by on December 28, 2019

The life of pleasure he saw. Standing at the edge of dreams. Wishing he wept no more. Seeing the water he stepped abroad. Feeling embraced by warmth. Lust was but the past. Knowing this his future shall last. Beyond the grave he sees the dawn. Over a dark blue sky. Left alone to rest in peace. Love half served his purpose. Beyond the desolate sea. Mountains of possibilities flood the great planes. The shadow of their complications remains unknown. Search the city for truth finding deceptivity. Have the courage to set forth your destiny. Intention carries you further. Beyond the confines of experience we stand. Be it not for the ache of love. A ship wreck is seen on the distant shores of an abandoned island. The land is cold and dry. Fear is but the illusion of punishment. To give up would be to destroy yourself forever. Find not that which seek it the answer to a difficult problem. Seek the knowledge and define its value. Importance be set aside for immediate concern. The weight of a mountain causing harm to those that climb it. At will it relentlessly is ignorant of perceptual weaknesses. Shall it be sleign at the battle of corruption. Force fields to be explored so new possibilities manifest. Social economics is meaningless to its guests. The host of a corrupted society. Take nothing from anything and get the result of space infinite. Be aware of the lies of appearance. Sorrow take us higher to learn from experience. Life will continue on without you. Evolution is a journey to be tred with caution. Feelings are guides to the purpose of creation. Assume only that the cycle of reproduction shall go on. Make of it what will be the future of everything. The choice is only their for you to take. All paths are awaiting their eager participants. Be you and live free.

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