by on December 28, 2019

There are 3 types of positions to take as a being of existence in this universe. These are sub co creator, co creator and creator. Sub co creators subject themselves willingly (in most cases) to a form of external control, allowing the two levels above them to influence them in a way that constitutes their best interest. Co creators, are given a position of personal power where they are able to live their own lives and work through tools (usually manually) to be able to achieve to their best of ability or specific potential in other words, what they wish to do in a unified or specific field of or fields of selective interest. Creators are given the god like control, where they are able to influence the entirety of creation by controlling and administering what is done in every reality and every potential in every possibility and all other aspects of up to and including, destruction as a part of creation in an effort and influence of in most recommended cases, to equalize and regulate the balance, stability and progression of natural evolution of life and all of its varients. Failure to do this is caused by unity from a creators level, which causes an inverse system to remain dominant. Failure or ignorance of correcting such a system results in the total distruction of creation in a very specific and unjustified way, which is the one and only way to activate the potential of total destruction, in which the only way to create the previous state, would be to start out as a wave of infinite separation and isolation, where the being that you are is a half of the all that is, is not and could be. Divisions and multiplications of such concepts is how the universe expanded to what it is today. We are all individually an aspect of creation as a self has the universal right to be a creator, where by all other means should be subjective in to the well being of a relative environment where all is equal, fair and free, connected by love and evolved by experience as this is how a universe achieves a natural progression of evolution of life through logic, order, knowledge and the collection, distribution and sustainability of stable, truthful and accurate information as life is the essence of all existence.

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Teresa Maria Zalewska
Dualistyczna lucyferiańska rzeczywistość posiada dwa ośrodki. Jednym jest Bóg, drugim rozwijająca się jaźń. Powrót do Boga, to podróż, w którym topnieje Twoja indywidualna jaźń, a Nicość, Cisza, Światło wypełnia Twoje jestestwo. Rozwój jaźni, czyli energii wydzielonej z Boga, doprowadził wiele istot...View More
January 20, 2020