I wanted to do something, (somewhat) controvercial. Getting to the bottom of the mysteries as to how people on Earth can (wake up) the best without judgment or limited conditional stagnated growth of materialism getting in the way of progress.

you'd be surprised in the paranormal field, how much information can be (set up) to be a money maker for organizations, and that's (all) they want. I feel it best to go into details if anyone asks me to, however what I'm interested in, is 3d materialism/manifestation journalism. Getting to the bottom of the occult lifestyle, and how to succeed with real abilities here and now as incarnate beings.

You can tell me this is a huge undertaking. And in a sense, you'd be absolutely right. I know of places that pretend to offer things like DNA psychic activations, and then get rid of you if you show any actual progress in such a field. But I'm not here to talk about them. In fact I'm here to forget they even exist. Why? Because, to be honest, as a developing psychic and empath myself, the last thing I want is to sell out for a profit. No, the only money I want to make, is in donations for appreciation of the work that is proven multidimensionally to help others. That's apart of my lightworker mission on this planet to make a reality, and it is something I've decided I will commit myself to help others find the same knowledge as well.

What happened? Well, I believed something was real when it actually was a staged event for money. Time, after time, after time. I started making excuses, trying to understand well maybe something happened at the last minute preventing full manifestation of (for example) ET disclosures, dates of ascension, and other concrete mishaps not withstanding mass cabal arrests. I'm not alone in this research, and I (independently) came to the realization that, enough is enough of the deception and the (entertainment) value in an effort to lead both cults and their (80% false/20% truth)) propaganda campaigns for political favors. Thanks for the (virtual response) to that statement alone, but honestly, please don't let this get you down. Because, I've seen and witnessed actual abilities and have known others for years who have (partially) activated their spiritual core self either psychically or on the soul level, awakening both past life and extradimensional memories.

My purpose, is to just be a resource for actual information with no strings atached (loyalty clauses) not that many of you would be familiar with those, and that's the point. We're meant to enlighten, and have fun with each other. Growing together in balance, knowledge, awareness and enjoyment of life, instead of being the ones constantly suffering. I've decided that humanity, whether they like it or not, is us to a fault. And that we are here for a reason, so we may as well be a guide to those willing to be apart of our lives and it is apart of our restoration to heal both the planet and its people from the meriad methods of control and enslavement that has entrapped so many.

There are some who point out the fact that we (mustn't) interfere. The time for interference has been and gone, and the time for action is now. We cannot do nothing, and it is my commitment to such a notion that we won't just be sitting ducks awaiting the inevitable cosmos to give us a sign that other forces are with us guiding things along. We're in a place where we can't make things better on our own, and have little to no control over circumstancial limitations of our lives without either one of 3 things, money, authorized technical or actual rights, or actual abilities to directly change the oppression created by local history and global affairs. If you thought activism was dead, think again. Because this is level 2.0, the right to take back our vibration on a conscious level.

We have free will. And the bottom line, is that we have the right to use it like everyone else. Patience can be key, but so can knowledge be our salvation. It's about time someone stands up for those who cannot get by on their own here, otherwise we'll continue to be labeled with some kind of mental problems and sent to the modern day witch burners for execution (all) because we are psychic and not Christian. Not like the others, not normal, not the conformed creatures of habit and prediction. Which, if you notice, modern day analysis suggests that we become more enlightened the more control we give away to other companies via technical cloud infrastructure.

In the end, what matters is our freedom, our happiness and our ability to not be trapped on a planet that takes care of us at the cost of being unable to leave and come back as we wish. What is important is that we receive cosmic education so we aren't disconnected from things we've felt for ages, but have been either told to hide, or to belong to a paramilitary organization who won't disclose their activities.

I'm all for the open hearted, open minded and true awakening on the personal level. It's been said before a thousand times by other people, and I'm not saying they haven't tried to follow this journey. But along the way, they had no idea that when they started this mission, they'd become corrupted by some aspects to it. This is what makes it fail on them, and what invites others to control their reputation by making money off of something that is cold hard fiction with just enough truth to it to put a positive or negative swing on current events happening at the time. IT makes me angry that we've gotten so far spiritually, but materially, we're sticks in the mud yet. IT's time to change this, transforming the landscape before us into the promised Eutopia that our spirit truly longs for, and has ever since we were children.

Look I get it, enough said. IT's not what we want to here, the truth can hurt, but that's why we avoid that which hurts us, as the nature of pain means that's where we went wrong. We learn from it, and take the best parts and factualize information. IT's not just about trusting who does come up with the information we recognize, but if we can apply a universal educative format where we can all benefit from such information, then that's where our starting point shall begin. We've gotten to the point in the metaphysical community where we are sprouting names at one another, trying to look up on the internet what someone's up to. My god if I knew I'd be doing that 10 years ago, I'd have put the computer down and just meditated like a guru for that length of time...I'm serious! Why? Because the very nature of a rabit hole, is just that. A deep round space going downwards, not a building, foundational structure or place offering what we're really looking for. I need a library of abilities and the information on how to transfer them into our lives from the etheric or astral realm, and that's exactly what I've found and am sharing with you here and now.

This journalism blog is meant to be your ultimate guide to how things really work, and what we can do to influence our own lives using such abilities as methods to becoming our own off the grid community. What I cannot accept, is that it's an all or nothing atmosphere we're involved in. Either we know things, or we don't, and the guess work fills in the empty space in between concepts. That won't help us in the long run, and that's where the majority of people we share this planet with use as a guideline to having such a stable life here. For as long as I can remember, the tribal and indiginous population of this planet have all had common abilities on the spiritual and psychic level and were able to get information from their guides and ancestors with relative ease, hence the need for a community elder or council. Well, these people are the off shoot of what was once common place in Ancient Egypt and this knowledge was capitilized upon after the imperial takeover from
Orion control ever since Europe started the conquest to have a globally dominated world system in place. IT started with conformity and ended in bloodshed and Asia is taking over the dictatorship where Europe left off in the 20th century. It's a cycle of repeated events in human history which always ends in suffering, concentration camps, refugees and starving people thanks to over population, rampaging disease and people addicted to chemical poison. Yeah, anything related to organized crime, you can be sure the so called Illuminati is behind it. That's not the type of world I want my children growing up in at all.

Like I said, it's time for a change. The kind where our physical abilities can manifest from advanced and mature psychic awakening of who we are. What we're here to do, and conscious implementation of applying our knowledge to this world in its hour of need. Lets put some calm into the weather around us, so we don't have natural disasters. I think we should invest in free energy, space travel and destroying the tools of suffering keeping people and other beings in a state of either dumb stupidity, or depressed panic. We need to do this together, all at once, and maybe then we'll be getting somewhere. It begins with sharing the solution, which is that through love, guidance and understanding, through Orgone energy, we have the ability to build or find the materials to create and invent any type of world around us we wish to see. It has the ability to develop into psychic material with the consistency of ectoplasm, and once the 3d model is created, actual construction can start once we can engineer and reverse engineer the physical and mental focus required for an ever lasting global peace movement.

IT's not just one type of psychic ability we need. Everything from lucid dreaming, to physical mediumship is important. Which is why we need a community of people, who specialize in specific elements they work with to be able to put formless ideas into form, as well as vice versa. The sixth sense here, is really an actual portal to manifestation in and of itself. While it is true this planet can only create material that has been organically grown, it can be sustained and harnessed at will through DNA activation and transmutation of objects on the cellular level. This is a psychic skill set among many others along with electric technology we can use to make this possible. And that's just what we can do here, let alone if we set up a remote viewing project to physically make contact with extraterrestrials who can help us with such technology requirements once our community has grown. This is the start of a better future regardless, so we may forget the history that through devolution, allowed others to suffer in silence, in exchange for a history where we're all heard and felt as equals of a diverse dynamically changing loving relationship. The truth is, nobody is unimportant. We just have to want the same thing to apply what we know in the moment to making it happen.

I'm dedicating my time to make this work. Through possibility alone, we found one another through various means and methods. We have to be the example so others can follow us once we are getting results through our efforts to make a home from the process of reimagining our universe. IF we can do it here, then we can travel where ever we wish and return home. We don't exactly need to be as active as what we wish others could pick up the slack on, so long as we recognize the fact that while we're here, we can do something about the situation we find ourselves in collectively. Spirit tells me this intuition will pay off for the better, because we won't be alone in the fight for a liberated cosmos. While some of my efforts are materializing here, others are still finding more information about my star origin and liberating my home world from a similar control matrix as well. My goal is restoring the universe to a collective network of thriving interactivity. My plan is to set this up for Earth, so we can prosper here as well as anywhere else, for a good life's sake.

Thoughts, questions and ideas are welcome. We got it going on guys.

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Teresa Maria Zalewska
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January 20, 2020