by on December 28, 2019

Subjective suffering is from our will to experience what we think is given to us as a gift of what we asked for, but it is a holographic illusion of betrayal. It is when pain is inflicted upon us as souls that either self inflict it due to mistake, or due to others as a form of attack that it starts to harm us because the frequency is not balanced. This happens because we are subconsciously working for a different purpose without realizing the true intensions of each other, at least, that is how an energy pattern would see it because it is a different calculation. What we seem to forget is that when we try to look for something, a lot of access information from where it is connected to comes with it for us to sort out. If we accept it, than it does not become a problem. If it conflicts with what we already have established, then it is an issue that must be solved otherwise in all due respect, it would accumulate over time whether it was intended or not. Because of this, we need to realize that in order to make sure that pain is not inflicted upon us, we need to realize what it is that we truly need instead of wanting something when it is not required, to be able to then and only then, summon the specifics that a situation would need to solve an equation of any size be it urgent or insignificant. We subject ourselves by simply opening up to the idea of trying to accomplish a simple idea, but adding a lot of unnecessary information which causes the instability of the free flow of energy to be corrupted because it is conflicting with itself as it is shaped like an endless loop of its past experience up until this point where it creates a cycle of a destructive spiral without intending to do so which is how pain is inflicted. Pain if you were to look at it in a chart would look like a circular loop that divides from within itself as it tries to expand the opposite way of it is supposed to expand as it is trying to divide where it needs to multiply and trying to multiply in its division, causing the instability that we know of today as harm. The more intense the force is, the stronger we feel it. Fixing the energy by seeing this will cure the pain. We say that it is self subjective because the soul is receiving pain, not by any fault of its own, but if it truly was not subjective, than the pain would not exist. "However, because regardless of any unique situation, it was created by the imbalanced actions of an individual or a group of individuals as a distinct and uniquely defined society. Because we as beings are so vulnerable to receive pain, it does not matter whether it led itself or someone else led it to anywhere, it was established because we were brought in to a trap of energy where we are suppressed and cannot restructure ourselves without changing our perspective to allow the energy to reform in to a stable entity. Believe it or not, the universe experiences huge waves of intense pain when anyone starts manipulating the structure of itself. The technology does exist to manipulate the structure of energy, which is the most deadly weapon that could ever exist. It can create more energy by adding to it, and deprive energy from any source that does not require it to exist by the cloning of energy itself. These devices can be your best friend and your worst fear if they are used for such purposes. The interesting pattern between this device and pain, is that they use the same frequency in relativity to each other to create and destroy itself as in, they operate exactly the same by their ability to manipulate the structure of energy. Because of this, it is important to understand the full aspect of what you are dealing with, when you are in a situation of intense pain. Pain must be cleared from the source before being resolved and the regular balance and flow of cosmic harmony is established. True heaven is when all balance has been restored in every and any possible aspect of creation. When this is established, which it has been once originally, everything is truly meant to be as it should be because it devotes itself to its purpose therefore it is used to do what it wants and wills itself to do so while doing what it wants to do because of its love of one. To be as one with yourself is to cause pain to the freedom of will and individuality, to be of one with yourself is to cause pain to the loop of energy causing more energy to be contracted in to yourself from others which is what the true meaning of self centered behavior comes from. To be of one in synchronicity with everything around you is to blend in with the pain of your environment, with the ability to choose what affects you and what would be best handled by another aspect of someone from the same field. This is the most balanced and stable form of self subjective pain because you are able to work together as a self aspect of something bigger and fix things together as a group or mind of divided creativity in that it is able to multiply strength by dividing a consciousness shared between souls of the same frequency vibration. If you can visualize the omniverse as a huge mind such as this, you can balance anything that you need to from the healing of one person to the protection from another. It is all about knowing yourself and working with the energy patterns to weave itself in to equal balance of the all that you are connected to. Then and only then, can you become a master of energy by studying every aspect that exists and balancing it to make out of your situation what you will. Everything is subjective whether we are conscious of it or not, including the pain of another suffering that we either bare witness to or that we experience ourselves. Let us work together to help each other out through relativity and intimacy healing creation one change at a time.

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