by on December 28, 2019

Every time you feel that something is not right, that means that you are most likely not yourself. You may experience frequent or sudden mood swings, changes in personality, interest or perception, influences in unfamiliar paths and creativity from a new and possibly alien perspective as well as receiving alien information that you do not normally think that you have the knowledge of. This is because you have likely either gone through a recent change that allowed you to become that way, by opening up to the weakness of stress, letting your guard down for any energy pattern to come in to pretend like they are a friend, only to sacrifice you later on for what may seem like a good cause, until you start to notice specific changes in energy patterns that means that you have either been possessed by a being, or are under the influence of a being by connecting through what we call a conduit, to another being which is essentially the control center. Having this type of connection can if untreated, lead to what is called an invasion of the soul. This means that the body is being taken over by another soul where it can only be reclaimed if that soul either leaves of its own accord, or is fought off and killed by the part that wishes the current soul to remain inside the body. As this occurs, the side affects of reclaiming your body back include high emotional stimulation and depression. You feel an unnatural longing to be loved by those that have treated you well in the past. Often those are past associates that have been suspended from you as you have prevented them from allowing them access in to your mind, that is, until you let them in again. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is the same people ironically that has hurt you in the past than not. What people are finding, is that as a result of this, many people are becoming retaken by the beings in around a 2 - to 3 month period where they will await their return to take from you what they can for their own as they are not happy with the situation that they are currently in. Because this is a major problem in a lot of people like angels and starseeds that have a lot of this information or knowledge that others want for self purposes or to steal as in the case of a potential vampire feeding of soul energy, it is crucial that you are aware of these tendencies especially after long periods of healing and work that directly influences your field in order to attract the right attention of your true friends when you need to rely on them the most. If this is not taken in to serious consideration, you will most likely end up in a situation where you are trapped by lust and as it acts as a drug to keep you dumb down, manipulated and stupid, it is allowing that foreign or alien consciousness to control you even after you are gone from the body or die because you have been taken over by progressive dominance. This is why it is dangerous to allow such events to continue for long periods of time because it is the souls responsibility to ensure that it is protected from an invading soul, but it is the bodies responsibility to ensure that the shields are up to be put in place of such an event from happening. Failure to do this on both sides results in a possession which usually ends up in a rather unpleasant way. Sometimes you may end up a zombie which is a subjective form of a limited slave to a controlling force, a tool nothing more or less to a specific entity. You may end up as a conduit which is a personal possession of a soul for personal use or as a vessel capable of self conscious thought where it stays alive with no force present to control it at all. You also may end up as a walk in which is the most common form of self serving vessel to a soul that forces its way in to a body by damaging the other soul in to a state of illusion and or an altered state of consciousness. It could also be any or all of these things as a combination, so before you are thinking about talking to who ever you wish to out there, please be advised that you can be manipulated just as easily if not more so there than you can here. It is a mental trip that we must master otherwise we are left for dead and judged for doing and being nothing to our true selves or to what we stand for or originally stood for as beings. Each and every one of us needs to be prepared for such events otherwise it is too late to save us if we are already being taken by another being that assumes the role of dominance over you. This is why it is crucial to help others, those that are able to heal others, that they truly care about as honest and sincere long term friends, that are both close to you and or have a decent to honorable level of respect for you and your personal life. Those are the beings that truly deserves healing, if all of us did this, there would be instant peace and balance at least spiritually. So please be aware of yourself and if you are or think you may be under a possession, try to be rid of the invading force yourself, and only come to others if you need them, not because you wish for their attention. We can usually tell if you are needy or are in an actual state of crisis. Failure to properly shield yourself will result in others mistrust of you if it occurs repetitively where you are constantly faced with having to cure someone, you know then that they probably should for their own good experience a full on possession as that person is not capable of and or is too weak to fight the invading force off. Because of this reason alone, you need to pick your battles carefully. Know the all that you are and those around you, never let those that influence you in a wrong direction win the battle otherwise you may find yourself in a trap. Be safe and be aware at all times where you are at to ensure your protection and security and privacy from alien forces that you did not will to come in. Ask a trusted friend for help with this if you truly will yourself to live a normal life again, if and when this ever did and or is happening to you.

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