by on December 28, 2019

Time as humanity knows it is more than just a measurement. It is the essential force that they interpret as depending on the number or value displayed on a world wide scale, that it must mean that certain actions must be done do to a cycle of man made creation. This, is not the true meaning of time at all, in fact it is an insult to the meaning of time. Time is essentially, the amount of waiting it takes to allow something to manifest through a manual extraction of an idea caused by a given action, thought or eent. Suc waves carry out in many different sspectrums, causing them to be measured by their readiness to move forward in their evolution as all particles of energy do. Time is the measurement that defines change in an evolutionary state of eternal progress, through all waves of creation, it manifests itself only as a way to portray itself as the space between stability and instability, defining a separation between chaos and order. In places where time does not exist, aging does not exist, therefore evolution takes its own turn, by ordered chaos of free will. Time is an interveener that enforces evolutionary progress as it is the direct force responsible for aging to continue. Without time, manifestation would not exist, as it would be possible to manipualte anything directly from its source field. Time has been the cause of many fatalities, but also many blessings, however none as accurate, effecient or as ideal as if it was removed. Unlike most particles of a stable universe, time is not a requirement, in fact it is the opposite. It is a real force, however it is the interveening force of aging that acts as a barrier to enforce evolution which is the reason why what one thing effects the whole, as one change manipulates all the other whether it was involved or not. It uses connectivity as a disadvantage, enforcing the evolutionary process of all things forward in controlled environments, using blind fait and deception to manipulate the strands of particles to its will and the will of supposed natural influences. Time is an invader and an alien force in the natural evolution of the original universe from the source field or god particle, it has replaced the god particle or has been the alteration of the god particle since its creation, which should never have happened. Be ware of time, it is not your enemy or your friend.

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