by on December 28, 2019

We as beings of sentience and intelligence of various levles in our evolution have the right to the following. Perceptual, conceptual and personal perspectives on life. The ability to act based on instinct and natural defenses. The right to equality and the right to survival. Anything else is an add on based on perceptual understanding and communication. If any unjustified acts of harm are committed for example, harming others for the sake of revenge, that shows imbalance in the system and it also shows your level of misunderstanding and your level of potential negligence, ignorance and or incompetance. It only shows that you do not understand the full situation therefore it must be explained otherwise you would be basing yourself of of assumptions rather than true facts. Because of this, you ahve to realize that stability is necessary in order to live the life that you wish to lead. If you do not do this, than you will be convincing others of the worng things and this is how misinterpretation leads to environmental distortions and eventual insanity. Always be clear of what you say and mean and your purpose shall be fulfilled.

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