frequencies.

Know at this time, Dearest Children, as you hold this vibration within your essence, as I have said, it will begin to take hold and the energy of any bitterness or anger or unforgiveness will simply begin to dissipate. And so, allow your heart to open to the frequency of love and allow the anger and the fear and the resentment to begin to fade away. Repeat, Dearest Ones, "I let go and let God, and I allow my beautiful light to shine. I let go, and I let God, and I allow my beautiful light to shine. I let go, and I let God, and I allow my beautiful light to shine."

And so, as you begin to feel this energy of peace and tranquility centering into your being, it begins to shift and to change and to clear the frequencies that no longer serve you. And so, Dearest Ones, hold the energy in your consciousness, hold with intention that you are holding this vibration as clearly as you can possibly hold, that you are forgiving all those who have trespassed against you, including yourself, letting go, and letting God. Letting go, and letting God, letting go, and letting God.

And allowing your heart to open to this powerful frequency of joy, feeling this energy of joy enter into your being and feeling the vibration now begin to replace any emotion, any disharmonic frequencies, any anger that you are holding. Breathe in the power of joy, breathe in the frequency of joy, for joy, Dearest Ones, is held within the essence of All That Is. For joy is the vibrational frequency of the Great Creator, joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. Breathe in this vibrational frequency of joy, and breathe it in, breathe it in, breathe it in. Holding this frequency as it now begins to enter into your being, and allow the happiness and the freedom, and the essence of joy to replace the unforgiveness, anger, the negativity. Release and let go.

And so, I ask you to breathe in deeply and to open your heart further to yourself, forgiving yourself, and allowing yourself now to begin to call in this vibration of love, pure unconditional love, as you allow yourself to love yourself, be gentle with yourself, be kind with yourself, and open your heart to this essence of love and joy and freedom.

For you see, Dearest Ones, your beautiful spirits are free, please allow your consciousness, your personality, your mental mind, your emotional body, and your physicality to be free. Living in the world but not of it, as they say, being free from all the struggles that have held you captive to your own emotional nature. Please allow yourself to rise above that which has been most difficult, and allow yourself to be free, living in an energy that is full of joy and tranquility, and allowing your heart to open to the beautiful resonance of the love that you are.

You see, Dearest Children, this is the transformational process in order to experience freedom and to be at peace.  Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are loved. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are loved. Experience the joy and the tranquility as it enters into your essence and into your very presence, and be at peace.

Know that today, as you open your heart even deeper, that you are feeling the love, and you are feeling the light, and you are allowing your body to become lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter. This, Dearest One, is a part of the journey of the soul. It is a part of the ascension process as you allow yourself to journey forward into an energy of forgiveness, Holy Grace, tranquility, and peace.

As you enter into the energy of forgiveness, Holy Grace, and Divine peace, allow yourself to open your heart now and bless yourself. Affirm, "I will honor myself and my true Divinity and respect and love myself and who I truly am. Regardless of all of the struggles and the strife that has surrounded me, I am sovereign over my own energy field and I choose peace, I choose forgiveness, I choose love, I choose hope."

Let this divine energy enter into your being as you honor yourself, and you now honor all those who have trespassed against you, and all those that you have trespassed against, allowing this stagnant energy to be cleared from you, for all negative energies are now null and void, they have no hold upon you, and what you have done to affect another is now cleared, and what another has done, it is now cleared. You are cleared, and you are released, and you no longer are a part of this frequency that has held captive over you. And so, Dearest Ones, let it go, let it go, let it go. Allow your heart to open and to awaken, as you feel the presence of God's Love permeate your whole being.

Dearest Ones, this is up for you to decide, as they say. But I am here to help you, and if you wish to take my hand, I will guide you through the process and allow me to show you the way. And so at this time, Dearest Ones, the vibrational frequency of love and forgiveness is held deep within your essence, and I see, Dearest Ones, that you have received it within your heart.

And so, allow it now to begin to germinate within you, as you continue to forgive, let go, and let God, and live your life as the beautiful, beautiful light being that you are. You are free and sovereign, and you are unencumbered by all that no longer serves you.

Imagine what would this would feel like, Dearest Ones, to be totally free of any ill-will or resentment or bitterness or anger that you have held onto. Can you imagine what it would feel like within your body, within your mind, as you clear these frequencies from your soul? Can you imagine yourself being a clear template and coming forth with a clean slate, and living your life in a state of purity and grace and harmony? Can you imagine having your heart so open that you love all beings, regardless of what they say, do, or how they behave? Can you imagine having compassion for yourself, and holding compassion for the world at large? Holding the vibration of peace within your being will allow you to forgive.

So know at this time, Dearest Ones, that as you remain in a peaceful, joyful state, you are able to shift your vibration from fear to love, from unforgiveness to forgiveness, and allow yourself to move into Divine, cosmic grace. Honoring and loving who you are at a deep and core level as you open your heart to this frequency, honor yourself, bless yourself, and love yourself.

This is the key, Dearest Ones, to forgiveness, this is the secret of living a long and healthy life, letting go, and letting God, and allowing yourself to learn the art of non-attachment, and acceptance. And so, Dearest Ones, feel it within your essence, and now begin to feel the joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. And begin to feel the energy and essence of joy, as you now replace these frequencies with the highest of frequency, the vibrational frequency of joy, allowing this essence to be what you understand as your signature vibration.

It is held within your being, the essence of joy. Every day, Dearest Children, it is a choice, a choice of how you wish to be. Do you wish to ponder upon the injustices, or do you wish to be free and live in joy? So please allow me to help you, it is why I’ve come today, it is why I’ve always been here, and some say how can you forgive all of the hurts and injustices, we say, Dearest Ones, it is only hurting yourself if you hold on to these lower frequencies. You are a master and please transmute all the energies that no longer serve you. The bitterness and the pain have no place within your home, for you are a vessel of peace, love and light.

So go with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be. As you feel your light, and you feel the love, and you feel the peace, and you feel the tranquility that is now being emitted upon your soul. Go, my children, with the understanding that we are all here, my Mother, my Mary, myself, and all the heavenly hosts are here to help you and to guide you along this pathway, as we have taken you on this journey of healing, allow yourself to receive it, and to acknowledge it, and to live it, and to embody it.

This is the gift that I give to you upon this day, I ask you to hold this frequency so strongly, so richly, so profoundly, that any energy that is not in alignment with the truth of love and forgiveness has no place within your home, within your consciousness, within your Divine vessel. And so, Dearest One, please accept this beautiful frequency as I assist you to move forward along Divine pathway.

It is time, it is time, it is time, it is time to be set free. It is time, it is time, it is time to be  free, for the end of your suffering is long overdue. Allow yourself to let go of the suffering and be free. Today, we are cutting the ties and the bonds that connect you to the persons, places, and situations that have kept you at this lower frequency.

And so, today is a beautiful celebration day, and so, we ask that you honor this moment of time and be at peace. Letting go and letting God, and seeing yourself now as you have allowed yourself to be free, as if the celebration of freedom is the gift that we bring to you today. And so, see the anchors, the chains, the bonds that have kept you captive to your own emotional nature, see them set free, and now, Dearest Children, allow your heart to open to this beautiful frequency of love, joy, peace, and tranquility. This is your true birthright, Dearest Children.

We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the Divine presence of that which you hold. For, Dearest Ones, you are truly, truly Divine beings of love. And we are honored to be in your presence. Now go in peace.


Video: "The Rainbow Bridge Transmission: Upgrade Your Chakra System to 5D" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/JskJGCWQxYg

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