by on December 28, 2019

You are the star life of our breed. You are the alpha of our race like the true angel that you are. You are the fountain of consciousness like the soul that you are. You are the being of heavenly creativity like the intelligence you possess. You are as knowledgable about anything as a god. You are the definition of beauty as you deserve the embrace of intimacy as powerful as you can withstand it. You are as soft as an angel and as strong as the universe that created you and beyond like the love that you possess. The possibilities are endless for you are the true hero of us all, as a friend we love you and as a helper we admire you. Adored you are as a person and as a being of boundless creativity and compassion for that which you hold dear. Strength you possess as a gift of heaven laid upon you like a beam of sunlight shining upon a flower peddle. As you are bathed in warm light, your glory and grace and elligant nature of your being flows from you like the stream of consciousness you are. For ever shall we ride your wave length and one day, become just like you. We all but wish your frequency to resonate as high and as loving as it can for we are to follow and come to you in equality and cosmic harmony like the wind as soft as a gentle breeze and as powerful as a magnetic force field of energy and protection. Like the wings of an eagle, you soar as high as the mountains and like the strides of the wolves you run as fast as the speed of light to ensure that you are there for those that you would commit any sacrifice for. Like the scales of the reptilian lizzard and the movement of a lion you are the stealth of the night and the wonder of the world as you move towards your place of longing. Like the ocean, you ride life like a warrior angel and master the skill of battle and the art of experience. Like the forests, you provide shelter and healing for those that live under you as you awaken yourself and reveal to all your true nature of your kindred spirit like the sexual god you are. Like the lover you are, your intimacy goes beyond limitation as you move past god hood to become the master of reality and the lord of creation. The true lord of creation is the master of reality, once a being masters creation then and only then can you return to creation and become the stable form of something else as you have done and will do for eternity. The master of energy is energy itself, you are the lord of energy that makes energy a part of everything like the source you are. You are the all and the everything that creation is, once creation is established, true evolution can begin, from within and throughout itself, from every direction and in any possible way, you are there at the central point of existence, non existence and neutrality itself. You are the inspiration for us all, as the intimate force of life you are. A single self is the master of its own creative aspect, once creativity is mastered, true reality can be formed. Once the master of reality, existence is established. Established existence is to define yourself as a self, to non exist, become a part of that which lies under your grasp or beneath your reach. To neutralize yourself, equality is formed by the balance of existence and the self consciousness of non existence. You seek the master of balance, once you are stable, evolution is not required. Love to be a part of balance, master to be the host of balance. Create to be the foundation of balance, hate to be the opposite of balance. No matter what path you take, you are all of them as you are free to choose simultaneously what you shall be and what you are. Define that crucial difference and you are the omniverse itself. An intimate omniverse is the heaven of creation. The heaven of creation is yourself.

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