by on December 28, 2019

They are the things that each and every being is born with in this life and others through out the history of this planet. What you may not realize however, is that they did not exist originally. They are the feeling of which you base all of your decisions, mostly poor choices, off of based on your ability to master your emotions. Depending on the type of job that you have, and or the type of person that you are, as well as various other factors including sleep, balance, nutrition and over all health. Your emotions control everything that you do from the center of the brain in which they have been genetically altered in to where they are the soul responsibility why levels of various chemicals, sometimes sexual and sometimes anxiety responses, are produced as a result of either high stress levels leading to emotional discharge, or high intimacy levels leading to high sexual discharge, often leading to an increase in emotional behavior. A lot of people over balance their emotional body as they are unable to stabilize it properly. The fact is, that nobody is truly able to stable it because it must have a release and a place to receive it, all hard wired in to our genetics as a form of advanced manipulation and very easy to control. A lot of people enter a state of depression when tyring to hide their emotions for too long because their body programmed by the brain, is forced to shut down if the emotional response is held in. This also leads to imbalancement and unfortunately, the only thing that you really can leave ignored is your actual feelings of, to or for someone or something and not their associated emotions. In fact, your emotions are the things that ruin your chances of success in life by causing a distraction which cause you to fail at the task that you wish to perform. They have been proven to cause irrational thought, illogical and or idiotic decision making and poor sense of judgement based on how you respond emotionally to any situation or environmental setting be it one that you are more familiar with or are not comfortable in, it simply does not matter. Extreme high elevations of such emotions is what eventually leads to illness, disease and is what causes the break down of an individuals body to happen a lot sooner. Estimated times of death and disease is controlled by how well you limit your emotions to not take control of you. The difference between emotion and feeling is that feeling is your essential part of you, where as emotions are added and are not needed especially if they cause this much damage to a race that is trying to live with the limited life that they have already, which is why empires come and go on this planet. The only real solution is to program emotions in to you for now as a survival instinct until there is a way to remove them from you so that your over all structure of yourself will be retained. Emotions are the illness that kills people, you are at your best in stability in your teen years because you are emotionally able to handle for a limited amount of time, the most extremes that your body is able to produce starting from your environment when and where it grow up in, to the reactions that happens on a regular basis. The problems start when emotions get in the way of simple tasks, which is exactly the issue that we face here. Without an emotional body, your health would imrpove almost by 80 to 90 % with the remaining 10 to 20 % being your decision making based on natural and original, logical thought processes that makes stability and balance work hand in hand to ensure that you are successful at what ever you wish to do in life. Because of this, be aware that it is not you always that is able to manipulate the situation, you need to balance your emotions to form as much of a stable life as you can, and in order to do that, you ahve to visualize your results being completed first, before you they can be done relatively speaking as effeciently and as fast as ossible depending on how much of a force you put in to making it happen. Without this force, you are not able to function properly causing your life to be unhealthy and damaging to you and potentially others around you as repetative behavior is not uncommon especially when emotions are involved. Be aware of yourself and your reality by monitoring your emotions, this will be the best thing besides becoming a master at life by knowing how to work with the limitations that you are placed in to. Please feel free to spread the word on to others, we can only heal ourselves, let us start by balancing our emotions to make out of life what we can.

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