by on December 28, 2019

The principles of a fair judgement relies on two important factors. The first, is common sense of a given situation and the second is perspective. Perspective does not matter until after the judgement, so until you are able to work out the common sense of a gien situation, you are likewise unable to make a clear and fair judgement, until you have two essential pieces of information, the observers perspective of a conflict and or event, and the opinion of the perspective of an observer that would violate any rational response to the conflicting side, making sure that a reasonable act of resolution is achieved. Thee are the founding principles that moral justice is based on, which is the founding principles of making any law that respects all individuals until any acts of forced manipulation is inflicted upon by any entity. Failure to abide by these laws does not get you punished by act of direct intervention from a given entity, but it does trigger the direct contact of attracted thoughts to manifest themselves over time depending on the attitude of your own actions. The more you manipulate without reason or authorization, the more it will want to bring you in to a state of submission to what you ahve done. If you refuse it, it is then and only then that a reasonable amount of force should be put against you to help you realize what wrong you ahve committed. Acts of despderation uup to and including death are reasonable in such situations as to suport and facilitate the requirements for a fair and just proceding to be forth with and active in any society. It is principles such as these that work upon the basis of equality for all which allows what needs to be done, to be done without resraint which supports the system by doing away with the evil that has been committed. It is otherwise set that the system will work to the advantage of everyone and that it will do anything that you wish it to if you will it to happen. If you do not, then it will leave you alone as specified by default, so anyone working udner this system must respect it as it is in their nature to do so by their own will to accomidate such a principle, resulting in equality and settled conflicts. Morality is the true resolution of a difficult conflict that both sides can agree to, hence there is no need for war. The moral of justice is, settle for what you need, and anything extra leave it up to the one that wants it more. The stronger the force that wants it for personal leasure, the better use it would serve. Giving a fair and equal judement is understanding the essentials to knowing what woul be best used where, when and how and by whom, for it shall last as it is kept and remembered by the one that shall possess such a treasure. In all other respects, common sense and reasonable rational thought solves all other problems as life continues to evolve.

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