by on December 28, 2019

In recent times, visions for commercial use have become distorted as life here has become a business as the market of the new society of money and deception grips the planet like never before. With this fascist outlook on life, comes a price to pay. This price is usually associated with looks and outward appearance as what people know about you and what you do, look like and act upon seems to be the focus of the modern age. This has its consequences, as it proves that you are not only an unintelligent low life that would rather see the selfish site of people, but you would also see the incompetent, lusty and or good looking side of people. With this, comes the judgement, views and criticisms of others that you be categorized, labelled and or put tabs on in a specific way that constitutes and supports what society wants you to be and not what you wish to be. This as a result, is what defines society as being engaged in a moment of polarity. It has to be a certain way because if it is not, than people will think badly of you or that you will not be perceived the right way if we see something that is either abnormal or out of character from you that we do not want to see. As a result, if such an action is seen, violence in order to protect that which you stand for as a group almost always commences in some form of verbal, physical, emotional, spiritual and or mental abuse resulting in the creation of violence and strong disapproving devenssive reactions to both sides but more so to the target as the authority is in the hands of that who got away with torture. Because of this, just defending yourself is not the solution, you have to in order to restore balance, and as a requirement of keeping equality as a primary focus, either forget the situation and move on or punish that who did you wrong. Failure to do so and providing attention to the situation at hand empowers the same event to reoccur until it is properly dealt with. To add insult to injury, many egoistic decisions are made as a result of and or cause of polarity. Modern society uses view points such as these to justify their perspective as of one common goal to perfection in a given individual, if you do not fit in with us in other words, you will become out of style. Common phrases of polarity includes things like, "out with the old and in with the new" "succeed and pass your education so you can become a successful businessman" "seek to empower yourself and you can change the world by becoming the most powerful and dominant leader so study hard" ... the list goes on for eternity. The problem in there by lying that your will is not only be apposed upon by your decision being under duress of the common act of a group that you may or may not wish to belong to, but that it also implies that your will is the will of the group itself therefore act as one to be accepted as one. This unity concept goes against both our universal rights and as it is our right to freedom, survival and love, we have the right to choose our own path. Nobody can tell us any different, we are our own entity. Whether we make choices that reflect our willingness to participate in events that we would or would not normally associate ourselves in, we have the right to remain ourselves. A lot of polarity has to do with giving in to conformity, which uses emotional values to distort and manipulate the comfort level of others by trying to get in to their mind and make them who they are not, often resulting in an increase of stupidity by idiotic decisions made by unsuspecting agents of primitive and unjustified complications. As a result of these complications, our lives are not the same with respect to our privacy. What does privacy mean to you anymore if you are already being controlled by the actions of a group that violated your privacy already? More to the point, you are a victim of subconscious progressive hipnosis and psychological manipulation of which an awakened state of post hipnotic control is expressed by actions of frustration to yourself and those that got you in such a state. Immoral acts of galactic criminal offenses such as these should not go unpunished. It is wrong not by the victim, but by the victor or the being responsible for committing such a crime to assume that they have the right to impose themselves without the justified and willing consent of the individual to go ahead with such a decision. As you can imagine, the result being that it affects everything around you and not just yourself, it is things like these that set about future complications and predicaments to people that may not necessarily wish to be involved, such as people that never knew they had existed, which proves that history does affect the future in many ways. We must either allow polarity to either run its course and let self destruction take control of the planet causing as much harm as possible both criminally and irrationally or stop it completely by changing our actions by looking at what is wrong with ourselves to change it of our own free will, separating from the group or society that we had once belonged to as our only options of resolving the problem, both with its positive and negative points of potential interest. We cannot allow it to continue by having a neutral point on life because it has always and it will continue to destroy what we consider to be living our ideal life especially where perceptual decision is involved. People are allowed to express themselves freely, as a being, you have to accept that as they are not forcing anyone else to believe what they believe in. Only if they do so can they be considered as abnormal or wrong to do so. The original vision was this way however it got distorted over time as people thanks to emotion, exercised their powers too much which caused the whole system to collapse in an epic failure to restore some sort of criminal order for lack of balance and replaced by strong will and dominance of the authority in charge. Such events have lead to more harm than good, so it is time to change it to become a balanced society as it is easier to fight for our freedom than our salvation.

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