by on December 28, 2019

A lonely traveler walking the streets at night Find nothing to listen to but his beating hearts. Two of them in the rhythm of love. Never failing, always soft. Steady beats of sorrow and pain Accompany his ever dying need To return to his home world of peace A soul left unbound in the prison of destiny. Shadows fell as he remembered the dawn The awakening of what seemed to be a new age. Happiness and excitement seemed like the good old days Why shall it never come to pass. The stress of primitive crudeness, and the deep longing for modern change Oh how it hurt to be left alone. Stranded in an alien world to seek forth hope For the love and friendship of those who cared. Why continue to live up to fake standards The road is all too worn Why settle for the love of no one Does it really matter anymore. Times of truth and freedom are over The suppression and stress gripping the planet abroad Like a disease it spreads in to the hearts of all Of those that are too weak to fight. A warrior tired of bleeding his waste Dies on the battle field of the defeated. ‘The soley wounded of his race come to pass It is too late to stop them now. As those who won party and sing Celebrating their victory over the things they thought were gone for ever. Dusk fell upon the city gates Insides its walls a typical night of rest. For those that remain unaware of their enslavement Bea aware of the change to come. The time of pre designed architecture of society shall end Self defence is necessary to change the world. Be always aware of your current self Know where to be always And for ever ahead of your enemies. Never give up if you are at the top Practical values will change everything Know your field and live well Heal those of love that deserve its precious powers Not those of fakery and subconscious deception. Give intelligence to those that equal you And help those understand that will to learn. Never waste your time searching for that which you cannot see Until you have searched within yourself for justice and morality. Separate your work in divisions of present occurances To leave a job unfinished is to deprive yourself of completion. Be sure to follow the desire of your heart Never leave a door open to that which you cannot protect To close all unnecessary doors is to protect yourself from harm or manipulation Distortions are able to manifest themselves if they are in tune with your self resonant frequency Never let them attack you by your weakness or your weakness will be a strong hold of negativity Positivity means protection from the things you only want to happen Your ensurance is granted by keeping the thoughts and changes you wish to have happen your primary focus By giving your power to the thoughts that you wish to prevent You are harming yourself and those around you by leaving the virtual door open for new thoughts to disrupt an already layed out plan or structure You try to attack but your force is weak because you are unable to stand your ground This is because you let the thoughts of self denial and prediction control your life Defend your position by providing a good offense to allow the like to attract like in your favour Set the frequency instead of having the frequency set you Be the vacume not the suction Never let them get to you or you are the subject of and or conduit of the will of others. Guard only that which you know how to defend. Guilt or innocence does not matter if you are not in a position to manipulate the results. Always keep your friends at a reasonable distance until you know that they are not going to turn against you by personal experience in times of need Love only those that you feel connected to in your heart. If your eyes are truly the window to your soul Let them shine with the power of your being. Be brave and live wild for you will find that you shall seek The things in life that you may not necessarily want, but truly need. Find yourself a place of comfort and live to the best of your ability With the people you love the most and keep away from those that show the opposite. Be aware of reversed polarities and be sure to keep your head high Without positivity you will be attractive to weakness and self depression. Self-consciousness is the key to cosmic evolution Never let yourself down and be you and be free. For those that may do you wrong and for those that have denied you of choice Prove them wrong by seeking their weaknesses for survival, and keep the sport of fighting alive. Fight for your heart not for your want Greed will never replace your self content of being you. Define yourself to your own standards of creativity Finding the path abroad of which you seek Succeed in your own intuition and know that you are protected by fear. Be nervous of your observed experienced and perceptual activities, not those that cause you distress all is going to work out if you believe that it shall pass. Think only of what you want and eventually it will manifest itself by blocking all other thoughts you send out a signal for specific information to come your way Fear is not a bad thing, you need to overcome your fear and not live under them as they will imprison you if you are unexperienced They serve as a purpose to protect you not to make you feel restricted Those that use fear as a deception do not understand how to use love as an alternative method by loyalty after any action has been committed They are nervous of confrontation so be sure to question them on anything if such times are needed Be sure to not over estimate or under estimate any given situation as that creates negativity if it is not the correct information Failing to do so will result in a weakness being created Assume nothing and expect everything Cancel out all possibilities before assuming the ideal ones Be sure to make your ideal possibilities as related to the situation as possible to ensure that you are prepared If at all possible, be prepared for as much as possible ahead of time so that it comes as a minor if any surprise when your enemies try to attack you using the element of unawareness or distraction Define the comparison between your perception and your conception Be sure for clarification of an idea before proceding further with a conclusion. Miscommunication results in the wrong ideas being assumed by those that intend the best for you, not just those that wish you harm To dream is to ask for help, never give in to yourself This universe works in simple magnetic force fields. Decide the difference between all possibilities and work towards your goals by the enforcement of balance and stability. Not all is lost if you choose to escape Death will only carry you further towards your true soul of immortality. Gods are real and all of us are equal Heaven is only that which you perceive to be of great importance. Love will always work in your favour if you control what you wish to see in someone Never be afraid to send forth your ideas for they shall come in a matter of time. Control time by your force of need Never be too late or too early, it is all a holographic illusion. If normality is what you perceive it to be Then and only then can you accept your own life. If you are unable to differentiate between or accept the ideas that you observe others Feeling to you as an abnormality, Be aware of your weakness for it will test your defences Always remember that change is in your favour if you know where to look for it. Self-determination will not work unless you know the areas to persist in Be a friend to those that hate you and your knowledge will always be revealed. Be a companion to those that love you and you are as protected as ever Self-expression is the key to getting what you want This universe is unique in that it works in magnetic fields of natural sensation. To win and keep your position, be sure to hold your head high To prove to others you are correct in any and every way, let only yourself judge what you consider to be right. Society only means to you what you perceive it as To change it be the example or seed for new life to create from the offspring you forge. Divinity is yours to withstand as your own personal possession Be sure to make out of life what you wish for and it will always happen if you are aware of where you stand. It is not about what you can do, it is about who you know that turns the tables In times of need and helplessness. Count on trusted contacts that you feel have proven themselves worthy of reliability Never accept anything that feels too imbalanced or unstable It will eventually make you exhausted in your efforts to restore its purpose. Ideas fail and self destruct because its creator abandons its specific purpose or meaning Without clear communication and perfect understanding, chaos is free to reign without not so much an order, but confusion and frustration as this leads to anger and feelings of hurt. Harm should only be used to attack the negativity you face with the balance it needs to restore equality to any situation Be sure to include validity and references to ensure that you have the true facts of what happened in a given event. Always keep yourself away from those that destroy your purpose for existing Be sure to keep attacks to a minimum unless stated otherwise specifically. If you fail to do so then be prepared for the opposite to come back to you. The story begins with what must go up has to come down End it by saying to keep it up defend its position. To keep it down offend its importance. True dominance comes from standing up to others with a simple thought of or idea of meaning or purpose Without a reason of validity you are useless to anything. Reality is unified in the current system of which we exist Never forget your place and be yourself and self willed amongst the monsters of your life. If it is true that you can only change yourself but influence others to do the same then it is true that we could change the world at once if we put our minds to it If everyone did this simultaneously there would be no need for chaos to exist. Imperfection is what makes heaven fall apart To restore it to its formal glory be the change you wish to see and specifically identify and solve each problem individually. Separation is required to live a personal life of freedom Unity is required for balancing that which is unstable Misuses of the above result in further instability of what was originally created to be served as such without acceptions to the idea expressed by those that truly will anything to happen Let yourself be the thought of freedom and change your state of being to live your life as you will it to exist. Giving up on any idea is creating a weakness in an unsolved or unwanted field of exploration or imperfection To over perfect an already stated idea is to also create imbalance because it already has a purpose. To double its purpose creates strain on its existence To restore this, double the force is required which is where unity is its hero. Only those that work in perfect simultaneous actions to devote their efforts to exactly restore any situation of instability are those that can truly make a difference to the world. Unbalanced or defective stability can only be solved by others acceptance and willingness to understand its problems. Equality is the original way of the universe Never forget that you are important to something otherwise you would not be here at all.

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