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Hi, I'm Tim. I'm very new to the idea of star seeds, however I am not new to the concept of extra terrestrials. Are they the same thing?

I titled this post "Being Human" because that's what I am. I feel Earth is as close to a home world as it gets. But I don't feel like this is the only place I've been to in the universe by some other means. I just don't know what that is.

Can people from Earth travel to another planet? Can it only be done by leaving the human body?

Has anyone here ever seen a physical being from another world on Earth? Is it possible Nasa has a future for humanity to enter space? I think very few humans are interested in space travel right now. Earth has some problems to sort out prior to becoming a stable space nation.

Are extraterrestrials not physical? Does science fiction have the concept too limited dimensionally for our current understanding?

Is soul travel possible without a body? Do souls exist? What do you feel or are aware of outside the body if possible? Can people be soul conscious while in a human body?

How do I become consciously aware of my soul to enter and leave the human body at will? Do our lives as humans count for something? Is there a god or does the world we live in create illusions on purpose to keep people from soul travel?

Soul exploration is something I wish to achieve some day. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a reality that cannot accurately describe other worldly affairs beyond the visible eye. Be it mentally or physically visualizing things towards such a perspective.

I want to become soul aware. I wish to move on from humanity some day. If I can't, and I'm already human, then please excuse my ignorance for asking so many questions.

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Teresa Maria Zalewska
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