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Welcome to a growing community for Starseeds and Lightworkers! Discover your star origins, meet extraterrestrials and become a part of a global network beyond 3d on Earth united in ascension and cosmic understanding.

Spiritual Awakening is an online home for anyone who identifies with, has a relationship to or is generally interested in ufos, extraterrestrials, hybrids, otherkin, astral world, the psychic plane, advanced science, multidimensional spirituality and everything in between.

Together we explore human nature, healing, past lives, crystals, natural remedies, dream scapes, 6th sense, awakening the chakras, the heart mind, esoteric information and other aspects of our identity.

We are amidst a changing social and global movement on this planet where awakened spirits in a universe where Earth is just starting to realize, and fully awaken to, 5d consciousness.

We're empowered and inspired by that which helps others to see beyond the limitations of a fear based society, to rediscover our routes in an accepting, loving and openly friendly based hub.

Complete with you in mind, we have built this online web portal as a representation of this gift the universe has blessed us with through soul memories, DNA Activation and the wisdom of source creator.

Together we are souls of the cosmos who have traveled across the stars to seed worlds with love and light. Uniting starseeds, lightworkers, and the spiritual collective on Earth, extraterrestrial incarnate welcomes humanity to all dimensions of the universe and beyond. As one vision, an embodiment of one Vibration. The purpose of a multidimensional existence is to enlighten life creating an interactive community to empower us a living future. Together we thrive in awakening true spirit through love and light in worlds of unity, harmony and ascension at the quest of the pantheon age.

Starseeds, lightworkers, remember who you are! Together we unite to bring love and light to all worlds and seed creation throughout the universe. We are coming home.

Our Mission as a growing network for starseeds and lightworkers. discover your star origins, meet extraterrestrials and become a part of a global vision beyond 3d on Earth united in ascension and cosmic understanding.

This is our leadership blog. Rather than linking a bunch of the same information from different sources, as is or was customary with other online sites, our approach is changing. And with it, the fact is, we don't need a lot of information to reach a huge conquest. For that started already, during the process of awakening soul memories through the third eye while in meditation. This force is responsible for our ability to receive inclings from spirit directly, and can help us light a path towards the future, one our own collective takes part in as a result of our insight by remaining connected with each other during the time of planetary change..

We're with you every step of the way, because together, we thrive. It is important to know that while each of us has our own desire to strengthen the path of enlightenment, our own example sets the ground crew for others in our lives to do the same. So for now, we're only currently posting about the transition and Earth ascension process. Our community this way, will stay up to date easier. There are other sections of our portal where we will go into detail about our thoughts, perspectives and theories as we awaken to the channeled messages received from our spirit guides, source and the great collective of souls experiencing 5d consciousness here and now.

Thank you for being here with us. You are encouraged to join us if you wish to co creatively contribute to the blog. The site registration should open this ability for you automatically. In case you need help, or are unable to find a specific post, you are welcome to contact Elshara for assistance.

With that said, our mission is to awaken multidimensional beings through spirit. My own mission, is to help facilitate and remain connected to beings all over the world, who express interest in helping to create a better world for humanity. But also, to establish a spot where those of us who truly wish to return to somewhere more familiar, can do so freely and openly.

We are guided by love, so where ever our heart leads us, we will find peace and cosmic tranquility in the end.

Towards enlightenment, and the journey of a new beginning.

We are not alone out there, as together, we will find one another once more and rebuild a foundation for a thriving, welcoming, universe on this world and many others. We will update our mission for the current project as follows:

1. disclosure. Will we see a physical presence of extraterrestrial contact? I predict the 2030's will be a prime window where the portal of acceptance will usher in the physical manifestation of beings we have been communicating with purely through the astral until now. Example: 2033 - first contact, 2037 - mass awakenings, and 2038 to 2041 - preparation for space flight.
2. What will we see manifest concretely? We will emerge to awaken conscious creation and co creation on many levels. The first priority here and now, is to remove tools of absolute separation and long periods of disconnection from conscious thought. The reason is to build and strengthen equal inner and outer level understanding of life, before we can proceed to a next level civil status as a whole.
3. what can I do now? You can contribute to the future by creating the change you wish to see presently. Even if it's small things, we're all doing our bit collectively to make a difference, and let it be known, we matter. Follow your heart, and listen to any objectives you come across, which will detail the acceptance of what you attach to, holding close your attractions in depth.
4. How can I help you? We help each other! Post about what you desire, and we can establish a lasting change for what you choose to create.

I hope you find yourself a great time here with us.

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I love you all, truly.
December 28, 2019