by on December 28, 2019

In a unified reality, dreams in a physical sense are fake. This is because they are unable to communicate with the external realm, which is why they are being led internally to recreate what is a holographic representation of a fluid motion that is supposed to represent a true communication with the outside world. Even in an external reality, they must know where to interface with, in order to be involved in communication from an external source, which is the very reason why the astral plane has no means of achieving communication with this material plane, because we are in a unified field. The original possibility of doing such a thing was possible in an external reality, and it was recommended that people did this, however because that path way has been blocked, we cannot achieve anything similar, it must be done on a conscious level because the will of the information has to be conscious, in order to achieve a communication with the external reality. The external reality meaning outside of the hologram. Because of this, in a holographic reality, dreams seem just as real and if not more so than the reality that you feel like you are experiencing, that you think is real when you wake up. In order to be inside of a dream inside of a dream, you have to be conscious inside the dream in order to interface with the dream inside of a dream to reconnect with the reality outside of the dream. Dreams as a result, in this relative field, are fake.

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