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Holistic healing is an alternative (natural or herbal) medicine used by practitioners but also for personal use for the purposes of balancing energy and restoring pain. It is essential for our bodies to sustain a life force by patterns of energy which are regulated in to many forms. Chemical, electrical , mechanical and electromagnetic energy are the most common dimensions that are used to control the main functions of a life force. Their are two types of holistic healing energy fields, veritable (measurable) and putative. Veritable energy field healing uses mechanical vibrations (such as sound) and electromagnetic forces such as light, magnetism, monochromatic radiation (such as laser beams), and rays from other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to create a magnetic field surrounding the individual to interlock with their aura, meridian and energetic centers to balance and restore their energy field both physically and spiritually. It works by the use of measuring magnetic wave lengths by their relative frequencies to interface with the energetic field of the person that they are meant to connect with. The magnets used are connected by a crystal that is able to link itself through the energy in to the mind or consciousness of the targeted area in order to make the change that is required by the controler of the magnetic device. Their are two types of control methods for magnetic healing, static and pulsating. Static magnets such as the metals of steel, iron and other alloys are a stable source of constant frequency protectors, used aas outside elements to measure, regulate and direct energy to their frequency which is adjustable to the consciousness by the use of a quartz crystal. Pulsating magnetics uses an electric current in the center of a wrapped wire coil to generate anoutside field where it is able to pulse through the targeted area to allow the frequency to run through the curent to be able to successfully transfer the energy to its affected area. Together, they work in a balance of magnetic, crystal and energetic harmony to restore balance where needed. Known benefits includes the cure of almost all diseases related to physical health, pain and the restoration of blocked energetic centers caused by mental strain and or stress caused by the harmful acts of the environment around you. Depending on the intensity of the frequency, the stronger andor higher the frequency, the more intense and deep the healing is, it needs to be specifically targeted to the affected area in order to restore the energy to its original state. Eating specific foods such as those which contain iron, coper and water allow for the flushing of wasted energy to be recycled in to the atmosphere by the secretion of natural export of the body. It is all about essentially, the relativity of the particles of energy from the way they are positioned to how they work together to work inside and outside of you to align themselves with cosmic balance to your outer and inner environments where you relate the most. Failure to do this is the main reason why illness manifests itself through the manipulation of wasted or unused materials. If they are not properly recycled, the build of up such material is how illness spreads. All "contagious" illnesses is caused by the ill affects of an individual being spread by their gene pool as well as the connecion of the aura fields between individuals. The manifestation of energy that does not belong is what all illness relies on mostly created by stress and or an nergetic body finding a weakness in a consciousness to attempt to "fill the void" where there is none, although the holographic representation of one makes energy believe that there is because what it sees is how it acts. It sees one because the mind or superior consciousness says there is so all allicated energy is diverted to fill an over active closed space by the continuous stream of energy flowing in to the already unstable area. This energy manifests in to many forms including blood clots, blockages of various fluids and mental stress. Potential or in other words, just the thought of something being there allows the door to be open for unallicated energy to make itself at home. To prevent this, interdimensional crystal and magnetic healing will help reallicate all energy to its natural state to allow the body to put itself in to a natural state of healing. This allows the body to releave itself of any waste naturally as the bod returns itself to normal as pain and illness of any nature is restored. Pain is only felt because the energy is too much or too little in the affected area where it is needed which pain is the sensation of the body sending messages stating that an ache is the too much of energy in one area and a burn is too little energy of an area or affected or disturbed energy. The sorse they get, the more tired you feel because the body is trying to estorethe energy but if it has no way of opening a door, it is only the magnetic pull or attraction of the energy that can restore or move it to its appropriate place. Regular healing of a holistic naure should commense to keep the energy flow in check.

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Człowiek, to istota wielowymiarowa. Uzdrawianie, to proces wydobycia własnego Światła, które jest najpotężniejszą energią uzdrawiającą. Wszelkie metody, to podpórki do wykorzystania dla poszukującego dostępu do własnego Światła człowieka. Rezultaty są uwarunkowane ciężkością choroby oraz poziomem wi...View More
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