by on December 28, 2019

Conversation is important to releave yourself of an idea that you feel is important to share with your environment. The engagement of conversation alows our minds to flow freely, allowing others to have a visual idea of what we expeience or are experiencing to in most cases, try to help the situation for the better, but this is not the case in all situations. Despite this fact, we talk to each other because this is our way of explaining to others how we feel about a given event and also how conflicts gets resolved from the will of conversation to influence ourselves in the moment. We also do it because we wish to quiet our mind of raging thoughts that we wish to share with others, to plant the seeds of life for evolution to continue. We do this for two reasons. We do it because we wish to familiarize ourselves with the people that we do not understand how their minds work, to make new friends potentially. We also do it because we wish to releave our minds of thoughts that we could potentially forget, and in some cases, to pass the time. It is very tyime specific in where and what conversations are held, however it is because conversation has such a significant value to society that it has turned in to the primary focus of thought expression. The expression of communication is the most important thing to understand so that you can ultimately come to the same or similar conclusion with someone that you care about, or with others that may have started a conflict with. Because it is cricual to understand the point of interest that each of us have, the more we expres our thoughts, the more intense conversations become. It is proven that healthy relationships start with the ability to speak what is on your mind with out the fear or worry of confrontation or holding back if you know what and how to say it. It is because of what words mean to others, that it is very important to make sure that your primary form of thought expression or communication is as clear and as intentional as possible. If it is meant as a joke, speak it as such before hand, so that people can choose to find it humerous or not. Because of this, keeping your thoughts as organized as possible in the long run, especially in this manual life we have here, helps us to live a healthier life by releasing the potential stress caused by the thoughts that we bottle up inside of us because of the fear of confrontation or nervousness. It is okay to let go if you understand that those that truly wish to be your friend, are there to listen to you, support you and help you through every important moment of your life that you choose to voluntarily share with those that you confide your trust in to. It is the act of conversation that brings about new ideas for our evolution and having a good time.

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