Elshara Silverheart

Male. Lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Born on July 2, 1993.
What Is Your Astrological Star Or Sun Sign?
Cancer The Crab (I Feel) ♋ From 21 June To 22 July
How Long Have You Been On Earth?
I Have Been On Earth For Ever It Seems Across Many Lifetimes
Which Generation Do You Belong To?
Blueray, Indigo, Crystal
Which Elements Do You Work With To Access Your Spiritual Aura And Core Soul Memories?
Pure Emotions (Water), Mental Focus (Psychic Energy), Inner Vision (Meditation), Akashic Records (Soul Reading), Past Lives (Subconscious Feedback), Soul Transfer (Walkin), Channeled Message (Thought Form Identity), Higher Self (Spirit Guides), Implanted Memories (Extraterrestrial Abduction), Spiritual Gathering (Shared Experience)
What Is Your Psychic Level?
Mental Materialization Of Spirits (Channeling), Self Awareness Of Energy Body (Astral Projection), Simple Awareness Of Events (premonitions), Emotional Or Intuitive Perceptions (Inclings), Lucid Dream States Of Conscious Form (Auric Invocations)
What Are Your Psychic Abilities?
Healing, Reading, Viewing, Bonding, Auric Field Scanning, By Remote Access
How Are You Psychically Perceptive?
Akashic Records, Animal Psychic Communication, Astral Projection, Automatism, Claircognizence, Clairvoyance, Empathy, Etheric Projection, Glossolalia, Mediumship, Precognition, Remote And Multidimensional Influence, Shielding, Soul Vocation, Telepathy
What Do You Remember Of Your Soul History Through Past Lives?
My first ever incarnation form, originally was created in Alpha Draconian star system prior to the i...View More
What Would Home Be Like For You If You Could Make It Happen? What Do You Envision In Your Wildest Dreams?
My ideal home will simply be the continuation of the universal natural progression of events free of...View More
How Do You Feel About Earth?
Somewhere Far Away From Home, A Very Confusing Prison Planet, Needs Improvement
What Would You Change If You Could About Life On Earth?
I want this place to be a world where split souls such is the major populous here are set free. Wher...View More
If Known, What Is Your Calling Or Purpose In This Life While On Earth? How May Others Support The Change You Bring And The Person You Know And Feel That You Are Into Being?
I want to see our place in this society become something more meaningful than being citizens of coun...View More
Who Spiritually Guides You And Has Their Presence Ever Physically Helped You Materialize A Desire?
I've guided myself since 2010 and I've not had anything fully materialize through spirit for me. But...View More
What Fields Of Material Study Are You Interested In?
I love to explore science, writing, music, spirituality, server design, forms of sexuality, astral p...View More
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