Mother Earth & You By Ann Albers   Message From The Angels   My dear friends, we love you so very much, Many of you have been experiencing cataclysmic growth these past few weeks. You are being freed from the burdens of your past, the emotions you've stuffed, and the reasons you felt you couldn't entertain your own dreams. Some of you are repeating old patterns just to look at them one last time. Whatever was lurking in your depths is coming up. The old is burning away to make room for new life. Mother earth is growing! So are you. As your planet purges herself once again of old energies and the frequencies that the human race refuses to feel, she is also bringing new truth, greater authenticity, and new life from her depths. You may feel this movement quite strongly as sudden bursts of emotion you thought you were done with, periods of dizziness, and if you are willing to sit quietly in the presence of the Divine and your angels – periods of increasing love, connection, and euphoria. You are inseparable from your beautiful home there upon the earth. You are part of her ecosystem. What you feel she feels. What she feels, you feel. Here is how you can weather these changes with greater grace and love... If you find yourself erupting in sadness or anger, breathe. Anything you've stuffed is coming up for examination. What is it you can no longer pretend is OK in your life? What must you do? What must you say to kindly and lovingly remain in integrity with your own spirit? Set yourself free.   If others erupt around you, do your best to clear the energies (ground yourself, journal, breathe deeply) and then remain compassionate. They too are bringing up old pains to be healed. Pray for them. Help set them free.   If you find old feelings "bubbling up" acknowledge them. Perhaps you've tried not to feel something – a desire to explore a new interest, a sense of unrest about something you'd rather not see, a desire for a relationship when you thought you were fine alone or a desire for alone time when you thought you wanted companionship. Your feelings are your guidance. Honor them.   Perhaps you've been feeling a need to purge your belongings, your activities, or even your relationships. Honor this. You are all being called to greater authenticity.   Perhaps you feel a strong draw to explore something new. Honor it if it is consistent with your ideals. Beware if it is not. What you are drawn to magnetically is your path of greatest growth. Growth can be joyful or painful depending upon your willingness to be honest with yourself.   Dear ones, while these energies may seem confusing, disruptive, and not always easy to weather, if you surrender to the truth bubbling up within you and stay connected to the Divine, you will experience the birthing of a beautiful new light in your life. Birth is a messy process, but new life is always beautiful. God Bless You! We love you so very much. -- The Angels Video: "Full Moon Angel Card Reading! Angel Oracle Card Reading for May 29th Full Moon" By Melanie Beckler   Message from Ann..." style="color: #04a9f4; display: block; font-family: Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; line-height: 25px;" class="CToWUd a6T" width="650" height="241" border="0"/> Hi Everyone, I had a wild few weeks! Did you? It started with my water heater leaking, progressed into a need to upgrade my web server to one that costs six times as much but runs like a dream. My database had to be rebuilt. Next up were car repairs, a broken disc duplicator, and the need to upgrade several other bits of software and things around the house. I kept picking the tower card and seeing 555's, meaning "big change ahead." And then I began to shake! I have been taking time in silence each day to connect strongly to God. I've been breathing the energies through my body. I've been praying for everyone with deep sincerity... and as the volcanoes began to erupt in Hawaii, a beautiful and powerful kundalini energy started to quake through my body as well. It isn't the first time I've gone through these phases. It was undoubtedly the most powerful. I woke up in the middle of the night shaking as if earthquakes were shaking in my body. I felt energy rising up during the day till the pressure was no longer bearable and then it would shake and I'd feel an inrush of light so strong it was blinding. It seemed to parallel Madame Pele's activity in Hawaii. I do love her so. Meeting her spirit years ago is a story for another time... I surrendered. I breathed. I felt the old energies of lifetimes leaving my body, and being replaced by a love so profound it brings me to my knees. I felt love for everyone around me. More clearly than ever I see the Divine dance that we are all engaged in as we help each other awaken and remember what love really is. The world is in a state of huge flux right now, but we can choose to be in our own world and let the beautiful energies rising up within the earth rise up within us too. Here are some pointers this week to help weather these times with grace and joy... 1. Acknowledge Your Feelings This is not a time to stuff feelings. Imagine a volcano trying to stuff her pressures. It is going to hurt if we stuff feelings or they'll pop out in unpleasant or inappropriate ways. To avoid this simply sit in silence and acknowledge what you feel. "I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm wildly joyful. I am tired..." I go to my room and journal when I feel deeply. It helps me move the energy. Whatever you find inside of you accept it without condition. 2. Breathe up from the depths Breathe as if you could breath up your spine, from the center of the earth. Pause and hold the breath anywhere you feel stuck, the breathe out through the top of the head, releasing the pressures and old energies. This will keep your energy flowing and allow you to easily clear what comes up from within. 3. Spend a little time in silence or listening to beautiful music When the mind is quiet, the energy moves freely. We release our preconditioned patterns and allow something new to emerge. Take a few minutes a day in nature, breathing in quiet, or listening to music that elevates your soul. Allow yourself this mini spa treatment for your soul to get in touch with the peace within your own heart. With just a little extra time each day you can weather these energies with beauty and grace! Love you all! Ann Video: "Vlog 63 - Healing Our Physical Contamination With The Violet Flame" By Patricia Cota-Robles -                   Finding Stillness: Resting at Home in the Middle of Chaos By Leo Babauta   There’s a part of us that wants to find peace from all the chaos in our lives, all the busyness and distractions and complication and stress and overwhelmingness of it all. We want to get away from it all, or get control of everything and create order out of the mess. We want stillness, we want rest, we want peace. But this kind of banishment of chaos and stress isn’t usually possible, unless you go into the mountains and live in a monastery. (Spoiler: You’ll find chaos there too.) So what can we do? The answer is to find stillness and peace in the middle of chaos. This is an advanced practice, and so if you’re new to meditation, I suggest starting with my beginner tips for mindfulness and then move on to my short ebook, the Zen Habits Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness. But if you’ve meditated a bit, you’ll have the foundational skills for stillness in chaos practice. In this post, I’m going to share a practice of resting at home, and then talk about how to use that in the middle of the chaos of our lives. Resting at Home Meditation Try this now, if you’re somewhere where you can sit in quiet (even on a train or bus) for a minute or two: Sit still, ideally in a position where you feel stable and grounded. First check in with your body — how does it feel right now? What sensations can you notice? Is your posture upright and relaxed? What kind of energy are you feeling in this moment? What does it feel like to be alive right now? Then check in with your breath — is your breathing relaxed? How does this breath feel? What is the texture of this breath? Keep your attention on the breath for a few moments. Next, expand your awareness to everything in the room, including yourself. Not anything in particular, just a general open awareness of everything, eyes open, taking in all sensations, receiving them, not labeling them. Don’t judge anything, don’t fix on anything in particular, just open yourself to awareness of a field of sensations, your own body included in that field, not separate from anything. In any of these steps, if your mind starts to wander to thoughts, just notice that (without judgment) and gently come back to your awareness of the present moment. If you can rest in this open awareness, coming back when you wander … what can happen is that you yourself can drop away. Not your body or your awareness, but your conception of yourself. We all have this idea of ourselves, a structure we’ve created that is “me,” but in truth it’s just a mental concept. With an open awareness, this conception can drop away. Try it for a minute or two, and see if you can let that mental concept of yourself drop away, so that you’re just a part of everything in your awareness. What I’ve found is that in the moments you can do this, it feels like you’re coming home. Think about what it’s like to come home — either to your home at night, or to your childhood home after being away. It’s like coming home to the familiar, to the comfortable, to a sense of belonging. This is where you belong, where you are loved, where you can be at rest. That’s the feeling that you can get if you rest in open awareness, with your sense of self just dropping away. Rest in this sense of coming home. Rest in this place of stillness, of connecting to the infinite. Finding Stillness in Daily Chaos If you can get glimpses of this sense of stillness and of being at home, at peace, in the meditation above (and don’t worry if you can’t yet, it can take some practice) … then you have a place to come back to at any moment. In a moment of stress or frustration, you can pause and find this sense of stillness. In an argument with your spouse, in the snarl of commuter traffic, in the frazzle of getting through your overwhelming daily tasks … you can rest at home, in this place of belonging. At any moment during the day, you can access this: Notice that you’re stressed and feeling a sense of groundlessness, of chaos. Notice that this comes from wanting peace, stillness, control. Notice that this comes from wanting to be safe, wanting your idea of yourself to be in a safe, stable, peaceful place. Find that place by resting in open awareness, in this moment. Letting go of the sense of self, just being part of everything around you. Just coming home, to where you belong, where you’ve belonged all along. Find a sense of love for everything in your awareness, a sense of compassion for the parts that are in pain (yourself included, but also for others), a feeling of friendliness to everything in your awareness, a feeling of curiosity, of gentleness, of gratitude. Continue to do what you need to do in this moment, going through your email, doing your daily tasks, but with a sense of stillness in the middle of the chaos, a connection to the infinite all around you, a feeling of peace as you take action. There’s no need to get away from the chaos. It’s just movement, in the place where you belong. Video: "Affirmations: Psychic Protection To Align With A Higher Frequency of Light" By Steve Nobel                                      It is not by doing that you become one with Us   It Is Not By Doing, But By Being Your Divine Self ... ! 4-27-18 Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers   "We have come to help you be free to be your divine self," the Grandmothers said and I nodded.  "Remember," they said, "it is not by doing that you become one with Us.  No!"they declared.  "Doing will not give you joy and oneness with God.  Action is part of the energy of yang and yang energy has its place in the world, but doing will not bring you into union with God.   "Being will," they said.  "By being who you are; by being at one with divinity, you will save yourself.  This is also how you will save your planet.  We remind you that you have been called to us, and your being called is no accident.  Nor is it an accident to have received our empowerment."   The Grandmothers stood quietly with their eyes on me and said, "Take a moment to focus on your union with us.  Let yourself feel what it's like to be held in a nest of love."  Dutifully I closed my eyes and thought of opening to this nest they were describing and felt myself ensconced in coziness.  Warm and safe, comfortable and comforted.  As I nestled in deeper, my mind calmed, my body hummed, and my heart began to sing ...   "The joy you are feeling," they said, "is more than you can contain.  You are living in a sea of energy, and that sea is full of joy.   Let it flow.   "Feel your body," they said.  "Note the expansion within you and keep your focus there.  And from this experience of union," they promised, "will come great good."  I'd read of people having this experience -- yogis and such -- but now I was living it.  Waves of energy were rising and falling inside me, coming on so fast they made it impossible for me to speak.   "What you're feeling marks a change in your vibration," they said, speaking softly to reassure me and help me ground myself.  "You'll get used to it," they promised.  "Watch now as joy pours from your heart, flooding throughout this city, throughout all of Southern California.  It will wash over the entire  Earth and over the universe, filling everything.  Holding all life in love ...   "Each time you turn within and open like this," they said, "the reservoir of beauty/power within you will grow ... So sit quietly," they said, "and recognize your true identity."   Chapter 11, p. 144-145, Our Love is Our Power by Sharon McErlane If you want to learn more about the Great Council of the Grandmothers and perhaps become a Beacon on the Net of Light, go to   You may copy this message, but please copy the full message including our website links. Thank you.   Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Grace & Blessings Of The Creator Through The Great Beings of Light  !    
    Open Your Eyes, Smile, And Create Your Perfect Future! By Tercy Logan   Creating Your Perfect Future.   Prepare for meditation and relax in your sacred space. Hold a quartz crystal over your third eye (any clear crystal such as a citrine or amethyst will work too). Visualize yourself stepping smoothly along your ascension pathway, your challenges behind you. Feel your light and power flooding through your chakras and light body, and see your team of Angels and Ascended Masters flying alongside you.   Imagine you come to a blank white wall. At the foot of the wall there are pots of coloured paint. Imagine you are a master artist, even if you have never painted in your life.   In your mind's eye, paint a beautiful picture of the Earth as you wish it to be. This can be any scenario that you choose to place on the wall. Be as precise and intricate as you please. This is your picture.   When it is complete, stand back and admire your work. What have you created. When it is perfect, ask your Angels and Ascended Masters to bless and amplify the energies of your work.   Now see yourself stepping into your picture and it becoming your unified reality. Thoughts are simply energy prior to manifestation. Feel how wonderful it is to flow with the energies of your own creation. Ask your crystal to record the pictures from your mind's eye and hold them in the light. OPEN YOUR EYES AND SMILE. You are co-creating with the Divine. Wish you a Wonderful Friday with lots of love & light to all my Divine Souls. Tercy     Blend Your Fifth Dimensional Self With Your Field By Tercy Logan   First unify your chakras, (learn how to unify your chakras by following this link:, then invite the fifth-dimensional level of your spirit-self to blend with your field. Set your intent to show your conscious mind what life on the fifth dimension is like, through visions, words, sensations, or just knowing.   Then try to hold the double consciousness of being here and there simultaneously. Experiment with changing your focus between the two realities. Enter fully into the fifth-dimensional reality. Imagine & feel being there.   Your unified field will resonate with the fifth-dimensional energy and your physical field energy will lighten in resonance with the higher harmonics of your fifth-dimensional body. Your emotional field will resonate with the love in your fifth-dimensional field, and your mental field will flood with the wisdom of your fifth-dimensional self. You will come out of the experience a very different person, closer to the being you are, and are becoming.   Video: "Judy Satori's Alchemy Transmission" -                               Healing Your Inner Goddess Angel Message By Melanie Beckler     I invite you to take a deep relaxing breath and begin to focus within. Open your heart and begin to notice and sense the angels and your guides who are all around. I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible guide or angel with an activation and experience that will most serve all who will listen to this. Please come in, connect, and channel through me now.   I invite you to take a deep relaxing breath and begin to focus within. Open your heart and begin to notice and sense the angels and your guides who are all around. I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible guide or angel with an activation and experience that will most serve all who will listen to this. Please come in, connect, and channel through me now.   Beloved one, indeed, I am here. I, Archangel Haniel, greet you in this now in a orb, a light, of bluish color that is all around you. Know that this light serves to simply lift you in vibration to cleanse your emotional field, your mental field, and your spiritual field. This blue light dissolves those limitations and doubts and any negativity that may be attached to you in this now.   And so imagine this blue orb of light all around you, this is my energy and I am pleased to connect with you now, to assist you in honoring yourself in every aspect of you.   You are beautiful, you are a dearly beloved, divine, spiritual being and as you are able to appreciate who you are in this very moment, as you are able to honor the cycles, moods, and rhythms that flow in and out of your experience, you will see that, yes, you will make it through this transition all on planet Earth are experiencing. Yes, you will come out on the other side more connected to your spirit, more connected to your light, and to love.   Consciously open your heart now and again notice the blue orb of light all around you dissolving away barriers, blockages, doubts, and helping you to tune in to your subtle senses, your psychic senses, the full spectrum of your sensitivity.   Beloved one, it is not with your physical senses that you are able to reach into the realms of angels and the nonphysical, it is through the subtle vibrations of love, of compassion, of opening your heart that you, dearest one, that you are able to directly connect with the love, with the well being, with the peace, with the light of source energy, creative source, the one source flowing throughout all that is that you see, indeed, you are a part of, an essential component.   And in this moment as you are able to embrace all that you are, take a moment to reflect on this year so far, on your path of awakening .... and to fully awaken there must be the willingness, the acknowledgment, that perhaps you have been on autopilot still in some areas, asleep to others. Be aware that essentially there is room for new growth. Acknowledging this within yourself brings you into alignment with being able to flow with the changes happening on Earth. You are supported on your path of improvement and spiritual growth.     A divine recalibration is happening now on Earth as Goddess energy returns to power on the planet. You are supported in bringing the goddess energy inside of you to the surface.   Venus representing the goddess, representing love, and moving into direct alignment with the sun, illuminating then the goddess energy, the love energy, tenderness, gentleness, sensitivity.   And so while these things are illuminated, the wave of resurgence of the feminine power begins. This is now brought to the surface within you.     And so if your goddess self, whether you are male or female, has been injured in this life or others, has been mistreated, has experienced challenges, when this goddess energy comes to the surface, so too do these hard aspects that are still present. And all this bubbles up now for a very divine and a very important reason, it is for you to, once and for all, heal your goddess self.   For men this may be healing the part of them as a small sensitive child that was taught to not show emotion, to be tough, to be fierce, to be masculine. But now honoring your intuitive, emotional, feminine side offers a gift, offers you the ability to tune in more subtly. You are sensitive now and this increasing sensitivity serves you so that you are able to know your direction, know the new project that will bring you more joy and love into your life, that will serve you in assisting humanity, bringing forth new ideas and new ways of relating.   The ability to choose love in every moment comes not from being totally in masculine or totally in feminine, it is important for these two forces to be balanced so we you may experience a masculine feminine healing.   And now for females, what wounds to your goddess nature have occurred in this life, in past lives? Let this come to your awareness, to the surface now. What wounds to your goddess energy have occurred?   Male or female, wherever you are in this moment, open your heart. What wounds to your goddess energy have occurred? You may catch a visual, a feeling, a clear memory of something that happened in your past.   This density that comes up to the surface does so now that your full light may emerge, but first you must release and so feel this past experience whatever pain or hardship or struggle was brought about from it.   And now, once again, noticing that I, Haniel, am with you. Blue light is all around you, many angels are present and loving you, lifting you up, as you now experience this pain, shadow, the memory of setback, abuse… Pain, the emotion stored in your physical body at a cellular level that has been there since the experience and is now ready to go. Let it come up to the surface and release into the light.   Witness this release and we now replace with love, compassion, sensitivity, and joy. Let these vibrations fill the void where pain, where setback, where struggle was.   And now, once again, as you are illuminated by blue light we ask your soul and higher self, “what wounds to your goddess self are needing to be released now? If anything else is present for you, let it come up. It may be a memory of being told to be strong, not to cry, not to show your emotion, not to be your true self. It may be words that were said to you that you believed. It may even be a way you have treated yourself, not honoring your full inner light and power. It may even be the vision or knowing of a past life experience.   Open your heart, quiet your mind and let this knowing come to the surface. Whatever it is that is ready to go so that the full power of your goddess light from within may shine. For men, this does not mean you’re going to be overly feminine. It simply means that you are coming into alignment with your spiritual body and self. For, you see, in spirit you are not masculine nor feminine. You are connected to all, and in your physical body by balancing your masculine and feminine, by healing your goddess side, your full spirit, your full light is able to exist in the physical realm.   Imagine now before you a pool of light crystalline water clearly glistening in the sun that is shining down above. Notice this water, the smooth calm ripples, the subtle currents as air flows across. Water is representative of the feminine forces of the universe, healing, emotional, of love. And, beloved one, in a visualization of honoring your inner goddess now, we invite you to dip your toe in this pool of water representing the unconscious, representing the goddess. And as you do as if in a dreamlike state, you dip your toe in the flow of life, in the water one oneness, and suddenly the scene shifts around you.   No longer are you standing on the shore of experience dipping in your toe, but now you are in a boat on a river that is calm but wide. Flowing gently and easily but steady, a massive body of water flowing and you are going with this flow, effortlessly floating down the river of life on your boat, on your vessel. Imagine this scene, feel it and open your mind’s eye to see yourself in this flow of life effortlessly moving with the flow of creation. Flowing with the cycles and changes happening on earth, flowing through challenges and struggles, flowing with the earth, with creation, with the goddess energies that indeed are present upon the planet.   And, dear one, as you flow with this force, you are in the flow of life and being in the flow of life brings you into alignment with accomplishing your manifestation goals, with living in love.   Allow your inner feminine wisdom and dynamic beauty to wise to the surface. This force within you, this goddess light whether you are male or female, whether you have been aware of it up until this point or not, serves you. Cherish this sacred power and know that this inner feminine nature that is yours nourishes you and guides you. This is your intuition and your natural instinct. As you become aware of this intuitive side of you, as you take excellent care of this side of you, as you celebrate your inner goddess and your magnificence in the light you merge your a physical being with your true spiritual form and light.   Honor your inner divinity through self care, through movement, through dance, through thought. Your thoughts have the power to heal and when you think, “Self, I love you. I approve of you,” then your thoughts bring you into alignment with the energy of love, and with in the flow of life.   Dear one, when you are in the flow of life, life is fertile, opportunities are ever present, all things are possible. When you are one with the flow of life you are able to make the transition into living fully empowered in physical form.   You are beautifully unique, honor this, appreciate this about yourself, and love you, for that love will bring you into direct alignment with what you are here to accomplish, and with who you really are. The full truth of who you are is multifold.   The essence of your purpose is that you are here to fully know your power to create, your power to impact the world around you, to bring about positive developments and changes that are so needed in a world that often feels tumultuous and challenging in this now. But your love, your love brings you in alignment with spirit and by remaining connected with spirit, dear one, all things are possible.   Your dreams, your goals, your aspirations shall come to be one moment at a time, one step at a time as life opens up and reveal itself to you. Choose love, choose to honor yourself, and choose to flow with life. Not resisting what appears in your reality before you, but accepting all that is and allowing the universe to guide you effortlessly over any rocks, obstacles or challenges on your path. Flow with the oneness of creation.   With the force of love you are able to heal your mind, body, and spirit to step into your full light and spiritual power. A part of this being in your light, being in your spirit as you are now is your ability to directly connect with source, with creator, with all that is. By making this direct connection, by returning to this direct connection that is your birthright, serves you greatly as healing, blessings, realignment with your full light and spirit occurs.   The process is simple. Open your heart and breathe and imagine your energy flowing down through the bottom of your feet. You are now at the core of Mother Earth, feel her goddess light shining brightly within. Feel your oneness with earth from which you came, and feel your oneness with all that is, that earth is a part of.   Feel your connection with the infinite creative source flowing throughout all of existence, feel this connection, enter into the silence and stillness of the core of the earth feeling your oneness with source here now.   And now let this light energy begin to stream up, enter in through the bottom of your feet, and quickly, instantly opening and activating all your chakra energy centers and continuing up, out of your crown, into the light, up above the lights, above all of your higher spiritual chakras, above the universe, above the planes, directly into presence of source. Direct connection with God, with Goddess, with Creator, Source Energy. Feel this.   Feel that you are not separate, you are made of the same stuff which Source is made of. You are connected to this divinity. Open your heart to it, let the love in, and the energetic wave on earth, the astrological shifts that aim to re-calibrate you, realign you with spirit, happen now.   Through your willingness to directly connect, through your birthright to directly connect… The healing, the blessings from source are transferred to you now. Whatever you most need on your path now, open to it. Be willing to receive, and witness this blessing you most need coming in to being.   If it is something physical you are manifesting, you may feel as though you are turned into a magnet that can now attract all that you need. Or there may be some emotional or mental healing. Whatever it is that you are given now, open your arms to receive and if it feels good, you may want to place it in your aura so that you may return to this place of blessing.   The process is simple, the rewards are great. Connecting directly to source will fuel you. Do not try to get energy from others, this is draining for all. Instead, get energy directly from source and overflow love and blessings to all you encounter. This puts you in a state of attraction where you are magnetizing blessings, that which you desire, more love. Love is truly the force that will bring you into alignment with your dreams, but to manifest your dreams remember that you must fully awaken, claim your power, and start taking action.   The experiences you have had with I, Archangel Haniel, now serve to do just this, to awaken you to your full inner power.   Video: "Tune Into & Embody The Flames Of Love, Light, & Power Of Your Soul With Melanie Beckler" -                                     Imprinting Love into the Collective Consciousness of Humanity By Natalie Glasson   Archangel Michael:   You are a sacred spiritual being connected to all that is loving and divine in the Universe of the Creator. You are the source of all healing and change in your life for yourself, past and future generations. You have the ability to gather information, ideas and behaviour patterns from your own physical body and energetic field.   All you need to know to heal your past lives and generational timelines is within you now waiting to be discovered. You have the ability to free all who have come before you and all of your past lifetimes of the burdens, limitations and suffering they carried and you now store as information within your being. Resulting in freedom and liberation within your being and reality as well as the same for generations to come.   Whether you believe yourself to be a spiritual being existing in a human body or not, you are upon the Earth now to explore the positive impact you can imprint into your life and the lives of others.     A sacred, special and divine love exists within us all. Our inner love is healing, uplifting, transformational and shares profound wisdom with us from beyond the earthly realities.  This love can be glimpsed in romantic relationships, parent child relationships, friendships, animal bonds and compassion for others. However, the powerful and sacred love within you is far more expansive and abundant than this. Imagine the love you share with others and multiply it a thousand times, you would still not come close to the bountiful expression of love that is your truth and essence.     What is Love? Love is a word that is used to describe a feeling, sensation, and experience within you which can be expressed and manifested into your outside world. When you experience love emanating from your being you may feel happy, content, radiant, blissful, safe and so forth. Recognising and focusing on the sacred love you embody allows you to experience expansion, healing, enlightenment, radiant health and a feeling of being connected to everyone on the Earth and throughout the Universe of the Creator.   Love at an earthly level describes your relationships with yourself and others. When you expand your understanding of love you begin to access and grasp your eternal relationship with the Creator/ Universe/God/ Source/All That Is, in truth your sacred existence beyond your physical body.   It is you as a sacred expansive infinite being/soul/source/essence that requires your exploration. This will assist you in understanding and remembering the power you hold and how you can transform yourself, loved ones and the world through exploring all that is within your being. It is your recognition of the abundance of love within your being which will open you up to knowing yourself more fully, guiding you to make the necessary changes in your energy, perceptions, core vibration and reality.   When you are aligned with and are expressing the love within your being you are connected to every human being of your past, present, and future, the infinite wisdom and knowledge beyond illusions which is actively ready for all to download. You are connected to the healing vibrations which allow you to heal and repair your body as well as a constant unbreakable support that wishes for you to experience only good in your life.   It is often the limitations of your mind which cause you to be unable to recognise the infinite power, connection and support you have in every moment of your life. Your mind has been programmed by past generations, fears, suffering and the limitations placed into the realities of all. You may have been taught to look outside of yourself for help, that you are never good enough, you always have to work hard for what you want and life isn’t fulfilling. All of this creates blocks and illusions in your mind which cause you to be distracted from your truth, who you really are, your powers and what you are capable of. Essentially you are being distracted from experiencing fulfilment in your life by illusions and false perceptions placed within your mind. This is not your fault.   The experiences of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and even further back, previous generations and civilisations, have all supported and created the thoughts, beliefs, fears, anxieties, limitations, illusions and negative habits you experience today. Your gifts, talents and beautiful qualities may also extend from your family line, previous generations, and civilisations. You are a product of everyone before you, as well as the unresolved experiences and successes of your past lifetimes.   After your birth as you grew and observed daily life on the Earth, you accepted the general perspective that all of humanity hold. Your learning as a child seemed normal and essential to living on the Earth, and yet you were simply accepting perspectives while programming your mind to see the world around you in the same way that others do.   Your soul, essence or love energy knew when it chose to enter the earthly reality that it would have to adopt numerous influences, some limiting, others empowering. The abundant love within you had many ideas and passions it wished to experience and fulfil in its life, that is why you chose your parents and their ancestral line because the appropriate limitations, as well as empowerments, would be imprinted into your being to propel you forth in exploring your ideas, passions, and purpose every day.   When choosing your parents before your birth you took into account the healing and transformation you could create for your parents and ancestors. The healing and release of limitations or fears was precisely aligned to the passions and missions of your soul/ love energy. Not only could you achieve the dreams and desires of your divine self, you could heal and discontinue the growing momentum of negative behaviour patterns, limitations, illness, suffering, fear and so much more. This would take place through your inner healing, discovery, and observation. You then can create new patterns, perceptions, and liberation for coming generations.     Source of Healing You are the source of healing in your life now, you are in the right place at the right time to assist the creation of generations who are born without negative imprinting from their parents, ancestors, previous generations, civilisations and maybe even past lifetimes. You have the ability to assist souls in being born free to explore the truth, divinity and loving powers of their being without having to release the burdens held within the collective consciousness of humanity.   Your healing source is the bountiful light and consciousness of love that exists within you in this very moment. The greatest energy and belief that requires to be erased is the disempowerment of love and the source of love within you.   The more you empower, energise and encourage the radiance of love from your being into the world, the quicker the power of love and the realisation of the power of love will be restored within all of humanity. You are the source of healing for your own existence and the liberation of others. Your healing vibration is your love, when you fully trust, engage with and believe in the power, transformational qualities and strength of love.   Awakening Love to transform the Earth Begin by connecting your conscious awareness with the source of love within your being. Feel, sense, acknowledge the energy of love pouring from your heart chakra and higher heart chakra into your entire being. Call forth 12 forms or people to stand behind and to the side of you who represent your parents and ancestors, previous generations and civilisations of the Earth as well as past or simultaneous lifetimes. So, it is as if every being who has existed on the Earth is present with you in these 12 forms or people. Call upon all the Archangels to stand before you and emanate the power of love which they channel through their beings from the core of love and power of the Creator. Receive the angelic vibrations of the power of love into every aspect of your being, especially into your heart chakra and higher heart chakra. The love present within your heart chakra and higher heart chakra will be illuminated and will magnify, beginning to blaze in all directions. Send the vibrations of love you are recognising within your being to the back of your heart chakra and higher heart chakra, being exuded out the back of your body, penetrating the 12 gathered behind and to the side of you. Continue to share love, you are a bountiful source of love, until you feel, sense or acknowledge the 12 gathered have absorbed all the love they require to transform. Invite the Archangels present with you to gift the imprints and templates of love and the power of love into your heart chakra and higher heart chakra. Take a moment to absorb them for yourself then deliver the imprints and templates of love and the power of love into the 12 gathered that represent every soul who has existed upon the Earth and added to the consciousness of humanity of today. As they receive so they begin to transform, becoming powerful beacons of light and blazing love in all directions. Request or state the intention that you invite all to accept the power of their love and the bountiful love flowing from the Creator. Ask all to realise themselves as a source of healing, therefore emanating love to heal and energetic uplift all situations, experiences and circumstances created in their realities, whatever time or in whichever civilisation they exist. Each soul represented by the 12 gathered, begins to cleanse their experiences with love. It is as if limitations and negativity from all who have existed before you or in a simultaneous lifetimes are being erased and every soul is returning to their original purpose and consciousness imprinting love, for all to benefit from. Enjoy and explore the transformation occurring as you also observe the shifts occurring within your own being. With the power of love, Archangel Michael Read More from Archangel Michael - Free audio download of Natalie's message -   Video: "Natalie Glasson - Join Us In Spirit To Manifest Peace, Love, & Unity In All !
    Surrender To Love & Awaken To Divine Light & Healing ! By Steven Hutchinson From the heart chakra of Mother/Father/God, I breathe into my entire embodiment the Highest Vibrations of the Creator's Supreme Love & Joy with my every in-breath, and with my every out-breath I breathe all of this Divine Energy into the crystalline grid to all of Gaia & to every human being. And my every out-breath also takes this Divine Energy into every cell of my body, and each cell lovingly receives this energy and releases into Divine Beauty and Love with my every breath.   I Surrender to the divine activity of the Creator's Energies of Supreme Love, Light, & Joy within me with my every breath. I Am a Divine Transmuter of Cosmic Love Consciousness as I synthesize and use and embody the Creator's Supreme Love in all aspects of my life.    I Awaken to the Oneness in All. I live by the Law of Love. I hold ALL with the eyes of Love and I invoke and invite the power, peace and joy of this Love to take form in ALL my thoughts, affairs and relations. I hold ALL people, circumstances and events in this boundless and unconditional energy field of Love and Light that I AM.  May ALL beings Awaken May ALL beings be healed. May ALL beings be forgiven. Thank You God ! And So It Is ! Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all who read this, Steve Video: "Fully Embody The Divine Energies of The Creator's Love In Your Life Now ! By Steven Hutchinson    
Let Yourself Experience The Wesak Festival Today ! By Shelly Dressel ... And ... Time to Choose By Jenny Schiltz ... And ...You are Always Wrapped in Wings of Pure Love By Shanta Gabriel           Let Yourself Experience The Wesak Festival Today ! By Shelly Dressel   Every year during the full moon in May Buddha & Jesus return to a high meadow in the Himalayan mountains.  This is in part because it is the birthday for Buddha.  This year was very powerful.       Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole Goddess Of Light:   I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are here in our time together for these sessions of integration that take place during these channels.    This evening one of the things I wish to discuss is the fact that so much transformation has taken place, in particular during the last year, that has allowed for each one of you the opportunity to open up so that you may communicate directly with I Goddess, your own Guides and Teachers, or anyone else that is within this realm.  Even if you can’t say specifically I’ve done this, or I’ve done that, or this is changed; you are still in that vibration of expansion so that this awareness is present within and around you.    Here you are.  Look around.  Know that you the human have opportunities available to you every minute of every day.  Sometimes you will step into those opportunities.  Other times you will say, “Not right now.  I’ll get it next time around”.  Or you may just have that conscious choice to say I’m good with where I am right now.    The amazing aspect of the human mind is that you need not even think about it.  All of this processing is going on in the various levels within both your conscious and unconscious minds.  You may therefore allow your focus to be on a particular frequency of vibration.  This in turn will assist you.    As you open up to this reality take in a deep breath where you breathe down into the Earth, feel the energies of the Earth.  Allow your consciousness and your awareness to spread out so that it begins to anchor you.  Allow that vibration of the Earth, or your own grounded energy, to come back up within you.  It then swirls within your heart center and then send it reaching up.    It moves up through your throat, your third eye and your head center.  It moves out until it aligns with your Higher Self.  As you feel this vibration of your higher self it may be very comfortable and a place where you are much of your life.  It may be an unconscious alignment that connects you at this time.  Clear out your Higher Self.  ~whew~    What I see as I work with humans is that everybody has compartments within your mind and within your space of creation.  Some of them are very open and there is an easy flow that moves through.  Other times it is if you get stuck even within your Higher Self in those segmented compartments.  So clear it, ~whew~   Break down the walls and open so as to experience all aspects of your Higher Self.  Feel it open to your perspective or your perception.    As you find this alignment balancing within your consciousness allow your flow to move even further out.  As this strand of energy that links you to your Divinity is present for you that flow and that energy just naturally flows into that which is your Divinity; that which is the Divine.    We come into this space every time we get together.  What is your perception of your Divinity?  Are you able to discern even more the levels of consciousness that created you as your Soul?     I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you as your soul; as the human that you are on all levels of your conscious awareness.  As our energies merge everything moves into the All That Is.    Everyone is gathering.  There are many of you who live upon the earth that are part of this audience.  There are many that come from other places within your Universe and a few even that come from other universes or the Omniverse as it is called.    Yes, we are going to experience the Wesak festival.  It is not quite the exact timing, but as you know time is non-linear.  Therefore, we choose to come at this time and if you are listening, or reading, or watching this months and months down the road you are here with us in this now moment.     I walk; I stand in front of you at this time.  I create for you that space within the Himalayan Mountains where we always experience the Wesak festival.  As I open up the door, or as I open up the veil, you see before you the High Meadow.     I invite each of you to allow yourself to move to exactly where you would like to be.  You are no longer in that Stadium.  You are now in this field.  Sometimes you may notice other people.  Other times it is as if you were alone.    The Dalai Lama, other monks, other beings of light are here preparing the space for tonight’s experience.  If you allow yourself to, you can listen to the tones.  You can hear the music.  This is assisting you with this experience.  Some of you may find yourself sitting on a rock, sitting in a tree, part way up in the mountains, sitting on the ground, or perhaps walking amongst those who are here.    There is a particular alignment that takes place as everyone is waiting for that alignment for Buddha to come through first of all. The music stops.  There is a gathering of the energies as everyone takes a deep breath in.  You begin to see the descent of the Buddha.  Some have a perception of a flash of a light and he has arrived.  Others have a sense of a slow descent that brings him into your space.  Look around.  Feel this essence.  Know what it is to you.    Buddha walks to those who are gathered.  They align with one another communicating.  He holds out his arms and it is if he levitates off the ground and as he does so he brings in his brother the Christ Energy.  Just as there was that arrival of the Buddha, for some were flash and some were slow descent, the same is true for the Christ Energy.    As they are both here within this field there is a new tone, or a new frequency, that emanates from each one of them.  They stand facing one another.  On one side is the Dalai Lama on the other side is Metatron.    They create a space in which the vibration moves back and forth between Buddha and Jesus and then back and forth between the Dalai Lama and Metatron.  It goes around one and then around the other, and it crosses in the middle so that there is an infinity sign that holds the two together.  So too the other two the Dalai Lama and Metatron that infinity sign is holding them together and at the point in the center where those two threads of energy combine it is creating a ball of energy, or a ball of light, that is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.    They placed within this ball of light the vibration and the intensity, or the intention, of balance.  It is the communication of this these two which brought these changes to the world.  They are by no means the only ones.  However, they are the two that have worked together every single year bringing back this vibration.  This ball of light and energy continues to raise its frequency and its vibration until it gets to the point where it rises up above them and it is released.    Yeshua and Buddha now stands side by side and they work with this ball of energy and it begins to go into a circle around that first group, and then a bigger circle with the next group going around and around and around.  It fills the entire meadow with light.  It expands the vibration in such a way that there is an intrinsic awareness.    For everyone who is present that ball of light goes into your heart center expanding out.  Allow it to heal anything at all that no longer serves you.  Allow yourself to open feeling that unconditional love of the Divine.  It moves into you moving through every layer of who you are shifting your frequency, changing the very biorhythm of your physicality.  With every beat of your heart your body realigns.   As you allow yourself to adjust to whatever this new frequency is for you it begins to go into every cell within your body.   As you breathe within allow yourself to merge becoming one with this vibration.    Buddha and Yeshua have turned so they face everyone within the field and up the sides of the mountain.  Feel the rhythm.  Feel the pulsation.  You are Divine.  You are in the soul of who you are and it is balanced and amplified by Jesus and Buddha.  As their vibration continues to anchor within you, if you have a question to ask bring it to your heart and ask that question whatever it may be.  I asked you to accept the unconditional love, the unconditional healing and balance that moves through with this experience.  Open to any new ideas or potentials that may come your way.   We are beginning the next eon of transformation that the Earth will experience.  They are sowing the seeds for what that may be at this time.  Had it not been for all of you and the experience that you have had, the choices that you have made, this would not be possible.  As they seed this meadow you begin to see flowers or trees and other things of the Earth that are beginning to create themselves.    There is a star of the crystalline energy that comes down and as it hits the Earth it goes out in every direction integrating the crystalline vibration so that each one of you may have what was within your life.    Allow it to wash over you and move through your emotions, your thoughts, and beliefs, moving all the way down into your physical body so that every cell is infused.  Every cell receives that illumination from within and that speaks to the next cell and the next and the next and the next until the crystalline vibration moves throughout your entire body.  As that integration moves through you cell to cell to cell there is a natural balance that takes place within your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and within any part of you.    Those people in that inner circle move throughout the meadow.  They communicate with all that are here, sometimes with an embrace, sometimes sitting quietly and having a conversation.  Receive what that is to you.    This meadow is sacred.  Sometimes people try and find it in the physical reality, but it exists in the fifth and sixth dimension.  Invite the fifth and sixth dimensions to be a part of your everyday reality, because this feels good does it not.    Within the higher dimension there is less of the pull of duality and there is more the instinctive vibration of balance.  Breathe in deeply breathing in more of that balance within you.  Breath out clearing and releasing anything at all that no longer serves you.    Yeshua and Buddha come back together.  You see such a transformation not only in them, but in everybody else.  As they come together they stand side by side.  Metatron on one side and the Dalai Lama on the other and all four ascend returning back into that higher vibration.    As their energies release the rest of you who remain within the space now have an opportunity to focus upon the Earth that you may ground your integration and what you have received into the Earth.    You blend with Gaia so as to integrate throughout all of your energy bodies, which also supporting Gaia and helps gives her the energy that she needs to move forward.  She will integrate that energy and it will always be there for you.    When you vibrate at particular frequency you will automatically be within that space.  If you find yourself struggling, it may be that you have asked for that space so that you may shift into it and feel better.    Receive who you are.  Know that you have received the blessing from the Buddha and from the Christ.  Know that their blessing is something that you perceive as outside of you.  However, your own Divinity is also showering you with that space.  There is a sense of this energy kind of coming together in that ball of light that was created has diffused throughout the Earth plane.    We find ourselves back within the All That Is sitting once more within this Stadium.  However, look at yourself.  Open to perceive the change or the transformation that has taken place within you.  Indeed, it is profound.    As you continue to integrate this frequency and this level of consciousness take a moment to feel what it is.  Jesus and Buddha walk and in amongst all of you helping you to balance, sometimes touching you on the head, sometimes sitting with you.    We can hear their laughter as they share conversation with you.  We heard Jesus say the easy time is when you create in the All That Is, and the hard time is when the heart is doing it upon the Earth.  This is one of the reasons they created that ball of energy that literally infused each one of you and then as if a hologram of the entire Earth that infused the Earth.    Why is it easier to manifest within this space; because of the higher vibration; the higher the vibration lesser, the amount of resistance.  The lesser the amount of resistance, the easier it is to manifest what you seek to have.  Therefore, as you seek to create in your everyday life, find that pathway of least resistance, because that is what will help you to manifest.    I invite everyone to gather together.  We are already in the Stadium.  Create a circle so that the hologram of the Earth comes up within it.  This is the hologram that you are used to working with.  You may consciously see the transformation that is taking place.  This is that integration of that ball of light that Yeshua and Buddha released upon the Earth.  I invite you to flow your own intention, your own balance, your own reality, which is that space without resistance.    As all becomes infused within this hologram there is a sense of releasing it and it moves down through that pathway that was created by everyone coming into the space.  There is that portion that goes out into the Universe.  There’s another portion that goes down into the Earth.    As this hologram goes into the Earth it anchors within the center.  There are crystals, there’s lava, there are rocks and as it anchors within this space and it begins to expand.  It expands outwards going through all the layers of the Earth.  It comes up through the space which you are.  It comes up through your own root center so that you may anchor within you.  You anchor it within your heart that which is you with the integration of tonight energies.  It moves up through the Earth, the grass, the trees and the water.  It clears out the collective consciousness moving through all of the collective consciousness so as to create a change and a new beginning.   ~whew~ there it goes, ~whew~  Clear it again, ~whew~ and then once more.    As you breath in these energies feel what they are to you and know who you are as a person.  You may then draw back the remainder of your consciousness that was up in the All That Is.  It flows from that Stadium into your Divinity.  It flows down through that cord of light moving through your Higher Self.  You bring it back.  It washes over you.  It washes and moves in through the middle of you as it washes out your energy body.  Anchor your consciousness back within you.  Open to the frequency of that higher vibration that represents Buddha and Yeshua.  Allow their balance to move through you assisting you in your everyday reality.    In the days and weeks to come I invite you to come back into this space, be it in your consciousness, your thoughts, your emotions.  Come back into the space of this meadow where that ball of energy was given to you and given to all of Earth.  Feel the alignment from your heart, to Christ, to Buddha and this healing loving balanced energy.    Know that it is there within you.  Allow it to go through you, integrating, shifting transforming.  You are the change upon the Earth.  You are the representation of Buddha and Jesus.  You are creating that balance and that flow from you, to them, to the energies, to the Earth, to the Universe.  Allow that intricate dance of energy in light to shift your own frequency so that you may manifest what you seek to have, and so did you have your life flows with the ease that you said to have.   Beloved we are always with you.   Ansaluia   Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings of Light !" -                                       Time to Choose By Jenny Schiltz     So much is changing and rapidly, it seems as if we work through one aspect of self, fears, doubts or worries, only to be shown it again on a deeper level. This time is all about change but the underlying theme is can we trust and allow the changes to flow. Can we be in a place of surrender and in active creation at the same time?   There is an unfolding taking place.  We are opening, like a flower blooming to all that we are. It is a time in which we are being asked to let go of all we think and know. We are being asked to trust completely in ourselves, in our soul, and not allow the distractions of the world to cause us to lose focus. The words “Keep your eye on the prize” have been ringing in my head whenever I get pulled away from my center.   The other word that has come front and center is CHOOSE. Choose what we want for our lives. Choose how we want to give back. Choose what we want to focus on. Choose who we want to be with.  This world can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. For in it we can dare to dream of all the possibilities. Yet it is with the full knowledge that this life is our creation, our responsibility and our platform for soul growth.   It is the understanding that I am the most powerful person in my universe and you are the most powerful person in yours. #empowerment #ascensionCLICK TO TWEET   When we look at choosing what we want for our lives we will bring towards us scenarios, people, and places that help us to define what we want and what we don’t want. The more layered we are with programming and beliefs that don’t align with our truest self the more we will experience and be shown what we don’t want for our lives.   To experience the collapse of what we thought we wanted, who we thought we were, or even what we defined as needing can be very painful and full of stress. It can look as if all around you is collapsing.   But if you look real close you will see that while the foundation may have looked pretty, in reality, it was only a house of cards. When something is in alignment with your soul and your growth, it sticks. It will not change until it has shown you want you needed to learn or until it is no longer assisting in your evolution.   The most painful place to be in these energies is in a place of resistance. When we fight the flow of energy of what is, it is like trying to stand still in a raging river. It hurts and we can feel battered and bruised. It also firmly locks us into a reality that is no longer in our highest interest.   It is when we allow the flow of the river to take us, that we open ourselves to miraculous change. We don’t have to like our current situation but we do need to accept it and see it for the growth it provides.   Physically we are all over the place. For many, the Ascension process has really ramped up. To me, it feels like my body is working double time to catch up to where my heart and mind have already landed.  What I am hearing many clients complain of is pain in the lower back, hips, and feet. These are the foundation points, as we remove ourselves from one grid and attach to another we can experience pain in these areas as the form wants to upgrade and anchor.   Sleep gets crazy as we go through this process as well. The energy coming in is also causing lots of digestion issues including bloating. Headaches, especially in the temples are common. Centering, hydration, and minerals such as Magnesium, cell salts, and B vitamins are crucial. Spend plenty of time outside and in the sun. Members of the elemental kingdom are master healers who contain the Original Divine Blueprint. When we spend time in nature we can receive healing and when we connect with the elementals we tap into that original blueprint that we are all returning too.   Mentally and Emotionally: Deep, Deep patterns are surfacing to be completely healed. Here again, we must CHOOSE. Do I react as I have always done, or do I connect with my heart and find a new way? Victimhood, blame and the inability to forgive will literally create serious dysfunction within and “out there.”   Anxiety and depression are very common and can range from mild to severe If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please seek assistance. This can all be overwhelming. I am finding that if a wave of anxiety comes over me that I can settle and observe my thoughts and find where I was out of alignment with my soul, which is the greatest cause of anxiety.  By observing what is coming up to be seen, I can then realign myself by activating my heart and speaking my truth.   Many are struggling to stay centered and present. This is especially true for those that are finding ideas for future projects and creations flying in. It really takes skill to be present and create the new without tapping into the anxiety associated with the unknown.   While this feels like a particularly intense and difficulty passage, know that we are receiving great assistance from all around us. This includes the planet alignments, the sun, solar storms, gateways, gamma bursts, the Schuman resonance, the angels, masters, and guides. It is all conspiring to help us to be the best version of ourselves. Once one feels this to our core, they will switch from feeling that things are being done to them but rather that all of these things are helping them.   The entire purpose of all of the mental, physical, and emotional changes we are undergoing is for us to uncover our truth and to step into our power with open-hearted pure authenticity. #ascension #lightworkers #activationsCLICK TO TWEET   What is needed now: My guidance team explained to me that the greatest issue at this moment is that people are not in their hearts but rather they are in their heads. They explained that the light codes and activations run through the heart center. If a person's heart center is closed they are unable to run the programs.   Think about it like this, the codes coming in are on CD. They work great if you have a device to play a CD, but if you only have a cassette player, then you will not be able to run the higher light programming. The only way to upgrade from a cassette player to a CD player is through the heart.   To take this a step further, they showed me the human spine. The disks in the spine actually contain programming. It is not a coincidence they are called disks. The old programming on earth of lack, fear, sacrifice, patriarchy, greed, and domination are becoming obsolete.   These programs will continue to run but are no longer being supported. What this means is that those running the old programs without opening their hearts will find that their forms will begin to break down. They showed me the human spine crumbling as it is no longer supported.  It is rather like having an old car whose replacement parts are no longer available.  It made perfect sense to me because in some client sessions I have been guided to assist in the upgrading of the disks within the spine.   We are beings of light, sound, and frequency that are constantly being upgraded and expanded on this journey. #ascension #lightbeingsCLICK TO TWEET   All of the light codes coming in are run, processed, and unboxed if you will by the heart.  It is why being heart centered and consistently working on the things within that keep us from opening our heart to the greatest degree are essential.  (This does not mean that those experiencing ill health are not opened hearted as the ascension process itself can create many health issues.)   When I inquired why people are not opening to the frequencies they showed me the “asleep” human who is so trapped into the day to day routine and are full of chemicals, programming, and fear. They showed it to me like layers piled on top of the human, burying the soul inside and obscuring the connection that should be theirs. I asked what could be done to assist and was told that each awakening soul can assist by only reacting to the world through intention and from a high vibrating place . They shared with me these words: I ask to be a conduit of Source light and unconditional love on this planet. May everywhere I go, and everyone I come in contact with feel the power of unconditional love and open their hearts. May I remind them of their highest calling and potential. May I be the catalyst for awakening another, simply by being the highest expression of self.     As you read these words, feel the power in them. It is not that we have to inform or educate another, it is simply that we ask to be the spark of remembering in another. For those that are beginning their process, it can provide a much-needed energy boost, like a high five to the soul to be near one who is a conduit. For those who have not yet begun, it can be the spark to help them sort through the layers and open their hearts.  I have been bringing these words into my morning intentions and find that each time a feeling of blessed peace and love flows through me.   I hope these words find you well and finding your truest self more and more. Know that the Creator is grateful for the expression that you are. Each one of us holds the notes to a glorious symphony, each one important, each one needed. I am sending you all lots of love and strength as we continue on this journey. Deepest gratitude for all who share this work.   Jenny   Video: "Judy Satori's Alchemy Transmission" -                           You are Always Wrapped in Wings of Pure Love By Shanta Gabriel We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives. For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is reminding us that we are not alone and there is never a time when we are not cared for and loved beyond our capacity to understand.   The Gabriel Message Card for this Week     There is never a time when you are not wrapped in the wings of Pure Love. I remember receiving this message from Archangel Gabriel at a time when I felt very lost and alone. It soothed my heart in a deep and comforting way.   So many people feel alone right now, and they don't have a sense of connection to God or the Angels who have supported them throughout lifetimes. It takes intention and some effort to retrain your thoughts to create a focus on this Divine Presence within you. That is why I loved the beautiful visual image of being surrounded in Wings of Pure Love. I could sense with my imagination the feeling of being wrapped in feathers of white light that were imbued with the sweet feeling of Love. I could even imagine that these feathers were brushing away any sadness or pain. I could also taste Divine Love in that little sweetness I sensed at the back of my tongue.   There is a quote from Einstein I love: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Through our imagination, we have a powerful tool that will allow us to become creative and open to new levels of consciousness. These images raise our vibrational frequencies and create empowered connections to Source energy and our guidance system. Even though it may not seem very sophisticated, this visualization practice inspires our heart's intelligence. One day a friend and I were walking. She told me that she would receive a white feather whenever she doubted the presence of Angels working in her life. For fun, I said I also wanted a sign like that. Within the next two steps on the path, there lay a fluffy white feather. I still have it. Here it is:                                      Within our hearts is the greatest level of guidance, love and intelligence that we have ever known. Our heart is more powerful than our brain (according to It is certainly more resourceful than that part of us that judges these practices as childlike. In fact, our spirits respond to the magical way in which our inner child is filled with the devotion of the heart. The magic of synchronicity has become a clear indicator for higher frequencies in the dimensional shifting. When these deep feelings of love and wonder raise our frequency, we become capable of creation at a level we have never before experienced.   Allow a little sweetness to enter your very practical, grounded world. Allow the wonder of a child to become your new open-minded approach to life. In Buddhism, it is called the Child Mind and is a requirement for allowing yourself to be trained by a wise and enlightened master.   Divine Presence,   I ask for a sign that I am being guided and blessed in every moment. I want to have such a powerful experience within my heart that I know that I am always being wrapped in Wings of Pure Love.   Please help me to open my mind and heart to the universal flow of energy that allows me to have a full experience of the Divine working in my life.   In turn, I dedicate my life and all my actions to bringing more Peace into my heart, and into the hearts of all humanity. Thank you God. And so it is.   Shanta Gabriel The Gabriel Messages #12   There is never a time when you are not wrapped in the Wings of Pure Love. Archangel Gabriel: Dear One, This is a time when the forces of Light and Love are very close to your daily consciousness and you are blessed in a way you have never before known. You have only to turn your attention away from what does not work in your life, and turn toward that which is positive and worthwhile. This may sound simplistic and too good to be true, especially when you have such overwhelming problems in your world today. However, you are not alone. In fact, there is never a time when you are not wrapped in the Wings of Pure Love.        Turn your attention to the feeling of love that is hovering around you. With a little imagination, you can even feel the presence of the angelic beings who are working closely with your earth at this time. The Angels carry a vibration very different from your normal world. It is a powerful force of love and light.  Imagine being enfolded in this light, with an incredible sense of Divine Love flowing into your heart. Let this love spread throughout your entire body. As this love fills you and surrounds you, your fears begin to drop away, and beauty becomes a greater part of your life. Practice      Imagine what it would feel like to be filled with so much beauty and love that it would not matter where you were, or what your physical eyes could see at any moment. You would be basking in the warmth and goodness of the loving presence of the Angels, and this would transform your perception of reality. When you can continue to remember that you are wrapped in Wings of Pure Love, and that you are filled with loving light, you will begin to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness and this in turn will create change in your immediate world, on a physical level. Just this small shift in your awareness can create miracles.          To have a "miracle" consciousness is to have an awareness that this is your true state of being. To be in that miraculous glow of love, to trust in the universal flow of your life, and to receive a new level of goodness — this is the way you were meant to live. To actually live this way, however, you must turn the focus of your attention away from problems and troubles toward the essence of God within all things. Sometimes this means that you must close your physical eyes and really feel the Wings of Pure Love surrounding you. So take time every day to turn within yourself to the presence of God and the Angels. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Ask yourself if you are giving more attention to the challenges of your world or to your miraculous link with the Universal Power of good that exists in all things.      You are not alone. You have powerful forces available to you in order to begin this transformational work in your life. You have a guardian Angel whose job it is to assist you, and you have the benevolent force of the Divine that is the One Presence within all things. These gifts exist within you, and within all situations occurring in your life. At times it may be difficult to see the gift in your present situation. But there is a gift, and asking to see it will help to bring this awareness to your consciousness.      So as you go through your day, keep remembering that you are incredibly loved. Not only by the Divine Presence within all things, but the Angels are with you, blessing you in every moment. Remember also:   There is never a time when you are not wrapped in wings of Pure Love. Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel May 20, 2018 Video: "Natalie Glasson - Join Us In Spirit To Manifest Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone ! FREE! A Meditation on a Tree The Trees Offer Powerful Teachings and Support for this Time A powerful astrological event occurred last week that will be affecting us for the next seven years. The planet Uranus, called the Liberator, moved into comfort-loving Taurus. Uranus is best known for its ability to accelerate our evolution and assist us in breaking free from old patterns and outdated systems — usually in unexpected ways. The last time Uranus traveled through Taurus was from June 1934 to May 1942. Major foundational changes occurred at that time that directly affected our structures, money and connection with the Earth. Our experience with the Earth will continue to be challenged during these these earth-shaking changes. Earth has her own version of the upheaval coming with change, as we are seeing on the Big Island of Hawaii right now. The Goddess (Pele) does not let anything stand in her way as she releases the pressure within the Earth to transform and rearrange the surface appearance of life itself. When major agents of change are in play, as they will be for the next number of years, we need to find our own state of balance within our body and within our life. Nature holds a key to that equanimity. In fact, the trees can teach us many things. In order to survive, what are a few of most powerful things we need on the Earth right now? We need more oxygen and the carbon dioxide to be removed from the air. Trees do that. We need more rain in certain areas to heal desertification — trees do that. We need to respect what the trees give us, allowing them to grow and spread healing energy on the Earth. There is a deep level of support available from the trees. They are clear demonstrations of the value of being deeply rooted in the Earth to withstand the winds of change. The nutrients of the Earth can then be pulled up into their bodies. The trees also show us the power of Alignment as they open up to the nourishment within the Light. After they nourish themselves, they anchor that light into the Earth. We also have been created for this deep experience of pure Alignment. Here are four easy ways that you can be empowered by connection to a tree: Hug a tree and feel the deep resonance of strength in your solar plexus. Stand with your feet on the roots and let your powerful foot chakras receive grounding. Lean with your back against a tree and let the nourishing life force travel through your spine. Lay on the ground and not only observe the beautiful Heaven to Earth alignment of a tree, let yourself receive a deep experience of how that feels within your body. In this powerful guided meditation, you will be walked through the teachings of the trees for a full experience within yourself that you can use to stay in equanimity in the midst of major change. When we can expect big changes to occur, we can become more comfortable with the Unknown. Those who experience airplane travel know the rules: Keep your seat belt fastened for a bumpy ride, and place your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. The deep communion with the Earth that the trees offer will be of great assistance for us as the planetary evolution of consciousness continues to accelerate our lives.   Download your gift here - Video: "Angel Oracle Card Reading For May 20-26 2018" By Melanie Beckler
      HOW YOU INFLUENCE A “FUTURE “ NOW BY TERCY LOGAN   POINT FROM THE NOW - POINT? If you unify your chakras and the three lower fields and the invite Spirit into the unified field, you can get to that other now-point.     Suppose, for example, that you are interviewing for a new job tomorrow, a job really want. Unify your chakras and invite Spirit to radiate from your heart into the unified chakra. Then imagine a door, Behind the door, you’ve already taken that job. Check behind the door to make sure that this one really feels good at all levels and is in alignment with Spirit (this alignment is important because if you and your new boss do not have a spirit- to – spirit agreement to work together, tomorrow will just be interviewing practice. If you do have such an agreement, you’ll have to work hard not to get the job).     It’s no use scripting the interview ahead of time – that just locks you into a mental body pattern.     Instead, sit down quietly and pull your field into this Now-point and space. Become a tight focus of physical, emotional, mental, and spirit energy. Now, if you know what the job entails and what you would be doing, then see, think, and feel yourself doing it NOW, not in the future. Make it as realistic as possible. Conjure up the smells and sounds of the office or work site. Bring it all to this NOW-point. After a few minutes, bring your consciousness back.   What happened? You created a resonance between two now-points in simultaneity, you tapped into the energy of a future now-point from your current NOW-point. By doing so, You increase the intensity of your NOW-point energy fields by pulling some of the energy of the probability of getting the job into your NOW-point. You and the interviewer have, at some future now-point, got to make hiring decision. Many probability lines emanate from that decision-point and you selected the energy associated with one of the them and folded it back into the present. Wish you a beautiful Friday with love and light to all my great Light Warriors. Tercy     Healing Prayer at Bedtime By Tercy Logan (When you pray this prayer, Our God gently and gradually remove layers of emotional scar tissues while we sleep, allowing us to be happier people. Each night we pray it, we are making a deposit in an account with fantastic dividends)     In your wonderful name, Jesus I ask you to heal me in mind soul and body. Jesus through the power of the holy spirit , go back into my memory as I sleep.     Every hurt that has been done to me - heal that hurt.   Every hurt that I have ever caused to another person - heal that hurt.     All the relationships that have been damaged in my whole life, that am not aware of - heal those relationships.     But Lord if there is anything that I need to do - If I need to go to a person because he/she is still suffering from my hand, bring to my awareness that person, I choose to forgive, and I ask to be forgiven, Remove whatever bitterness may be in my heart Lord, and fill the empty space with your Love.   Thank you Jesus Amen   Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings Of Light ! -                   Awakening Enlightenment By Natalie Glasson   Celestial White Beings 18th May 2018   Greetings to you magnificent beings of light, we honour and love you in this moment and always. Our purpose is to awaken the bliss of the Creator within you, to encourage you to move into the natural vibrations of love of your being and beyond, embodying the bliss of the Creator.   To embody the bliss of the Creator is to experience the liberation, ecstasy, and peace of all that is the Creator. In doing so you are as one with the Creator, all separation dissolves and you see yourself as an integrated consciousness with the awareness and realisation of the Creator.   You are an embodiment of bliss, and it is through an embodiment of love that the source of bliss within you can be accessed. Bliss is your inner happiness, magic and the perfection of the Creator, it is healing, awakening, transformational and uplifting.   We, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to rest your attention within the source of unconditional love within your being. As you rest in this most sacred aspect of yourself, you are united you as one with the Creator. So we invite you to breathe deeper into love with the intention of becoming as one with the vibration of love within your being.   As you practice this, there will come a moment when there is a surge of energy which fills your entire being, it could be likened to excitement erupting through your being. This will be you connecting with the presence of bliss within your being, uniting your consciousness with the Creator and experiencing the pleasure of union with the Creator.   This practice can be achieved often, in doing so it will gain momentum and power within your being, enhancing your experience of love, bliss, and divine union with the Creator. You may find that your understanding of who you are as a spiritual being develops as well as your awareness of and link to the Creator.   The vibration of bliss is immensely healing as it holds the codes, templates, and blueprints of the Creator’s truth. When you call upon the energies of the Celestial White Beings to download into your being and support your ascension, we will always share with you the energy of bliss and activate bliss within your being. Thus, we are activating codes, templates, and blueprints of truth which will awaken knowingness, remembrance, and clarity within all aspects of your being. This enables illusion to dissolve and a clearer understanding of yourself and the Creator to develop. In truth, the vibration of bliss restores and reactivates your alignment with the Creator within your entire being.       Shift into the Perception of Your Enlightenment Bliss is the vibration and frequency that many souls experience as they truly awaken to the Creator; they describe the experience as enlightenment. Enlightenment is an embodiment and experience that many souls progressing along their spiritual pathways seek. The quest for enlightenment may become so intense and important that they forget they are already an embodiment of enlightenment.   It is very rare that enlightenment is embodied like a lightning bolt. Instead, enlightenment is your companion revealing itself to you slowly and surely with each moment of your life. When you recognise enlightenment as your companion gradually awakening within you rather than an experience you seek, your perception of your enlightenment and spiritual evolution alters. Your experience of your physical reality, spiritual growth, and union with the Creator shifts to a space of truth rather than illusion.   But often illusion can still be present if one persists in trying to understand concepts that cannot be explained within your spiritual evolution. The mind always wishes to understand, and yet this isn’t always the way of spiritual evolution.   To know, trust and hold focus offers a far greater union with the Creator, whereas allowing the mind to pursue trying to understand encourages you to delve deeper into illusion, trying to liken the Creator to your personality. Illusions will disappear the more you recognise and embody vibrations and frequencies of the Creator.   Many souls believe that enlightenment is to understand the Universe of the Creator. This is not the case, enlightenment is to know yourself as a soul existing in a physical reality and as an aspect of the Creator.   It is this awareness which liberates your being, creates fulfilment and happiness. However, your fulfilment and happiness are already within your being and do not require the experience of enlightenment to be activated or embodied.   The Awakening of Enlightenment The energy we, the Celestial White Beings, are distributing now, especially to the Earth, is to support the awakening of enlightenment. We are gifting pockets of light from the core of our energy to those who wish to receive. The pockets of our energy will hold the vibrations of bliss, the codes, templates, and blueprints of bliss as well as our pure consciousness and wisdom.   Our pockets of energy can be received into your Soul Star Chakra to synthesis with your soul and entire being, or they can be received directly into your soul to synthesis at a deep level and filter throughout your being. You can receive as many pockets of energy to awaken enlightenment as you feel is appropriate. Each pocket of our energy holds the same vibrations and consciousness, however, the more you download the energy the more it activates and awakens your inner enlightenment, as well as your realisation of enlightenment.   To receive the pocket of awakening enlightenment in your Soul Star Chakra:   ‘Celestial White Beings, please bring forth to me your pockets of awakening enlightenment. I choose to receive this sacred energy and awakening within my Soul Star Chakra. May the energy fill my Soul Star Chakra merging with the presence of my soul and distributing throughout my being at a physical and energetic level. May the energy of bliss penetrate my being, awakening the presence of bliss already within me. Let me bathe in the vibrations of bliss, feeling the benefits and upliftment of this sacred energy.   In receiving the pocket of energy and light from the Celestial White Beings, I allow myself to realise, awaken and embody my unique energy of enlightenment within me. I allow myself to rest and bathe in my inner enlightenment recognising it fully. Celestial White Beings please support me, awaken my inner clarity and ability to see, sense and acknowledge the truth. Thank you.’   To receive the pocket of awakening enlightenment directly into your Soul:   ‘Celestial White Beings, please bring forth to me your pockets of awakening enlightenment. I choose to receive this sacred energy and awakening directly into my soul. May the energy of the Celestial White Beings synthesize with my soul and create a shift and awakening at the very core of my being. Let this shift vibrate throughout my entire being, moving subtly and easily, connecting as one with all that I am.   The enlightenment of my soul stirs from the core of my being and penetrates my entire being, divinely influencing and inspiring me to more fully realise the divine consciousness and awareness I embody.   Through the synthesis of the pocket of awakening enlightenment with my soul, I experience a deeper connection and unite with my soul, understanding all that I AM. Celestial White Beings please support me, awaken my inner clarity and ability to see, sense and acknowledge the truth. Thank you.’   Simply take time to observe and experience the process unfolding within your being. It is possible to use both invocations on separate occasions as they offer a different level of embodiment. The first brings enlightenment and awakening into your physical body and awareness, the second allows a deeper connection with your soul and an activation of enlightenment from the core of your being, while still experiencing embodiment at all levels of your being. In bliss always, The Celestial White Beings Read More from the Celestial White Beings - Free audio download of Natalie's message -   Video: "Natalie Glasson - Join Us In Spirit To Manifest Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone !                 " alt="Photo of the week"/>" alt="Messages from the Angels"/>     Love What You Want To Create  !  By Ann Albers     Message from the Angels     My dear friends, we love you so very much, Have you asked your angels for help today? If not, take a moment. Think of something you want help with – the first thing that arises within you. It can be something big like a relationship. It can be something small like just having someone be kind to you today. It can be inspiration to eat healthfully, or help finding a new bicycle. No request for assistance is too large or small. for we know that underneath every request you make you are asking for love. You all, without exception want to remember your connection with love. You remember it through relationships, through kindness, and through good food. You remember it by feeling joyous about your new bicycle, or by experiencing peace with a difficult person. In every desires you have – be it a grand home, or a tiny bit of comfort – you are asking for love. For the most part, humanity has been taught to look for love in all the wrong places!  You have been taught to look for love via the external world. In reality when you find love inside yourself, then you will have glorious manifestations of that love in the external world. Think about the shiny new bicycle, for example. You want it and you tell yourself, you won't be happy until you have it. You are obsessively focused on "not having it." That's not a loving reality. We can do our best but you are so focused on "not having it" that you would miss our guidance when we try to help you "have it." What if, instead of focusing on your lack, you find the love for that bicycle within you right now? What if you look at a picture of it every day and tell it how much you love it. What if you pray for it and think joyously about riding it. And then what if you say, "Dear angels, I am madly in love with that bike! I have found the love for it within me. Help me find it in the external world." Then dear ones, you will recognize our guidance. You will have found that bike within you so it will naturally be drawn to you in the outer world. You will be open to opportunity and happy all along the way. You will see your love come to life! Ask us for help always but do so from a place of love rather than lack. Then we can help you create absolute miracles!  God Bless You! We love you so very much. -- The Angels Visit Angel Message Archives → Message from Ann..." width="650" class="CToWUd a6T"/> Hi Everyone, Years ago a client asked if it was OK to enjoy her abundant life. "Of course," the angels replied. "Have as much as you can love." I loved that! When it comes to stuff, I strive to have as much as I can love and get rid of what I no longer love. When I want something in my life, I love it inwardly until it arrives outwardly. Everyone can do this. It is a matter of focus. I'll never forget a client's story of a Christmas miracle. Her granddaughter wanted a certain doll, that was out of stock no matter where they looked. Mom and grandma were focused on "no doll." The granddaughter was adoringly focused on having it. After checking the umpteenth store, mom & grandma were trying to figure out if they could get it online when they turned around and noticed the little girl holding the doll! Appalled they ran back into the store to pay. "Where on earth did you find that?" the manager asked. "I haven't had it in stock for weeks!" All eyes turned to the little girl. With an "I told you so" attitude she proclaimed, "Little Grandma gave it to me!" Little grandma – her other grandma – was in spirit! She appeared to the child and gave her the doll. This child was completely open to the miracle. That is the power of loving something until it comes to you. It is so easy to focus on what we don't want, don't have, are experiencing right now. However the trick to creating is to focus with love on what we do want. You can love health so much that your body will readjust. That's how I got rid of a lump in three days. You can love peace, security, and abundance so much that you transform your reality. I had to do that when I was a new psychic and making less that I could live on. You love the idea of being with compatible people so much that your positive energy creates an invitation for them to find you. I am often overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing souls in my life. It wasn't always that way. When I focused on being different and unloved in my past, it was not a wonder that the more conscious folks avoided me and people with a similar lack of self worth found me! We do have to handle life in front of us. We can't ignore the bills, our health, or other conditions we might not love. But we can just deal with them and give thanks in advance for what we are creating, treating all else as simply a step along the way! It isn't as hard to create as you might think. It just takes the right focus. Here are some pointers this week to help you lovingly focus on what you want. 1. Make a list of all the reasons you can't have what you want These beliefs lurk within you. Better to get them up and out. Write the list, shred it, burn it (safely) or bury it. Take charge of your thoughts and don't let those unconscious voices control you. Suppose you want a relationship. The voices might say, "It never worked before. They're isn't anyone out there. I weigh too much. Who would want me. It never works for me. Nobody gets me. It takes time. Etc." You get the idea. And remember, when you don't know how, God does. When you don't know what to do next, you can trust your angels will guide you. If you keep a loving focus & banish bad beliefs, you'll be guided in ways you could never imagine! 2. Make a list of all the reasons having what you want will feel like love to you and then imagine each feeling... Say you want a house. It might feel safe, expansive, beautiful, warm, welcoming. Imagine being in this house and imagine each quality one at a time. Feel them inside of you and feel your love and appreciation. You are loving your future and calling it into being.  3. Make a list of all the ways having what you want will allow you to offer more love to the world and others A relationship might make you feel more secure and willing to contribute more. A house might create room for family gatherings. A class might help you create miracles and inspire or teach everyone else in your life :) When you realize that having what you want isn't selfish but rather something that will fill your well and help you spill over, it helps you love it even more! The more you love, the more the universe and your angels can help. Have a loving week, loving your dreams! Love you all! Ann   Video: "The Four Factors Of Consciousness - Matt Kahn" -