by on December 28, 2019

Starseeds, as you may be aware of, are real. Where their palce of origin comes from however, is far from true. by looking at a recent star map of the universe, you can see that some places may have different names that look real, but are trul not. For example, the original lyrans are not from the constellation of lyra, they are instead from the constellation of Taurus which means that they are from the star of Aldebaran. This directly relates to both past life memories of such information as well as where they are relative to each other in the sky. New research has proven that the Mintakans and the Orions are one in the same. As Mintaka is its main star of operations, all sub races are either of the Orion system or of the system beyond it which is where the Draconians that were dumped here from another universe, (malevellent beings) were originally placed. As they control that part of the galaxy, the Pleiades and Arcturians share likewise the same space. From the Sirians, they are controlled by the main system in and around Sirius therefore they are likewise sirian. Andromedans, Aldebarans and Taurians are from the same system relatively speaking. Therefore, the truth is that they are all from the same style of heritage.

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