by on December 28, 2019

To oftenn rely on othhers for dependencies is to often deprive yourself of the knowledge on how to be more self efficient as well as burden them with a potential requirement that they do not need. Self healing is where you are able to heal yourself based on both your needs as an individual, and ass different healing techniques are required for different purposes, you are able to control this by looking in to yourself to find what you need in order to make it worth your while and worth the effort. Depending on how deep you go, essentially self healing is the process where energy is cleared and reoranged where all temporary thoughts are reclassified to a specific task so that your mind is able to think easier. Self healing requires your own will to be functioning normally, it also requires that you are able to see what you want inside yourseeelf and visualizing this as an end result before manifesting it in to creation. You undergo this process by first realizing what is missing, than visualizing it so that it can be moved as a thought to where you wish it to go. You must will this thought to be reality by thinking the words with a clear and devoted mind, "I will this to happen, it has already been done, it will change and I am going to see this (enter specific time frame here if required) in my life as I have already seen it as it is where I have it set." Anything to that affect will eventually give you what you want, for healing purposes, visualize the white flame of a light that operates on all frequencies. Visualize yourself bathed in the light and allow it to clear your mind by accepting it as an energy center, then, bask in its reflection as you fuse with it to return whole and regenerated. That is called the White Flame Healing, and is the most commonly used healing amongst the angels. The other healing method is called the All Energy Clearing, this healing is established by deep meditation where your will is centered around you and you are able to edit every and any aspect of yourself and remove or add things as needed. This is a more advanced form of healing and should be attempted and is recommended for htose that have already mastered the other process of healing. Although those styles are very different from each other, it should give you a basis for healing yourself of any negativity by masking it and clearing it with positivity, how, by changing your perspective and finding the best out of what is possible and making it real.

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