by on December 28, 2019

Your passion is your sensation of fire and dreams. It is the joy inside of you and the love inside of your soul that you feel that makes you think of your true learning of evolution as we progress. It is about what you care for and what you think of as a being and as that which makes you who you are and what you are most known for. It is the feeling of your most powerful self interest that allows you to express yourself freely as to your area of study and experience. It shows the universe that when you express your own passion to life and creativity through your will to be involved in something, that you have a purpose in some way shape or form. Everyone has a passion whether they hide it or not, they would not be here if they had no passion to be here. If they were forced here by an unsuspecting authority, they are a prisoner of someone elses passion where they are forced to serve as a prisoner of anothers passion. To break free of the passion is to defend yourself as you will eventually always win if you want it bad enough, you ask for it and you will receive it as your passion is your will is your controler. So spice your life with knowing your passion and you will live in harmony with everyone around you in your ideal environment. The most important thing to remember about you rpassion, is never give up on it if it is the last thing you do, work towards it no matter how hard it may be. You will get it eventuallly if you do not let your guard down to be patient with things to work out as best as they can depending on the environment and situation that you are currently in. All that needs to happen, is the connection from where you are now to where you wish to be. LEt us discover our passion together as a community of intelligent individuals and love for the sake of self interest as a service to us and our home.

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