by on December 28, 2019

Somewhere warm and sweet lies here Where the northern cold and southern heat meet Together they form the island of atlantis As the weather stays moderate and the sea is calm The days are warm and the atmosphere is quiet The sky is blue with clouds of white The surrounding trees provide a unique presence to this place Providing shielding from the powerful beam of the sun A gentle breeze sweeps the area around The Forests of beauty where sky life is precious And the land life remains cool and content The sea is teaming with original creations The sent of citris is everywhere Sweet cocanut and pineapple is the perfewm of the mouth The water of the mellon is the nectar Where all is crisp and full of lush Where the Humans are everywhere in the midst of chaos Dancing and song carries far and wide Parties are common and food is everywhere Home is by the fire of light Where the land of fun is for ever in its glory Back to the equator we embark On a journey of love and tranquility Until the end of its days lie in peace The ancient land of the first empire of earth

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