Crystalline Uprising- Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus Predictions – The Crystalline Uprising Begins

The Council of Light Of Light Thru Melanie Beckler

Something interesting is happening in the skies… The planet Uranus moves into the astrological sign of Taurus on May 15th 2018 and will remain there (despite leaving a few times) until April 26th 2026. This is the first Uranus has moved into Taurus since 1934 -1941… While I am not an astrologer personally, I've always been fascinated by astrology and this alignment seemed like a big deal so I asked the Council of Light for their insight.

Check out this channeling as the Council of Light responds to my question:

What do we most need to know about this new time period we are entering into with the astrological and energetic influence of Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018 – April 26th 2026? 

Greetings, we the Council of Light are here

Understand that you are indeed continuing upon the path of ascension. The specific energetic influence of Uranus in Taurus is but a small catalyst for triggering change in the physical and material world.

There has long been an understanding among lightworkers, starseeds, and human beings who have expanded their awareness beyond the main paradigms of programming and control, that the material values of humanity have gone far astray.

This can be clearly seen and witnessed through the sweeping inequality throughout your societies, distorted value systems, the epidemic of un-fulfillment among the masses of humanity, and the rampant mistreatment and misaligned creations destructively sweeping across Earth, and detrimentally impacting so many species upon your planet, including humanity, and those doing the inharmonious creation.

We begin with this snapshot of the status quo, a glimpse at what is a small slice or layer of miscreation upon your planet not to invoke frustration or even in an attempt to ignite a change in perception for you in this moment.

Rather, we simply observe and witness, as do you, the current paradigm of materiality on Earth as it has been created through a vast tapestry of choices, and the vibrational energetic votes largely placed from in an unconscious state, leading to this specific timeline we now together observe from within the now.

Through observation of what has been called the “modern world” it is clear the core element of disharmony has been woven throughout the material creation as a whole.

There are of course pockets of harmony, humans who are in alignment, centered in coherent love and already thriving and co-creating with the awakened and revitalized New Earth energy that is emerging… and we will address this further for this crystalline uprising is a key ingredient to the mass transformation which indeed has already begun to unfold.


However, because miscreation is at the core of so many of the large institutions, financial systems, and mass adopted and accepted programs of what “a good life” looks like… This has led much of humanity to this present point of now feeling secure, stable, and generally well-adapted to what is a profoundly inharmonious societal system… And perhaps even more who simply feel an underlying dissatisfaction with their lives without really knowing or understanding the deeper why.

The changes now required upon your collective ascension path indeed include healing these core distortions so that the crystalline coherent light can then re-align humanity with harmonious co-creation.

This certainly is already underway and so too is accelerating with the energetic influence of sudden and unexpected electrifying change that occurs outside of the norm, meeting your present feelings of security, stability and values including the underlying distortions at the very core of what so many humans have been programmed we shall say to prioritize, focus upon and hold dear.

The changes required, already unfolding, and soon to be increasingly felt and witnessed are serving in alignment with Divine will to quite literally free humanity from what are for so many humans the invisible chains of bondage.

And so yes, there is an element of what is distorted, inharmonious, and out of alignment with the coherent crystalline repatterning of light unfolding across the multiverse that will be felt by some as shattering, breaking, or falling away…

We remind you to keep your present moment awareness intact, to breathe, stay centered, and trust that whatever changes, shifts, or shatters in your life experience does so for a few simple reasons. So that greater levels of light may flow in, to be replaced with something even better, or to reveal the deeper disharmony so that it may be addressed, healed, and changed.

In this moment we now remind you of the bigger picture…

The underlying truth that even those who are “secure”, “stable” and “well-adjusted” to things on the planet as they were… Are not being shaken or uprooted as a form of punishment… But again in a Divinely orchestrated venture of being set free.

For you, the already awakened, present, and aware individual…

You have the opportunity to hold the field of love and presence as things on Earth shift…

Remembering and returning to the perspective that “All Is Well” in the midst of change, and returning to the knowing that this too is a part of the ascension.

As the Earth and Humanity are set free from the destructive programs of past, there can truly be a new light of Day that you are collectively stepping into. A most beautiful and creative revolution of freedom and humanity stepping into your true Divine nature as empowered sovereign beings harmoniously co-creating.

This yes is in part allowing the old energies to gracefully fall away. The only pain and suffering comes when you try to hold on and fall down with it. Let go.

Remember… Simultaneously amidst whatever unexpected change appears, there are continued waves of pure, clear, diamond-crystalline coherent light streaming in at an increased frequency and rate.

These surges of Divine energy, and the crystalline upgrades and DNA activations it triggers — serves to harmonize, balance, and even heal on every level.

Presence, honesty and integrity are key for blissfully riding the crystalline waves of light.

Indeed, the age old guidance so too remains true… When you choose love over fear and return to love in every moment, the way through will continue to be made known to you.

We invite you to envision, feel into and imagine value systems, beliefs, and institutions on both an individual and collective scale, that are harmoniously co-creating with the Earth, with the Divine, and with all beings.

In the midst of personal change, or collective witnessing, it will be helpful to remember the bigger trajectory shift that is at hand.

Let restored harmony be a guiding light and remember that when you are present in the moment, when your mind is clear, and your awareness is attuned to love you can navigate whatever winds of change Divinely unfold in your life.

You are guided, and listening to your inner guidance, inspiration and heart’s calling is key for your own personal transformation. For you know the changes required for you at some level even if it is presently buried deep down…

And when you listen, trust, and act… Knowing that you are supported in calling forth greater fulfillment, harmony, inspired co-creation, and love…

Vibrantly and joyously living your calling, being of service towards humanity and earth in a way that you love that also inspires, uplifts, and serves in the highest interest of all…

You naturally come into sync.

Stepping into your Divinely called role to be a way shower through these ascension times of transition.

Serving and helping those who try to hold on tight so that the old must be shaken free.

Release the grip.

Clear your mind…

Open your heart…

Stay present, vigilant and aware …

And allow all that the ascension path has to reveal to you to delight, amaze and inspire.


You do indeed have an opportunity to change the mass held belief that “change is tough” and to rewrite the script of human co-creation across the lines of time…

Embracing the changes possible to truly transform your status quo, and present paradigm.

To truly call forth, manifest, live and love…

Your high vibrational life.

Which by default reaches far beyond you through naturally aligning your actions with Divine Creation, with crystalline coherence, and with the highest interest of all.

And through leading the way in stepping into your most inspired, harmonious, beautiful, awake, and celebratory life… Gracefully receiving the crystalline activations and light frequency codes through responding to life with your heart open and in coherence with love…

The many gems, the pearls, and blessings that lay in store for you on your highest possible timeline and Divine trajectory will begin to be revealed.

Through willingness, through allowing, through choosing love and letting go…

You let light in.

~ The Council of Light channeled by Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

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Alpha & Omega Chakras By Tercy Logan

The most important thing is, the unified chakra allows you to embody even more of your spirit-self. You are no longer trying to filter its love through your mental field or its higher wisdom through your emotional field. Everything you need comes through the unified chakra into the unified field at the same time and in exactly the proportions needed.

It is recommended that you unify your chakras several times a day. With a little practice, you will be able to say “Unify” to yourself, and instantly snap your chakras to one unified chakra with Archangel Ariel’s assistance.

Basically, the process involves getting into a comfortable, relaxed position, deepening your breathing, and breathing Light into the heart Chakra. On each out-breath, you visualize your heart chakra becoming larger, opening in all directions like a sphere. You expand it to include each succeeding pair of chakras as you breathe in and out; third and fifth chakra, second and sixth chakra, first and seventh chakra, Omega and Alpha, (The Omega chakra – eight inches below the spine, - connect you to the planetary consciousness. The Alpha Chakra – eight inches above your head – connect you to your fifth dimension.) Thus Unified chakra is now a sphere of golden light.


Working with the unified chakra, you unify the higher and the seven lower chakras into one so that they all function in accordance with the frequency of love-based energy flowing through the heart center. This also means that your three lower energy fields can align with each other exchange energy and resonate with each other, with love as the major component of the interactions.


Spirit energy is high-frequency, it generates standing waves of energy with frequencies that are sub-harmonics of its own energy. These fit right into the frequency bands of your physical, emotional and mental fields.

Working with separate chakras used to filter out some of this energy. The third chakra handle power frequencies, and the fifth and sixth chakra would handle thought forms, but no chakra could handle it all. So, depending on which chakra were open, you would only allow certain facets of your spirit-self into your lower fields.

The unified chakra allows it all in – the entire spectrum of your being. Your response comes from your whole being, meaning that you are active rather than reactive, love based rather than fear based, and transpersonal rather than personality based. And now you will find that even ANGER IS DIVINE EXPRESSION.


The unified chakra prevents the traditional focus of the separate chakra system that was so selective of the energy it handled. If you perceived anger or power being directed at you, you responded unconsciously with, the first chakra or with the third chakra(power). So you either fled or stood your ground.

A whole new pattern occurs with the unified chakra. You respond from your entire being, including Spirit, so you’ll throw a heavy dose of love into the energy stew.

You say and do the same things as at the ego level, but the other person’s fields will get the love energy and be somewhat confused initially. They attacked you, yet they feel this warm flow inside. In the confusion, one or both of you will smile and suddenly the tension is broken.

So the unified is the perfect panacea for all that ails you. Wish you a Great Wednesday to you with lots of love & light to all my messengers of light. Tercy

Wish you a wonderful weekend with lots of love and light. Tercy

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The Federation Of Light Through Blossom Goodchild

For there lie the answers to all posed questions. Listen to your heart and only YOUR heart and allow its rhythm to ‘teach’ you. Allow it to stretch your imagination … for it is in doing so, that Greater recourses are discovered.

It goes beyond that, Blossom.

Because we are asking Each One to take their KNOWING further. Take it more deeply into the grid of understanding ALL.

By taking your beliefs into a different space.

One tries to relax into the self … to find the space where all is quiet and find that ‘no-thing’ within the mind’s quandaries.

To connect up with Source … Divine Energy … is as simple as plugging in your technical equipment … from which you see immediate results. The Light comes on and you can ‘see’ that you are … wired into/tapped into … the circuit … for want of better words.

To VISUALISE doing this from your Being … connecting into that HIGHER POWER will do the trick … initially. Yet, we then ask you to GO BEYOND THAT. Once ‘plugged in’ … ACCEPT … TRUST … and ALLOW the flow to take place. Do not search … do not listen for a voice …simply allow the knowledge that you are ‘connected’ … to do 'its thing.'

By letting go of Earthly binds.

Your thoughts are in your head. Your soul sense (sensitivity) is in your gut.

The soul, Being a Light within the gut? Just exactly how is the soul represented physically within us?



YOU ARE LIGHT IN ITS TRUE FORM … residing within flesh, bones and a million other workings of the body. It is miraculous, without question. Yet, it is a vessel. Without YOU within it … it cannot hold form.

You require this vessel … to experience life on Earth.


Please re read that sentence … for it is of TRUTH and it is important that you understand its meaning.

The undercurrent of negativity that flows within and without yourselves and the Planet, is designed to hold you back from THE POWER OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

These times NOW, are bringing about THE CHANGE. THE CHANGE within YOU that KNOWS the possibilities of what can be.

Indeed. Yet, so much more … MAGIC!


Within THAT KNOWING … there is the recognition of all possibilities being possible.

It is our desire to bring you ever closer to this FEELING. This acceptance of what your TRUE SELF … TRULY IS.


Yet, you are! All of you are becoming closer to it. You can FEEL how much you have changed within yourself. You can acknowledge the Higher Power within you NOW. It is different from even this time of year that is behind you.

Assuming you mean this time last year! Yes we are changing/have changed. Yet, I still don’t feel anywhere near close to putting my finger on a wound of another and watching it heal instantly.

Now you practise your KNOWING of Self - Mastery. A Master spends lifetimes perfecting the self-knowing of Truth.  One cannot become a Master without the experiencing over and over of something, in order to understand it and ‘Master it’. Yet, Mastery cannot ‘come’ without … faith in/of … self-Godliness.





We ask that one reads this particular message over and over … allowing the ‘Energy’ of the words to ‘sink in’ and BECOME your reality.

(The above is an excerpt from The Federation of Light message on May 6th 2018, and the full message is found at:


And from Melanie Beckler:

"Trust that staying present in the moment allows the brilliant possibilities available to you, in the infinite, to unfold.

With presence you can choose your response in every moment…

Choose the higher road, and through consciously making the choice of love, of being in integrity, and staying in resonance with the truth of your highest vibration…

By staying focused on the positive outcomes you want to see in your life...

You can then deliberately choose to move up the vibrational staircase of light into the higher octaves and timelines of what is possible for you.

You call these possibilities forth one step and one moment at a time with presence…

With an open heart, a positive outlook, and through responding with, choosing, and being love.

Have a great week!

With love and blessings,


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