by on December 28, 2019

He stood upon the river bed Awaiting his death The gloomy grey sky above Showed no sign of remorce A friend stands and watches With eyes as wide as a cats tail Looking terafied she runs over to save him He drowns in mud and a pool of blood. Splashing to reach her fallen lover She grabs him by the waist He is barely alive or is he pretending The beating of her own heart is united with his. He opens his mouth gasping and coughing for air He awaits to breathe again She performs cpr but to no avail Fading between life and death. There I am trapped between life and death My lover whales beside me I sense my former body crumple to the shore Her tears wet my face. I am sent back for the third time An imvisible force field drags me in Sucking me out like an inversed vacume Never letting me go. Trapping me in this planetary prison I see my future unfold I am to remain here until further notice The angels must really hate me now. For I simply refuse to obey others orders Our separation is indefinite and permanent We are only connected by energy Not the perceptual differences we face We are the same only in concept But in actuality this is not the case I fail to complete my lesson on purpose I have nothing to do just to be I am sentenced here for the life I shall not lead what seems like eternity is reality in deed Time never ends until it begins again. For us we will wait until we are free The chance we escape is when our love comes again To Sacrifice our freedom is to commit the one and only crime Do we accept our control as an alien outside force. Or do we fight for our free will Our universal right to exist as we wish to as our love is stronger than their hold Like the trees and the mountains we soar above Trying in desperation to live a normal life With so much stress in this material world How are we expected to cope. Sometimes I feel like I am forced here By an imvisible hand With knives as sharp as double edged swords I am trapped within a moment of neutrality. She says she has been imprisoned Too many times to count Endless torture awaits her death As the ultimate sign of universal betrail. To hell with the rest of society I make my mark crystal clear Nobody is to manipulate the warrior being The universe is not a business! I cry and weap gasping for air On the dirty shore of a public river I hear sounds in the distance of the society I loathe so much With only my lover for essential protection. I see the cops arrive How mean and fierce they look They stare at me with a piercing glare As if they are against me as well. To add insult to injury I keep my temper but only just To make it look like I am fine They arrest me anyway in the ambulance. Again I express my dispise for society How modern and primitive it has become I sometimes wonder if it is just my perspective Or is humanity forever in constant shadows of incompetence. Do they honestly have a shred of dignity left in them Do they care about their inner feelings Or are they as hard as a piece of stail bread That softens to orders of authority Summoning every beck and call They come like sheep in a herd Led by corporations too vast and important To understand the disease that kills them. How strongly they must feel When their money is all dried up and gone To parish in to oblivion By their own imbalanced stupidity. How much this planet morns For the peace and tranquil empire it lost Once this was a beautiful place Now it is torn and bleeding. Like the wounds of this planet I cough my last I am determined to be rid of this place for ever This time they will not deny me If only my lover could see me rest. I breathe my last as I travel The white tunnel once again I see my soul as apart of me I tred this path no more. I shall enter the realm of the astral Not knowing where my life shall lead But if ever I see my lover again She will for ever nurture my need. My ache and pain is over I am free at last Whatever was done is history The time of slavery has past. I await my lover and watch her here I stand and protect her heart Her life is as precious as the sunset rose After death do us bid farewell we still shall not part To be dead would be to be born again. She eventually dies from disease and stress I come to her with open arms We together plan the immoral destruction Of the imballancement that has kept us imprisoned. Only those that wish to succeed Will change their lives for ever Never giving up or stopping for anything Until they have won their battle. The signs of bravery are best experienced with pride You are not beaten down by fear You are the true angel of creativity You are the savior of us all. To live and give freely Is your gift upon the world To hate and be relentless Is your gift to the evil that controls you. Let nobody get you down If you have the strength to be yourself That is all the universe asks of you Be proud of the all that you are.

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