by on December 28, 2019

You need to be specific otherwise you are only looking out for what you put out as a thought. This quote has not been told the full meaning in the bible, it is only told as a fact, but its meaning is vaigue. Ask and receive exactly what you need, and you shall receive it. The time is unknown depending on how long you have to travel in time to get to where you wish to be, this is called manifestation of the time line as you walk across it manually. Because time may very, that is when and only when that you put yourself in to the arms of blind faith to help you across. the true meaning of blind faith, is that it only works if you tell the universe specifically what you want. Sometimes, you need to learn from experience to get the information needed to help you cross a difficult area of a given path. Because of this, it is best not to be impatient as this will only delay you from accessing it further. Anything extra along the way is insignificant and the only things that matters, are the things that make sense to you. Once you can make sense of a situation completely, you will be able to fit the pieces of an unsolved puzzle together. Over time, if you practice this, you will eventually find that it becomes a lot easier to do, which is why training in this area is crucial to our survival if we wish to have this much control over the succession in our lives. The law of attraction, works like a magnet. The universe will double the force as you put out, which is how true power can be attained. Provide a strong and unwielding force against that which you find alien and not wanted, then that is what will keep you safe. If you run such things through a third party, the third party and you are both trusting in blind faith that the connection remains stable, which is one of the most crucial things to wish for and that you know, understand and can manipulate the lies in to truth so that you are able to evolve in such areas. So ask and you shall receive what you need, and do not allow anything else to cloud your vision of success, otherwise the universe will reflect that back, because it works from a magnetic perspective. Good luck.

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