by on December 28, 2019

To define a value in something, you need to understand two very important relative concepts. The first is by understanding where your perception lies, and is it truly a perceptual difference or is it a common difference or conceptual difference. If it is a conceptual difference, then its value is determined by its importance to the situation. If it is a perceptual difference, then it is determined by your view of what you think it is, over what it really is. This is how you determine if it is worth the risk of your perceptual variation of the concept, or if your worth is equal to, less or greater than what it really is. If it is equal to it, than your view is one in the same that of the concept, meaning that you understand the value and understand what it is. If it is lesser than the value specified by the concept, then you need to observe the reason for this and evalueate why you believe it is not what it seems. If it is greater than the specified conceptual value, then you need to align yourself with this justification and evalueate the difference. If it is solved, then your worth and the value that it is actually to the situation is or should be about the same. It does not have to be however, which is how values are changed as new concepts are needed.

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