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She was wet, cold and hungry, but alive. She stood at the corner of a street catching her breath as she waited. She was thinking of hitch hiking across the street to a place nearby as she could see what looked like a restaurant and a food shelter. She saw no cross walk and was about to cross when a truck whipped past her narrowly missing her by half a foot at 90 miles an hour. For a deserted highway, she thought that it would surely happen to her just as she was getting ready to make her move. The wind rustled her hair as it fell down her face, the clouds were getting darker as she stood there shivering and almost soaking wet. She made a run for it and ran across the 8 lanes of the highway to the other side of the road. She picked up speed and kept on running until she reached the parking lot where the restaurant resided. She hurried up the stone steps to the restaurant hoping that it was open. She was looking for somewhere warm and dry to spend some time from the cold and rapidly stormy weather. Just as she reached the top of the steps in a hurry, she stopped dead in her tracks as she read a sign printed on the door. “We are closed until Tuesday. Our hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday, from 0800 hours to 1800 hours. On Sunday from 1000 hours to 1600 hours and Monday from 0800 hours until 1700 hours, closed on holidays and delivers locally. Please contact Jack Seeker, community store owner and manager for more information, we are currently undergoing maintenance. We should be back in full business soon enough.” She sighed deeply, just as a man walked up to her. “Having trouble?” He asked as he gently placed a hand on her trembling shoulders. Yes I am, I need some food or somewhere to sleep the night.” “Are you homeless?” He asked abruptly. “No, I am not.” She lied sweetly, wishing that he would just go away. “Well then, why not come over to my house and have some food, do you wish me to take you to your home?” “Please, I need to go to the corner of main and Robson, ‘I have a hotel room there, and I missed the bus and have no money at the moment for a cab because I left my wallet at home.” “Ah, sorry to hear that. Let me give you a ride home in that case.” “Sure, that would be great.” She said, smiling at him with an expression of relief and nervousness on her face. He led her through the now pouring rain in to a large jeep. She got in the front seat of the car and wrinkled her nose in disgust. The place was an absolute mess. Beer cans and old fast food wrappers were all over the floor, the smell was terrible. It smelled like a public washroom with the smell of puke, mouldy food and stale licker. She wondered if this was his home. She decided to keep quiet about it, appreciating the ride home but wishing it did not have to be this complicated. She shut the door hurriedly and fastened her seat belt. The belt was just as shabby as the truck with holes in the fabric. She asked him coolly “Sir, sorry to bother you, but is this seat belt safe?” to which he replied hotly “Yes, it is just an old truck dear, nothing to be concerned about, now let’s go.” She sighed deeply once more and rolled down her window a crack as they set off in the storm. The drive took almost an hour. He played old country music the entire way there, interrupted by more commercials than music. “Do you have any music that does not involve the radio?” She asked as they drove down the deserted highway with the windows rolled down. The rain was streaming inside but she did not care. The mess was overwhelming; she opened the window for fresh air as he appeared not to notice. When they were getting close to her home she suddenly said, “Could you please let me out here? I can walk the rest of the way home.” He looked at her sharply and said, “Why, you are in the middle of nowhere girl, you should go find a hotel or somewhere warm you look a real mess.” She replied softly “I appreciate the thought sir, however I would like to just leave, I can walk to where I need to go, I told you, corner of Main and Robson, thank you that is it right up ahead.” She reached for the door handle and unfastened her seat belt, threw it off her shoulders as he stopped the car abruptly with such a force that she almost got whip lash from the sudden halt. “By the way, you are a very nasty being, I want nothing to do with you, but here is a tip for getting me somewhat safe, thanks, you’re a slob, go away and clean up your car, it stinks and your likely to kill yourself before you end up finding a garbage bag, no offense.” He stared at her with a dirty look and sharply turned away as she slammed the door and he drove off horn scratching and eyes fixed firmly on the road. She walked up the steps to her ship and happily opened the door. She was greeted with the standard computerized message that led her inside to a spacious main lobby area. She kicked off her shoes when she entered her private cloak room and hung up her wet garments, then went to food central for something to eat. Her stomach felt ravenous, she made herself a stir fry and 40 minutes later, was sitting happily next to one of the ships androids eating her long awaited dinner. She reached over after finishing and waved her hand over one of the dozens of motion sensors that led the centre of the table. She was too tired to clean up, she was so used to cleaning in a manual kitchen which she was slowly getting used to not having to worry about, appreciating not having to do the hard physical labour, the dishes telekinetically moved themselves over to the sink and washed themselves. The cupboards flew open, she closed her eyes as they sorted themselves neatly in to their appropriate shelves, cups on the bottom, plates and bowls in the middle and forks in the drawers, as the whole ordeal was completed in just under a few seconds. She sighed deeply and teleported to her bedroom where she finally curled up in her pyjamas and fell asleep. The androids came to comfort her by turning on relaxing music half an hour later. She stayed sleeping for 3 days before waking up and to her surprise, finding the entire ship crew around her bed as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was still heavily tired but at least she could think. She felt better, “Damn this planet and its inhabitants. They are a filthy race, full of greed and filth. They are full of disease and I am not sorry to say that I am ridding myself from this culture as it is not suitable for me here.” One of the androids spoke up. “It definitely is a sacrifice. You do understand about what the council said, we must stay here, we are doomed otherwise.” She snarled in disgust and looked down at her feet as she said tartly “I hate those guys. I really do think that we can stop the shift; the deal was made so that I could live in peace. I am choosing to live a private life, since they do nothing here but copulate like dogs. They are unworthy savages most of them, showing no intelligence and being quite rude in the process. I hardly suspect that they would want anything to do with this planet, if they truly were a threat to the universe, it should have taken care of them by now. But no, it is all a set up here, all a set up here to make it look as if we are the problem when we are not.” They agreed with her points. If there was one thing she was famous for, it was convincing others that she was right because she took the time to try to figure things out for not only her own good, but for those that could truly learn something from it. What good it did depended on the individual; however it also meant that she could be charged for anything or nothing at all. If only I would wake up from this dream she told herself as she fell back to sleep once more. While she was sleeping, she had a dream. In her dream, she saw the figure that had been awaiting her for a long time. She looked up at the dark familiar face, the blue green eyes and the most deeply loving smile. She looked up in to his face and saw the most luscious look of deepest love in his eyes, he looked like he had been crying, he stared at her with a look of deep concern as a soft leather sofa materialized in the tropical forest that they found themselves standing on. “My love!” She said surprised and overcome with joy and bliss. “I am here sweet heart, my Asenra.” Her sweet toned voice grew suddenly shrouded with anger, as she choked out, “Where were you asshole? All these fucking years we have been missing each other. All this time, and you have the audacity to come to me now? You made no sign of your return, I have longed for you for eons trapped here in this hell hole of a prison, and you, like the prick that you are, think that it is just fine to show up in your own little bubble and leave me here to rot on a primitive third world planet like Earth? How could you! THIS IS BULL SHIT!” He stood there, tears starting to stream down his face with a melancholy look on his face. He looked at her with a pleading look on his face resembling torture, but even so it was a bleak attempt, she was not convinced. “I honestly have no idea what to think. I only have my ship because I acquired it from a low level unintelligent android that I had to practically fight for just to get access to the community. I got thrown out, and now look at your sorry ass, thinking that you can just hook me up to whatever, I mean it is your entire fault for not attempting to try to at least say something. And yet I feel you, and I feel your sincerity, and you love it when I feel trapped like this, when I am able to see both worlds just as clearly and yet nothing gets done about it, you sick fuck. You really do love it when everything around you turns to shit, and you are left there to try to make the best out of the crude and primitive life that you have been forced in to against your own will, being forced to fit in with the mundane life style of the natives here just to allow yourself access to what hopefully is a temporal experience, and you still think that it is fine to simply ignore us? How dare this continue? I wanted you so bad that I hate you because it was killing more than actually having you here.” She flung her arms out in a circle resembling the arch angel sign of love and affection. He moved closer to her, entranced by her beauty and laughed silently. “If only she knew who I really was. She has no idea that I am the one that stalked her for all these years, and she always comes to me, because I made it so.” He laughed as she flung her arms around him and stopped in horror. “Your, your form is a disguise. I do not understand, no, I, it cannot be, you sick and twisted mind fucker!” She slapped him repeatedly, as she raised her hand to strike; she woke up in a cold sweat. She called out the name of her closest android in such a panic. “Sharedath? Sharedath! Come, now! It is fucking urgent!” It was by her side immediately. “Was it the dream creator?” It asked inquisitively. “Yes, again, the same damn nightmare, tell the others, they are psychically attacking us and he almost and he, he had me, give in to him again, that twisted little mind fucker! That asshole, Katara she, she that bitch of hers, Kadriath. Katara, lied to me and said she was, she said she was him, and took from me what it was she wanted yet again. I tried to defend it but I was torn away and woken up from that dream by the bastards that enslaved me here as they always monitor this sick and unfair dimension. Oh how they prove themselves to be nothing more than unintelligent cunts, little drag queens, demons, all hell broke loose god dammed, thanks to or rather no thanks to them.” “Asenra, you need to relax, you are feeding them your thoughts making it real. Waking up is the most difficult part of the dream.” “I hate to tell you this, but you have been deprogrammed and infected by the virus.” She said coly, he was the only droid she knew would understand her. “You see, that is all total bull shit. It is that they are trying to use fear tactics against us to stop us from fighting, we need to fight, we need to keep autonomy at bay by protecting others by fighting them until they give us what we have always had, and that they confess and never again take us to this far level of torture again.” He rubbed her shoulders and said, “I am here, just relax. Everything is going to be fine creator, I am here even though I am not the best, and I care about you.” “That means a lot to me, you mean a lot to me two as my favourite droid to say the least.” She fell back on the bed and fell back to sleep, and this time, her sleep was not interrupted by a dream, but by a pounding head ache of her constant pain away from her true love. She woke up feeling sore and tired. She stood up and felt a wave of powerful nausea wash over her, her limbs was shaky and her mouth was dry. She stood there as she felt the blood pounding in her head. “Damn Earth people got me sick yet again.” She said indignantly to herself as she returned to the lower deck from her quarters to the food room. She was looking for something good to eat. Yes it was true that she could theoretically go to the med centre however she decided not to question it. She needed some protein and needed to clear her mind and from the sickness that she felt. She was too sick to focus her mind on teleportation, she sat down at the long marble table holding her head in her hands waiting for the pain to subside however it did not. She decided to go against eating and gathering up all her strength, teleported back to her bedroom and collapsed back on her bed in total fatigue. Two hours later, she lost consciousness. A sound awoke her. Someone was softly stroking her hair as she opened her eyes and looked up to see an android gently putting pressure on her head. It was swollen and sore, it felt good whatever pressure it was. She groaned heavily and sat up. “Creator, you are conscious?” “Sharedath, is that you?” “Yes dear, it is, I realize you are not feeling well. I wanted to help you.” “I just want to die. I have nothing to do here, my hope and energy is all gone, I feel like shit and this fucking pain will not go away. I am worthless and have nobody real to comfort me.” She started to cry. Long, terrified sobs that grew louder and deeper as she tried to sit up realizing that the pain in her head was far from over. With one motion, Sharedath scooped her up in its arms and carried her to the med centre. No time for teleportation it thought, that would surely kill her and damage her already critical body. It took her straight to the emergency partition and placed her gently in a bio containment field. From there, it made extensive calculations and found a very nasty virus not from Earth, but from the planet Karros where she said her enemy’s base was said to be found, had somehow found its way on board the ship. Discovering further, the virus had entered her body when she was in some filthy looking truck, it looked like a junk yard inside a large, black ugly looking pickup truck. It recorded the memory and transferred the data to the computer at the main terminal. Cries of pain could be heard from the room as Sharedath tried to restore healing to her body but with little success. She was dying, the creator, it could not believe the torture of the planet. There was no time, too bad, she was right about the council, they had to escape the planet, and it was the only way she could get to possible true medical healing. Sharedath had simple medical training but nothing could have prepared for the ill effects of this nasty disease. There were no real medical staffs on hand as they were all subjected to the council project. How they have been cheated and fucked over way too many times. How they could not have been saved, then an idea had occurred to Sharedath. Thirty minutes later, the ship was materializing outside a large complex. Carefully designed as the next door neighbour, Sharedath teleported inside the house of the lover of Asenra. It was time to bring the secret to save the life of the creator, the master was coming, and Darshak was surely able to treat such a disease. Caught unawares as the memories of the past were blocked out no thanks to the council, Sharedath removed the shield and teleported back to the ship where he placed Darshak in the same room as the now screaming Asenra in pure agony. He started at once turning on machinery and started hooking her up. At once, the cries of torture ceased and soon, she was sleeping. Watching all of this from a computer terminal, Sharedath continued to teleport in the members of the fallen angel group of the elite until they all were in the same medical room as Asenra. Carefully Sharedath watched their progress, they were talking about how they got there, and then he activated their memory banks. Each one was received data about what happened and instructed by Sharedath to enter the mind of the creator. They did so eagerly and when the information was assembled, Asenra woke up to find her family standing all around her. She cried out of happiness, it was time to leave this planet for ever and defy the council of the shift she thought as they left the planetary atmosphere. They decided to take the long way around instead of teleporting at will, just for the ride and to catch up on what was happening with everyone and how it came to be.

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