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Friendship is the idea that one person is there to support the other through the good and the bad times in each others lives. As such, a true friend is thought of as someone that helps people along as one of their qualities is to help facilitate and support, guide and redirect a friend that may be, according to them, personally, being potentially steered in the wrong direction. Because of this, a good friend will help them to relize their true potential as they help to try to make it better and in most cases, it works. Because of this, a good friend will often provide meaning to such a redirection as to ensure that the communication is clear of what they mean to say. Th truth hurts if a friend points out to someone that they are doing something that is demeaning to their best interest, as well as to the potential harm or best interest to others as well. The more that someone is affected by such a situation, the more potentially catastrophic the reacrtion may be, however most situations are not as drastic as they could be, which makes it very easy for a friendship to last if they help each other in such situations. A dishonest friend would not do any of such things, or doing it in a very subtle or vaigue way, causing suspicious thoughts to be directed towards them being the demeaning force that prevents you from being your true potential in life. Because of this, choosing your friends carefully will help redefine you as a person based on your friends of choice, and anything perceptual shall stay his way to ensure that a judgement is just a judgement, and that it does not or is not anything more than just a personal opinion as acting on an immoral value is what causes friendships to be broken and mistrust to be a potential reputation as to the level of ignorance displayed in a situation where your level of immaturity has taken a dominant stance. Therefore, it is best to base your friends upon their level of sincerety before considering them a friend in your mind and believing that they truly want the best for you. It is not uncommon that you best friends become your mate some time during your relationship based upon level of common interest and level of personal support of equal status and inner feelings of deep compatibility and attraction for the soul of each other as memories carry on no matter what vessel you possess. True soul to soul friends are friends that love each other no matter what and will be there as a friend to those that ned their assistance or company as we are social creatures that will do anything to not be alone by choice of will and personal freedom as our right to true bliss and love remains understood and is carried out by our actions of compassion, care and curiosity. You will know a true friend by their willingness to get to know you on an optional but personal level over time and base themselves as having a similar but unique interest that may differ from that of your own. You will find that a true friend does not need to be or act the same as you, to care for you and despite your differences, close friends are people that are hard to find, but easy to approach. They are the people that will do just about anything for you if you need it, but they are not your mate and the crucial difference between a friend and a mate, is that your mate will unconditionally support you in all matters including sexual and other love making challenges, in other words, the fusing of energy to be of one as one force of beloved creativity. A friend will be there to support you but ultimately, your lives are lived separate from each other, no matter how close you are because you are not loved in a away that means that you wish to bare any responsibility of your personal life, on their shoulders, other than that which involves 3 or more people regarldess of who it is or who it relates to. In general, a friend will help you to understand yourself as it is needed, a friend will never do anything in spite of you, such as mishndling a responsibility unless in case where the friend that you have specified, is the nervous sort that acts out ecause they are scared of expressing themselves. To spot uch activity, ask them a question to try to trip them up, they will look a lot more unable to control themselves then if you asked a true friend, as a true friend would remain more calm and less prone to stress and anxiety or anxcious behavior. It is a true friend that makes living life that much mor comfortable for those that want the best in quality company.

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Teresa Maria Zalewska
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January 19, 2020