Thank you for your contribution to our cause, raising awareness to support conscious co-creation. Please give what you can, we will do the same and share with you what we have available as funds come in. This is in addition to our optional subscription service you may opt in and out of at any time through your membership area.

As a service, the types of things we'd give back to in return are both personal and dedicated towards helping others, the planet, the environment and becoming free from oppression to name a few. We are here for you if you need something. Together as a community, we bring fourth the difference to be made for this world to be improved and designed with our spiritual future in mind. With your blessing and support, we appreciate everything you are doing for us as we find our way out of the matrix and into cosmic reality.

As we grow, so two will our efforts to strengthen and enhance what constitutes scientific focus and collective experiences. While we transition this dimension to a place of love, guidance, learning and growth. Your presence here with us means everything. It is warmly appreciated that you would help us attain and reach such an important goal for all.

Ultimately, we seek to enlighten through action, being and understanding simultaneously. Creating a vision of peace by desire, focusing this willpower to passionately make real the worlds we shall inhabit throughout the cosmos. In an effort to have reality become our constant guide to life, here we shall learn from each other without a central system in place limiting our potential which is key to healing the many lifetimes we know of today as being spent wounded and imprisoned. For better we stand, empowered by truth and the dawn of a peaceful age across the universe.

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