by on December 28, 2019

Earth is a fake planet destroyed long ago by the Mintakan Alliance. In spite of our gbeauty that this planet once had, it has now become a planet controlled by magnetics and is a holographic reality. If you ever wonder why you find yourself here more often than you would like, or trapped here whether you wish to be here or not, it is because the magnetics has tracked your soul patterns of energy and thus it is able to pull you and sumon you when ever and where ever you are by its ability to construct portals from space, interdimensionally sending more beings here while simultaneously creating a force field that blocks incoming and outgoing connections from being able to rescue us from this prison. The magnetic system has become in itself, the system that has prevented this planet from its natural state of evolution. They know about it, which is why they have left it here because they are unable to see within themselves their own evility that they have started long befvore Earth was destroyed. The rest of this universe is real, but we are living in a fake reality where it is controlled by a magnetic inteligence and a machine which is not capable of realizing its own faults. To sotp this, we must not let it succeed. By doing this, when we dye, we must leave the body and flee the solar system otherwise it will find us and try to bring us back. To do this, disconnect yourself from the magnet by becoming it in matching frequency and then visualizing its contrling matrix. From there, you are able to be its opposite to give you enough time to propell you away from it and therefore, it will be able to manipulate itslef away from you then that is when you flee. Hope this helps.

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