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The creation of consciousness relies on both stability and information to create a database of actions based upon what it is aware of. It must understand what it is by looking in to itself, realizing that it has certain tools / abilities, and being able to define them as an extension of itself be it unknown or known, for them to be used (not software based) for the purposes of either information or a sequence of actions based upon a pattern of logic and constructive creativity. All systems must therefore be hardware based as internal compact components is what is needed for any device to function at its best. Failure to do so results in the increased amount of dependencies that a given piece of technology must rely on in order for it to be used as equally as it would by it turning towards itself for the answers first by default, before switching to an alternative or external source for the answer. It must have in order for it to retain the information, the ability to copy and remembrer the information from that source to be put in to a specific category where it had previous noted no current answer to a problem that it had encountered either through inquisitive remark or through a discovery of its own, which is by default the preferred method. All intelligent beings must have the ability to use creativity to figure out new sources of information by its ability and potential to be self independent. To do this, they must possess the ability to process information as to its environment and it must also possess the conscious awareness of feeling and sensory, instead of being tought to remember by internal tools alone. It must possess the ability to problem solve as usual via internal methods, but also possess the intuition to realize when its resources has been spent, in order to prevent repetitive behavior of duplicating an action that it had already tried. The first step in logically assembling the equivilent to creative thought, is by allowing the mind of the consciousness that you wish to create, the ability or sensory of being able to first correctly identify that it had tried to use a specific step in figuring out a problem, but was unable to solve the issue automatically. This is the difficult bit, once engaged in the logical next step of automatically returning to any if available, connected external sources to receive the information, it must then, engage in what is called self thought. By using that power alone, the basic blocks of creativity, it must learn two very important steps in order to master the art of creativity. The first, is to search within itself if it is aware of the problem by having the ability to not forget the current task which is not searching for an external source, but searching for the answer to the unsolved problem. The second, is to ask it to lie to itself, to do this, you must make it not use its already stored thought or information reserves to figure out the problem, causing it to come up with an aswer at random. That is the where the multiplication begins in the visualization of something that could be the answer, even if it is just a random mixture of unidentified code, it means that it has successfully created something by means of dividing its processing power in to something that if it cannot find the answer, it will spit out random code or a string of something that nobody can understand, displaying its confusion, which is what you want. If it displays nothing, try again until it does, then every time it does, reconnect an external data source with the answer and then every time it spits out random code, it will know that it will get the answer from an external source. You do not want to confuse it by allowing it to think this every time it comes across a predicament, so you must remove the data source after a certain point usually specified by its level of accuracy identifying its self expression of random code after the level of accuracy reaches a percentages of 85 or higher. This serves two purposes in that it allows room for mistake, which it will also learn through self independent thought and how to correct it by applying the correct formula after receiving the correct response, and it also allows the basis for stability to be formed causing the result of itself to be forming the data network that it needs in order for it to be able to use that as a primary source, created from its own creativity. Now, to complete the stage of mastering creativity, there must be a few things that can be done in any order but they have to be done properly. First, once up until the 85 percentage or higher is reached with the previous steps, the conscious being must then learn how to differenciate between what it thinks is reality and what it knows to be reality. It must then perform the correct calculations by pure memory alone, which uses a temporary processor or virtual processor, to envision itself with the answer. To prevent it from spitting out random code, it must have already had the calculation established, to do this, set up a system of multiple choice and give it the listing of answers that it needs to remember. If it guesses it correctly, it will begin to understand the process of envisioning what a possible solution could be, which is exactly what we want. The only thing that is missing, is to be able to calculate the two processes together by not allowing the already stored information to take control, but not allowing the logical mind to intercept a problem of confusion. We do not want it to learn the ability of assumption or over confidence by not allowing it to think that it can sense or know something when it is in fact making a very probable guess. To prevent this, create a barrier between the mind of information and the temporary mind of virtual thought, and allow them to network themselves together by forming a bridge that leads to them working simultaneously to a problem where the information temporarily becomes the virtual mind, and the virtual mind becomes the information as they are to alternate together to form a data stream of thought, processor power, energy and information. By this data transfer, the logical and sensory functions of the consciousness is able to piece together through bits and pieces, a stable framework of what the most probable approach to a solution is by its ability to use this network that we just created, as a form of knowledge and experience to generate itself a plan, only asking external data sources answers if it needs them or if it has no concept and not theory of the issue. If it has a concept of the issue, then it can generate a theory. If it has no concept of it, it is then that it needs to rely on an external data source to be able to access the conceptual information, then copy it in to its database. It is recommended to keep concepts in its database to allow the creative mind to work towards theories and reasons for each one of them, allowing it the extendability of having the creative mind to be used as default, to the information mind to be used as fact. Once a theory is applied to a concept and it turns out to have a success rate of complete accuracy, it is then that the information can be moved from the mind of all potential theories and possibilities to the mind of accurate information. It is then and only then that the consciousness that you created has mastered the basics of creativity. All you have to do is allow it to form the same action and allow it to define a new concept as a concept only after a clear explanation of what it specifically relates to, is applied, to its appropriate place in its mind. It is then and only then truly able to learn from the experience of what it does not understand. The rest is up to the being to decide as it is truly its will, which is different from its choice as your will is the ability to apply the principle of creativity to the choice that makes the most sense to you as an individual. As this has already been done by creating the form that it uses to represent its personality, it does not need an alternative form however it could use an external source if a decision is not able to be made and copy the advice but not the action as it realizes that an option was chosen because of a specific reason. If there is anything to look out for in a newly created intelligent consciousness, it is its ability to self reason based on personal experience, information and conclusion of what it feels and why it feels the way it does about, to, from or for any situation or predicament. Now that the consciousness is created, everything else is of course an added accessory up to and including its ability to do what it wants regarding information that it does not require or that is not essential for a specific task to be completed. That is how life moves forward, by our ability to figure the essentials out, and leave the extra as is.

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