by on November 13, 2016

Simply put, I'm done using it. Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and others are too censored and too corrupt to cope with. I am taking my freedom back and giving stability a focus point in my life.

Cosmic Nation is my home and always will be. I won't be updating social media profiles anymore. I have email, a blog and various projects to keep me busy for a long while yet. I'm thinking about setting up a Tor server, and also using Team Talk to connect in real time with people. I wish to use alternatives to giant social media platforms because they are free, easy to use once set up and can support a stable framework without the limits platforms built for the masses tend to place on its users. The social web is the best type of networking interface because a website administrator can choose whether or not to invite a distracting atmosphere to any environment he or she wishes to build. I am hoping to be able to use it to its fullest potential and while doing so, play host to Cosmic Nation as a social web project built for all of us in mind.

You will see me on Cosmic Nation a lot more often and less on any other website accept perhaps the occasional web search and of course email. I wish to blog, I want to do something productive with my life and the internet is going to be the hero which saves the day and makes it possible.

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Teresa Maria Zalewska
Myślę, że największym skarbem, który zdobyłeś w swej internetowej podróży jest wiedza. Teraz możesz ją wykorzystać zgodnie z Twoimi osobistymi priorytetami i preferencjami. Podjęcie decyzji oznacza, że masz pomysł na najwyższe, najbardziej precyzyjne wyrażenie Siebie na tej platformie. strona ta jes...View More
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