April Ascension Energies by Jamye Price



April Ascension Energies – Creative Action By Jamye Price

March Review

March energy was focused on compassion. As you nurture yourself into a strong flow, you have a wellspring of Love to flow into the world. Compassion is a catalyst that nurtures change. The Ascension process is about a deeper flow of Love that shifts the trajectory of evolution into a more cohesive collective through empowered individuals connecting.

Areon is fond of calling humanity a “connected collective” so we foster a stronger understanding of our connected nature. This is what helps us begin to focus on the vast engine of creation that is the subtle realm.

We begin with a mental understanding, but we evolve through the courage of emotional flow.

We communicate with the subtle realm via our subtle bridge – our thoughts and emotions. We then communicate with the physical realm with action (or inaction).

Compassion is a powerful subtle communication to observe in yourself. You may have felt more excitement and joy available in March. Perhaps you noticed issues of judgment coming up for clearing in March. Or both. With release comes activation and vice versa.

Foundation of Strength by jamye Price

The release of judgment or fear of judgment creates an ease within. From that inner freedom, all creation comes from inspiration rather than obligation or desperation. All those “-ations” are the subtle energy within your actions. C what I did there? ;o)

April Energies – Creative Action

In this Year of Amplification, we are being called to more clarity so that the flow of Love is genuinely changing the human experience. This flow has always been there, but we are in a time of evolution that offers a great change and the pace feels more rapid as the spiraling intensifies. The spiral represents strength building, change continuing.

March energies of Clear Compassion offered an opportunity for less enabling and more empowerment. That is a beautiful change. This clarity brings us to a greater creative power, which is what April will be amplifying. With power comes responsibility. As we evolve into fourth density, we are connecting more, which is the energy of the subtle realm, the invisible connection.

We are becoming more cohesive in all we do (more heart/mind unity as mentioned in the April video above), and therefore less compartmentalized. Mental understanding is important, and it is the first step of shift. You recognize the need for change, the potential of change, and the path of change. But it is your emotions that complete the circuit.

Compassion is a powerful connection that brings potential into action.

Areon says often that your first action is your inner action. Your self-observance and your self-nurturance are key to the clarity which shows you the Creative Action that serves your moment.

Creativity is a powerful and necessary flow in life, and it comes in many forms. Creativity can be an uncomfortable state. It is always a risk, it’s something new. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it may not always be an easy thing.

Sometimes Creative Action is the catalyst that stirs a need for change, or it stirs some chaos that seeks its resolution. Chaos for the sake of chaos is just destructive. But chaos can be constructive also.

As a Lightworker, your work is to amplify the loving potential. Creative Action is the experiencing of life – the participation that anchors your subtle energy into the physical realm.

Are you willing to participate with the joyful experiences and the information that may not be as easy? Lightwork anchors love where it didn’t have roots before. It takes courage to root deeper so there is a strength that can sustain reaching higher.

You are Loves Vehicle of Flow by Jamye Price

The Creative Action of April is about beginning to see everything as creative. Are you honoring the potentials within the moment? Are you willing to connect all parts of your life so that everything has creative potential? Are you willing to participate fully in something to build a future of change?

In essence, this energy is about recognizing the thread of creativity in all that you are experiencing. The benefit of this? You release feeling powerless in situations and flow more of your energy into it. It becomes less about controlling outcomes and more about enjoying your journey.

The recent marches in the United States that were spurred by teenagers may not result in immediate or perfect external changes, but there is a momentum of energy building that offers us an opportunity to focus on the positive potentials or the lack. The example of what they are flowing into the world has a bold potential.

What are you Lightworking toward? Focus your powerful subtle energy there. Let the momentum build and take inspired actions that support your journey of change. Woohoo!

Creating April

April will be inspiring change. Creation is the potential that resides within you – life birthing through you. Ascension is the inner work of changing your resonance so that Love is your natural flow compelling change—love that is strong enough to say yes or no, regardless of the comfort level. That is empowered love that roots change so humanity blossoms anew. Thank you for your compassion to elevate humanity. Happy April!


Creativity channeling by Areon

Creative Focus Teleclass

Passion Teleclass

Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience. She also channels Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, with information focused on the mental and emotional balance of Ascension. Jamye’s work is practical and profound; she mixes highly esoteric subjects into applicable usage for empowered living.

Video: "Ascended Master Consciousness Monthly Meditation with Serapis Bey" By Radiant Rose Academy - https://youtu.be/VI6JwkeLD14

EASTER MOON of Divine Intervention - Humanity's Resurrection to CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS BY Sonja Myriel RAouine

As the energies are rising, we have already begun to tune in to what is occurring. There is no right and no wrong - just BE who you are and express your feelings and accept what IS. 

If you have the possibility to LIGHT a FIRE at the time of the Full Moon, do so - and invite the Guardians of the 4 Elements, the 4 Directions, the 4 lower bodies, to oversee your Ceremony and to protect you well. Welcome your guides and helpers and do not forget to invite St. Germain, Lady Portia, Lady Kwan Yin, Lady Nada and Lady Rowena as well as Arachnangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst. Mother Mary, Arcangel Raphael, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith and all who are near and dear to you, INVITE them all to help us JOIN FORCES on this most unique day of the Easter Full Moon 2018 which marks the Time of the Resurrection of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS within HUMANITY!

At last, call on the Seven Elohim and ask Elohim Arcturus and Diana to step forward and overlight you, your group of three, your family and friends, and all surrounding beings. Elohim Arcturus and Diana will willingly step forward and BLESS you with a shower of Violet Light which will wash away old wounds and memories which you no longer need to deal with if you only continue on your path of introspection and evolving consciousness ... As you are being bathed in the stongest and most powerful frequencies of transmutation, love and healing, stay silent or begin to CHANT. Sing your HEART SONG and if you have not yet found it, start out with a meaningful Mantra for you, maybe the Gayatri Mantra, which is one of the most powerful and universal Mantras I know, or a song you know from times past, a song which speaks to you, which makes you laugh, or cry, or dance, or re-MEMBER something important deep inside ... Take your time! Find WORDS to express your gratitude, your hopes and ideals ... and allow them to GROW, to EMPOWER you, so you receive the energy required to fulfill this, your mission - what ever it may be, you KNOW - or shall know then the time is RIPE! TRUST that you need not know everything NOW and AT ONCE - but that you will KNOW what you NEED to know at any given moment in time, in any future situation - because from now on you will be CONNECTED through your I AM PRESENCE to SOURCE itself where we are truly all ONE, nourished by the one common SOURCE OF LIFE, the unspeakable, where everything is possible!

At the time of the Full Moon [or any other time after, when you are HERE in Sacred Ceremony] ask for the Initiation into CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and observethe braodening of your perspective as you begin to perceive on several levels at once your own multidimensional self and / or your connexion to ALL THAT IS ... can you feel the many other lightworkers who are RIGHT NOW holding ceremonies all over the world, too, in order to RAISE HUMANITY's CONSCIOUSNESS above the fight or flight mode of insticntual behavior to multidimensional levels of connectedness? This is our way home, home to fields where danger is unknown, as no physical body needs to be defended, fed, and said good bye to at the end of one's days. All fear shall NOW be conquered by LOVE! An imprint which will serve like a keey in future situations whence fear arises as an automatic response and needs to be TAMED by the LOVE of one's HEART ...

And when you are READY,

focus your consciousness on your brothers and sisters all around the world,

as we are connected through our LOVE and INTENTION

to be open channels for the Divine CHRIST LOVE LIGHT

and speak out loud the words of the GREAT INVOCATION as often as you feel is adequate:

The following prayer  was shared by  TOMAS GERMAN RUSSO REYNOSO LONGO and may inspire you, to find your own words during this unique EASTER Initiation.












You shall we REBORN in a body of LIGHT!

May you rest as the child does in its mother's arms,

well-provided and supported by her sustaining nourishment, after this ceremony,

conscious of life's INTERCONNECTEDNESS on this planet - 

and beyond -


On Sunday and Monday - 

the days of SUN and MOON,

Let us INTEGRATE the energies provided to us by the UNVERSE at this most special EASTER WEEKEND!

Share your energy, your love, your power and wisdom, your silence and blessings

with your family and friends!

WORDS are not needed in order to PASS on the EXPERIENCE.

Not yours - but that of being LOVED, of being LOVE, of being WORTHFUL AND CONNECTED to the people around onself and all that IS.

May this experience provide us with an imprint on which we can rely to help us through in life from now on under whatever cirsumstances!

In order to firmly ANCHOR this initiation, we shall have 3 CONNEXION DAYS from now on:


the days of VENUS, the SUN and the MOON!

On these days, let us FLOOD the consciousness of the third dimensional planet with the LOVE of our HEART which ignites the most powerful frequencies of the VIOLET LIGHT AND RAY the more we JOIN TOGETHER!


the days of VENUS, the SUN and the MOON,

are our CONNEXION DAYS from Easter 2018 to Easter 2019.

Let us JUMP TIMELINES TOGETHER in a few hours!

Let us UNITE in the LIGHT of CHRIST!

So BE it and so it IS!

Yours always in all ways,

Sonja Myriel RAouine


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Prayer for the Inner Child by Master Kuthumi

Channeled through Natalie Glasson

The deepest of love extends from my soul, Master Kuthumi, to all existing upon the Earth and experiencing ascension consciously or unconsciously. But for those conscious of their ascension their responsibility to anchor, embody and deliver the high frequency vibrations of the Creator is greater.

Not only are you responsible for your personal ascension, but you play a key role in the ascension of the planet. Your awareness of the presence of the Creator within and around you as well as within all assists in encouraging unconscious souls to remember the Creator.

The more light you can anchor through your being, embody and radiate into the world, the more your life enhance and the more you will be creating the perfect environment for the transitions and shifts of others.

It is my purpose to highlight to you the power you hold within your being and the positive influence you have upon the world, especially when you focus upon your own spiritual evolution. Resolving energies within, healing your being and recognising your truth is akin to showering the world with blessings. The ascension of others is not your responsibility, the expression of your truth is.

This is a beautiful concept to remind yourself of as if you wish to be of service to the Earth and her humanity. First be of service to yourself, then the blessings you shower upon the Earth and her humanity will be far greater. When you recognise the connection between your spiritual evolution and the positive impact this has upon the world around you without you even communicating with the world, you recognise a key which will always encourage you to delve deeper within your being.

The suffering you may recognise within others, humanity and the world also exists in some form or consciousness within your own being; this is the case especially if you experience a reaction of any form to the suffering of others.

The more you heal the suffering within your being, the less likely you are to even see or sense suffering in your surrounding world, even though this may seem unlikely to you. When a complete healing of suffering takes place within your being, the only place you will be able to access the energy of suffering is within the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Being alerted to the suffering within the collective consciousness of humanity would be a signal to you that your healing skills are required to bring forth transformation to the consciousness of humanity and therefore all souls who have existed upon the Earth.

It is the inner child who often absorbs energies of suffering. Your inner child represents the essence/ innocence of your soul, and also reflects your wounds from your childhood and from past lifetimes. It is within the inner child that the truth of the Creator can be seen plainly while limitations and suffering of any form are evident as well.

The inner child feels and experiences energies deeply and profoundly, which means that spiritual experience can be intense while suffering can feel crippling. If negative or limiting experiences occurred in your childhood, then it is often that the inner child reacts from the age, awareness and consciousness of those limiting points even when the body is fully grown to an adult.

Issues from childhood or even past lifetimes continue to impact your reality and stunt the growth of your inner child. This can cause deeply painful experiences, inability to think clearly, and being unable to regulate limiting reactions.

The purpose of the inner child is to be fully grown and always exuding the peace, balance and innocence of the Creator. When the inner child is healed and balanced, any age of the inner child can be accessed and merged with the current adult reality to create a positive impact.

The War of the Inner Child

Imagine a world where adults are interacting and reacting with themselves and each other from the core of their suffering inner child. The inner child wants to feel loved, supported, nurtured and fulfilled, and if this is not satisfied, then the inner child becomes needy, demands attention, blames, hurts others, and thinks in forms of separation and self-importance.

Again, I invite you to return to imagining a world where all adults are acting and reacting from this aspect of their inner child, the world created is one of suffering for all. Not only are adults suffering and causing suffering to others, but they are also impacting the consciousness and energy of souls born as babies upon the Earth.

The suffering is projected into the collective consciousness of humanity, so a person of any age can be influenced by the energy. When a person as an adult or a child embodied the wounds of their inner child they can cause suffering to themselves, adults, children and animals, and may not be conscious of their actions. Children who radiate the innocence of the Creator can become victims of the wounds of the inner children of others.

So it is important to realise that the wounds of your inner child and that of others impact the way you act and react towards others, whether adult, child, animal or even plant. It is the wounds of the inner child that explains why so many adults, children, animals and plants suffer upon the Earth. When, I, Master Kuthumi, am speaking of suffering, I am referring to the abuse or mistreatment of others. The person causing the abuse or mistreatment may hold many inner child wounds.

The Roles Souls Play

When we are speaking of suffering, abuse and mistreatment of any kind there is a need to realise that victims and perpetrators have often unconsciously created an energetic contract of learning together. 

This I know seems impossible, for who would consent to such a thing? The old consciousness and energetic patterning of learning and growing spiritually through pain and suffering still remains upon the Earth; many are releasing this patterning in favour of growth through love. However, it is still present within the lives of many. It was previously used as a way of jolting the soul into remembrance of the Creator; now this is no longer needed as a process of inner awakening.

Prayer for the Inner Child

When observing the suffering of yourself, inner child or others there is always a need to anchor light and love of the purest vibration; this erases any contracts, brings wounds forth to be healed and awakens inner remembrance of the Creator. This is also why we encourage you to anchor your light as a lightworker into the Earth because you assist in the healing of others automatically and without your awareness when you do so.

I, Master Kuthumi believe there is a link between the suffering that some children experience on the Earth and the suffering of the inner child within many adults, even if their pathways do not cross.

When all adults heal their inner child - the suffering of children on the Earth will transform and become non-existent.  I, Master Kuthumi wish to share with you an invocation which will support the healing of your own inner child, the inner children of all upon the Earth, the collective consciousness of humanity and the physical children of the Earth.

‘I invite Master Kuthumi and his healing team to come forth to me, sharing your energy, love, healing and truth. I open myself fully to receive the sacred vibrations being directed to me now. I invite my entire being to embody and radiate the light and love being shared with me, so that it may touch my being deeply as well as the Earth.

I invite my inner child to be receptive and absorb the light, love and healing flowing through me. Now is your time to heal and receive all you require to fulfill yourself. My beloved inner child, please know you are deserving and absorb what you need, and also bring to my conscious awareness anything you wish to release. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.

(You may wish to take time to experience & commune with your inner child, or you can read this as a prayer and allow the transition to occur afterwards.)

I am a beacon of light, radiating healing vibrations across the entire Earth. May the light I share penetrate each being and touch and bring light to their inner child. May the inner child of every person heal and receive all they require to fulfill themselves. Please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and release what is no longer needed. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.

I am a beacon of light, radiating healing vibrations across the entire Earth. May the light I share penetrate each child that is experiencing or has experienced suffering, abuse or mistreatment of any kind.

Dear children, open to receive the light we share with you now. Let the light surround you and safeguard you. May the inner child of every child be healed and receive all they require to be fulfilled. Please know you are deserving, absorb what you need and release what is no longer needed. With Master Kuthumi, his healing team and the Creator, I am present to support you now.

My light is always present to support the inner children of the world; however, I invite Master Kuthumi and his healing team to deliver your healing energy for the inner children of the world as a constant, continuing to magnify and touch all deeply, creating beautiful transformations and liberations.

(See, sense or acknowledge every child upon the Earth embraced in supreme light, encouraging them to be the light that they are in the world.)

In love always,

Master Kuthumi


Master Kuthumi Ashram: https://www.omna.org/master-kuthumi-list-of-channeled-messages/

Free audio download of Natalie's message: https://www.omna.org/prayer-inner-child-master-kuthumi/

Video: "Natalie Glasson's Free Webinar - Let's Help Bring Peace, Love, & Unity To All !


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