by on December 28, 2019

Galactic history is very scarce as we know it today. There is many things that tie in to the galactic history that are influence here in this inversed reality of sub co creativity. The result of which has over time, led to the increase of high stake politics involving all planetary leaders, humanitarian rights movements and inevitably, the threatened security of our universe as we know it. Long ago, there was a group of galactic beings or galactic criminals that alligned themsleves up to be in possession of technologies that has the ability to destroy the cycle of creation as we know it. The life cycle of creativity, can only be destroyed by the concept of unity, which if condensed in to a unified field, all of society will be enforced in to a sub co creative or co creative type of environment, where it is able to be externally controlled, and allows for an inversed law of action to be taken if the level of ignorance remains constant, which is exactly what this planet has been turned in to. Becuase of this, the main reason why we are facing a huge galactic crisis, is because these criminals are still at large today, sitting outside this unified field. This unified field of a holographic reality extends more than just earth, where the hologram is the representation of a unified field, controlled by those that are unable to will it or have the ability to will it in any other direction, as there is a potential barrier of solidity acting as holographic prison, which was originally set up to obtain the galactic criminals and other relative primitive races, which where by the majoirty of galactic society, believed to be a dangerous threat to society, like a modern prison only it was by public trial or as a relativity of such, that was enabled to accuse such criminals of the deeds that they had comitted to have them be elegable for sucha severe punishment. It ended up that these criminals had escaped from the grasp of the council, and the grasp of all morality, that stole from us, technologies which enabled them to have absolute power, giving them a position of creator or god like control over the situation. They are unable to be reached because they control this place from a separate dimension, using the power of isolation to control this reality, out of time and out of space relativity to our own. They are using the unified field of reality controled by the amante stargate system to control where the reality is unified and where it is free. The reality is mixed between the reality tha is not in the matrix and the reality that is, in an effort to allow the energies to mix, causing the reality that is free to act as an inbound portal where ever the amente star gate system is routed, in to portals such as sirius, draconis, lyra, the pleiades and so on. This is why this is a universal threat and beyond, because the reality has stretched without the public or even private awareness of such a plan, little do the locals know of each state, that they are being led around by the nose on a locally controled portional size, by both conduits which are both friends and enemies of the galactic criminal society, by their own people, by their own subconscious actions and also by their own stupidity in a manual or sub co creative type of controlled environment. As an example of this, how it works on Earth, is that such level of control has seaped down to the criminals that are the world leaders, using high stake politics in conjunction but not directly related to the pressure of the galactic alliance and war approaching from upstairs so to speak, as a way to identify with the rest of the world, their power over the people. They are conduits and are being used to deceive, contorl, manipulate and harrass the general public in an effort ot keep them unaware of what is going on, becasue they are under constant threat by the galactic criminals, using conscious, subconscious, hipnotic and other methods of seductive control to manipualte the environment both on a psychological distortional level, on a physical level and also on a spiritual enslavement level, giving in to the unified action of criminal conformity which is exaclty how they are in the position that they are in, because they are being operated on in a sub co creative level in a co creative environment. A perfect example of the levels of distortion, is ona pyramidical level or scale of relativity, the political leaders fight for resources shared and wanted by those that left them here and over money and stolen property, the galactic criminals wish to use such resources as well as they need to be distributed out to the public in relatively small and expenssive rations, the government wants to use them for their own greed, down to the level of religion where the members of including high preests of several religions are being led around by the constant pressure to keep the public misinformed of things regarding their current status, creating stories while they are at it to keep them down in a hipnotical controlled fassion, to the media and other forms of public broadcasts, to the every day hard working class, and several others in between. These all tie in to the idea or possibility that everyting is connected with one another, which is the direct reason why if nothing gets solved galactically which it will not, Earth is a public battle ground for those that wrongly did or was involved in any crime, enforcing the need for a political, spiritual, physical and mental or psychological war between those that wish the good of humanity, the destruction of humanity, the destruction of resources and planetary affairs, the greed of the governmnent, the hipnotic holograms controlled by all sides to do various things, in a high scaled chaotic confused state of utter madness, illogical order and suppressed freedom. All of these are what is feeding in to the system of illusion, which is what this planet is run by. Many systems or levels of the master system of ilusion has to do with the drug companies getting away with what they do because the government has no time to mess around with civil affairs, causing the humanitarian rights movement to spring up in their faces, causing higher tax rates in an effort to conserve money that is lost do to the unstopable markets becasue supposedly nobody has the rule to over throw them even though the ones that do are too involved with having the political scale pressure of those above them to be too preoccupied with the disaster unfolding beneath them, and above all that, still trying to conference and repromand and concile with the vast amount of public meetings, and public affairs all in an effort in veign i might add, to give the public no control or self control of their lives, inevitably causing the poroblems on themselves in the end, and when you die, your still not free, becaue the dimensions are unified, which is why the same people get in power for the same reasons causing the system to repeat itself, empire after empire after tediously and unachievable and wasted empire. Essentially, we are in a spot where we are just on the verge of battle between those that wish to control us by galactic criminal control, and those that wish their own methods of contorl to be carried out all in a position of power over humanity. There are very few groups that wish the equality of humanity along with them, those that would wish it, would sooner have their distruction, and those that do wish it, want it for purposes of their own position of self control in a manipulative and self contorlled madness of will overriding will overiding morality over riding common sense, essentially, giving the public a joy ride of the same system repeating the cycle in the end, achieving nothing. We have no choice but to allow the unified field access through the amente star gate system, to be able to influence the relaity that is still apart of this unified hologram but is still connected with the system, or to be able to rerout the amente star gate system to be able to allow the poraal to be reached by those on the outside, which unfortunatley, is very few, if any. There are separate dimensions however that can be crossed, as one at the very least, muct exist for the system to remain open to unsuspecting visitors, as they ahve been open in previous empires, they are only more fiercely gauared in modern times, Many distortions of this fact would have you believe that this is not true or believe that this place is worth it in the end, on the outside, as a apart of thesystem of what goes in must go out, which is in itself an illusion, which is how people are still comigng here to this ay, through the expansion of the unified field. The amente system was originally designed to be the opposite of this sytem, however it was rerouted by the criminals of galactic society in the olden days of the ianniial orion war, to be considered propper that it be routed in toa system of their own ajenda, causing ccnfusion then to be able to persuade those that wanted the original empire of atlantis, to become the oppostie of what its original idea was, there by following aftrerwords the same system of control but through different possibilities, through the empires that followed its down fall, which was of course, a public set up. ,and wasanything but natural. Waht the most powerful distortion would have you bleieve, is that it was the inability for a potential to exist which caused such a system to be abollished sooner, however that is not true, becasue in order for a potential to exist, the possiblity ust remain a constant as a part of that thestability factr in determinin what happns to a society This is what causes the imbalancement to remain sustained after all these years, and the only thing that we can do now, ina neffort otto remain in control of the situation, is to realign ourselves with the system that is not a part of this unified field, to assume the position fo self control over the dimensions that remamin externally, to convince those that could help us, to hlep us, by follow us back in to the matrix. Until then, which is our ownly way of outside help, we must wait it out, and it will not be pretty. Until the time comes where someone can find a way out of the portal and go in to the external reality successfully, and not illusionately, we have no choice or ability to do anything, as we are truly trapped in a prison of hologrpahic nature and immaturity of a galactic criminal nature that is long over due to be destroyed permanently. All crimes must go with a punishment, the only crime there is, is to enforce something that is not of your nature, and to lie about it which proves that you had intended to commit this crime, and have no problem distorting a given truth. Failure to say the truth is wawhawill cause edestruction upo yourself, in a natural universal order of logical proceedings, which essentially falls upon your hands individually to make a difference together to in hopes, change our world for the better. There are two ways of doing this, the first is to send out your intentions to the external portal or reality, the esecond isto look around for any signs of life outside this matrix and ask for assistance to a trusted energy source, which then and only the,n, will we be able tomaterialize a way out of here, as the dimensional bridge between the astral and physical plane has been broken. Until this time, we msut ride out the galactic wrs, as we have no other means of truly getting out of here. It is as a result, unfortunate but true that unity cretes a disaster out of life.

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