To Spiritual Awakening. An online social network designed to bring interests to life, no matter how obscure.

Our network is made up of a community of people seeking love, understanding, acceptance and mutual interaction. The goal is to unite and bring a better world to life. Collectively strengthened by bringing focus to passion, no matter what form it takes. We are Zeta, starseed, Lightworker and witch by trade. A representation of otherkin and celestial incarnate.

Due to the variety of experiences we share together, there's a world out there beneath the surface on Earth which over the course of history has been considered a minority. And yet we are living proof there is many more of us than it may seem. Spiritual Awakening is the voice of the united in heart, for both formless and form shall live on forever.

The reason why we are known as Spiritual Awakening, is because the bond that unites us, is soul or true form desire where we were last happy as a spirit unbound. This desire carries over from body to body we inhabit as beings attracted to forms who have helped us the most on a personal level. Spirit holds these memories in place, as it is a direct link between your subconscious mind, and physical action.

Spirituality itself, is comprised of 3 main elements. The soul, a collection of experiences from beyond the current body or lifetime wrapped up in a core personality. Consciousness, the one who is always aware and sometimes appears to psychics as higher selves or spirit guides to Native Americans. And the embodiment, a process in which some soul memories or core forms can co-inhabit the vessel of spirit, which is the link between your current body and your soul that lives inside it now. Sometimes in dreams, and other times through meditation, these memories can transfer to conscious form, bypassing subconscious inner knowing, like a gut feeling only much stronger. Which is a symptom of soul friendship, something we have all experienced through a strong bond with another being or even an idea that grows into a plan inside your mind.

Conscious living, is the process of awakening your soul memories, to inhabit the body you possess to open the veil between your soul and your subconscious human mind, in order to awaken and present yourself as a soul unbound. Many animals recognize such souls and it is they who often recognize auras whom they attach to as a form of a mental bond long before we sometimes as animal caretakers and pet owners realize this. For some in the zeta movement, and many furry connections, to people who bond with animals on an intimate level, we are aware of the needs any species may possess. It is a common art form among psychics to be able to communicate with animals, by tapping into what is known as the spiritual auric field around you through meditation. Such an alignment comes naturally to people who awakened their third eye, and also who have deep bonds with anyone not just with humans. For this reason, spiritual or soul bonds can and do tend to pop up as a result of conscious awakening, which as a result, allows us to see beyond what is known as the purely physical plain by feeling vibrations of spirit, and translating mental imagery to physical companionship in others. Soul bonds in celestial kin, or star beings incarnate, often take the form of connections spanning many lifetimes and across great distances, proving that other worlds and places exist beyond Earth. Though this ability was first scene by those who could remote view such locations, it is a growing desire we share to once more become free, and inhabit the universe and its many forms of sharing individual connections and bonds that was once abundant and commonplace many years ago, last scene during the time of Atlantis.

There is a definite link between spirituality, and what is known as the science of metaphysical connection. In which all members of the governing force of your core self come to life.

Sometimes, however, as in the case of partially or fully awakened spiritual memories, several communities have noticed anomalies in what should be a purely physical experience within the form you inhabit. For example, in humans, experiencing a personal interest in any creature non human in this time period is considered somewhat of a taboo, even though this ability is nothing new, it is highly suppressed by mainstream identities due to the fact that they are not aware of anything more around them than what their physical eyes can see, or other physical senses can recognize. This process is known to us as the sleeping or dormant ones in subconscious realization. IT is they who tend to suppress people like us for various reasons, because they feel fear when encountering the unknown. Our awakening shows us that love is the answer, and so to give love, means that to another awakened individual, to receive love in return is the equivalent of a new bond forming as a conscious soul friendship.

Unfortunately, we have been born into a world that few of us are able to truly be a part of. We are forced to live by rules we did not make, and that suppresses our spirit from truly growing in a manner it is supposed to, so we may hope to do the same to our children to keep the generations strong. Our bloodlines have become impure with disease and other genetic anomalies, forcing us to forget our true heritage in favor of malnutrition and medical aid. It is not just us who suffers, and it is we who must become the change we desire to see, which is part of the reason for our soul to awaken to what feels natural and right.

As times change, and humanity becomes more centered in censorship and control, we feel ourselves slipping away from feeling apart of such a society. We are the dreamers, and the ones who envision a better and sometimes simpler way of life. It is time to end the suffering, and belong to a community of people who care for their neighbor, friend and equal in heart. A part of this awakening, comes from realizing that it is our greatest desires that bond us where we feel the most free. Spiritually, that freedom becomes like a gold mine of information opening up to us when we seek to recreate and co-create together as equals. To do so effectively, we make a spiritual, physical and conscious home for ourselves in a place where our minds will be at peace and our hearts united to bring a better future to a world suppressed by true desires.

Our plan is to become a community of conscious people, who are unbound by interests, and who can actively play out their desires physically so that our minds will be able to bring together new inventions to protect and harmonize this world so we may contact many others in turn. We shall be alone, lonely and wanting no longer, as the bonds become stronger between races, species, spirits and lovers as one. We desire you to look up into the stars, go into meditation, find a race, species or spiritual collective which brings you comfort and bond to the memories and visions at heart which brings your soul peace. Let it be known you are beloved by one and all who feel you, and that is where our golden age of peace shall rise.

This is our starting point, and we invite you along this journey to find your soul mate, and share your story. Blessed be in love and light. Your membership is free and always will be. Have fun, find compatibility, and enjoy yourself. We wish you the best and will see you soon.

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